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Me and the Moon(y)

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Summary: After preventing the final Apocalypse the Scoobies are deported from their dimension to live in everlasting joy. Except for Xander who gets yanked into a different direction and ends up at Godric's Hollow 1981. /up for adoption/

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinlothlorienFR182018,991622674,66429 Sep 1125 Apr 14No


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the characters contained within those verses. I also do not own the plot device of deporting people from their planets/dimension to keep the balance. I borrowed it from What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into by toots. And I also do not own the song on which the title pun is based on. That belongs to Gaelic Storm. And any other of the number of bands that have songs titled Me and the Moon really...

A/N: I've read time travel fics in which Harry ends up in 1981 just in time to prevent his parents being killed and I thought: you know what this plot device needs? More Xander. And also slash :P Though the slash will not be making an appearance for a few chapters yet. I'll try to update regularly, i.e. at least once every two weeks. Enjoy XD


Xander knew he should’ve expected something like this to happen. It wouldn’t be his life if everything went according to plan anyway. And so while the other Scoobies were all together in some parallel universe or the other, he’d been redirected by the Powers-that-Be to someplace completely different.

How did it come to this, you ask? It was quite simple really. Another year, another apocalypse. Or rather, Apocalypse. This was the one and deserved the capitals. After millennia of war peace was finally on the horizon if only they managed to defeat one last Big Bad. And so the Scoobies prepared themselves for one last push. And push they did with everything they had in them. After months of training and preparation the final battle was a bit disappointing really, but no one was complaining, because years of war have left them all too exhausted to look a gift horse in the mouth. And that was that. Their world would finally have peace.

Of course there was a catch – there is always a catch. Their world was one based on balance and now that the Dark has finally been defeated once and for all, the mighty champions of the Light were a threat to that balance. There were only two ways that balance could be established; either the Dark had to come back, or the Light had to go. The Scoobies, having been told this, just looked at each other and shrugged in a very well-everything-else-had-already-happened-to-us-so-why-not-this? type of way.

And so, like a civil servant who after years of service receives a pat on the back and a fake golden watch, they were each allowed to pack one 2x2x1m crate which was magically shrunk for them. They were promised established identities in their new home universes, a small amount of money to get them started and an instant download of basic facts concerning the history and customs of the native people. To be honest, Xander was somewhat surprised that they got that much.

So it came to be that Alexander Harris, proud member of the Scooby Gang and honorary Watcher, ended up lying on his back in front of a street sign in the middle of the night. Apparently universe hopping was quite painful and instant download of data into the brain left one with an extreme migraine. Luckily it also left him with some rather important information – his house number for example. After taking a few minutes to collect his thoughts, Xander decided to brave the new world and slowly got up and took a look around, stopping at the sign in front of him.

This was his new home – Godric’s Hollow.

A/N: I know, I know, I'm a tease - this prologue didn't reveal anything that you couldn't have deduced from the summary. But please stick with me, the next chapter will be out next week and will have a plot I've not yet revealed XD Also, please review.
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