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The Other Side

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Summary: The people on Hank Summer's side of the family are boring. The people on Joyce's side? They're more in Buffy's line of work.

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredKrysstiniaFR713,3960142,55630 Sep 1130 Sep 11Yes
A/N: This is an idea I had after watching a rerun of ' . . . And Then There Were None'. This is where that idea led me. Please let me know what you think. If people like it, I'll add to it, otherwise I'll leave it as a one-shot.

Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon. I wrote this for entertainment.

Buffy never thought she’d be grateful for a relative’s death, or rather their funeral. Aunt Arlene had died of a stroke at 52 and Buffy took Dawn to the funeral. There she met Uncle Mark, Aunt Kathy, and Gwen Campbell for the first time. Uncle Mark had a job that had dragged his family around the country since Buffy could remember. She had grown up hearing stories about her family’s disbelief that Kathy had married him, but she never gave anything much thought except when Joyce had asked her to sign Christmas cards.

Buffy felt it the moment she shook hands with Gwen. There was something instinctual in her now that told her when she was in contact with one of her Slayers. Giles had told her it was her connection to her own. She was the creator of the Slayer line, the spell that activated them was anchored in her, making her an Alpha. It was a concept that Giles had to explain several times before she finally understood it.

“May I speak to you in private?” she asked. Gwen nodded and Buffy led the way to an area that was almost entirely devoid of people, Dawn and Gwen right behind her. “You are a Slayer,” she said.

“I know.”

The response was so out of the ordinary that Buffy didn’t respond for a minute. “You know?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah. How did you find out?”

Dawn and Buffy exchanged glances. “What do you know about them?” Buffy asked.

“One girl in all the world with the strength and skill to hunt vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness,” Gwen said. “Gotta say, it helps with the job. How do you know about the Slayer?”

“Because I am the original,” Buffy replied. “I’m the one who created you, so to speak.”


“Oh?” Dawn repeated. “That’s all you have to say?”

“I’ve been hunting the dark since I learned to walk,” Gwen hissed. “I don’t think I’m the one who has to explain myself!"

“How much do you know about the Slayer line?” Buffy asked.

Gwen shrugged. “Not much,” she admitted. “Until recently, Dad wasn’t sure if they were a myth or not. He changed his mind when I took out a vamp nest by myself six months ago.”

Buffy and Dawn exchanged looks. That was around the time that Willow had done her spell in Sunnydale and turned all the girls in the world with the potential to become Slayers into Slayers. “How did you find out about the dark?” Buffy asked.

“It’s my dad’s job,” Gwen answered. “His family has been in the business since they crossed over on the Mayflower.”


After the funeral, Buffy took her cousin under her wing and taught her everything she knew. Gwen learned everything with a zeal that surprised the older Slayer, and used it effortlessly. Gwen in turn taught Buffy the finer art of Hunting creatures of the dark and Buffy added it to her own growing arsenal.

Gwen became Buffy’s favorite partner and the two became almost inseparable. Buffy got to know Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathy better, and learned that Kathy had been possessed by a demon when she was younger. Mark had saved her and had later taught Kathy how to Hunt after she nearly died trying to do it herself. The two had fallen in love and had Gwen a year after Joyce had Buffy.

Gwen looked a lot like her mother. Her dark hair framed her square-shaped face and fell to her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes missed nothing during a hunt, and she was almost as tall as her father, who was a respectable 6’2”.


Buffy and Gwen traveled the country together, sometimes with Dawn and Faith, and hunted anything they came across. It had taken a few hunts with Uncle Mark to convince him that she wasn’t going to get Gwen killed before he had agreed to let the two go off alone, but eventually he had.

They hunted together for four years before hearing the first whisperings of the Apocalypse. Giles had assured her that this wasn’t some demons trying to raise a little Hell. This was the big one, and some of the Council’s psychics had mentioned angels walking the Earth, something that hadn’t happened in two thousand years. After explaining that it was the real deal, he went on to explain the mechanics of it, starting with seals. Buffy asked for any insight on where any seals were and Giles passed on all the information he had as soon as he got it.

Most of the information Giles passed on was about a pair of brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. The name rang a faint bell, but she didn’t remember where she heard it. She let it slide and she and Gwen started following the Winchesters’ lead and stoping seals from breaking whenever they were able. Faith, Rona, Vi, and other senior Slayers across the world began working to stop the seals from breaking as well, but in the end, there were too many possible seals and not enough people to stop them all.


The Winchester brothers kept popping up for the next year. Five angels in particular were constantly brought up when the brothers were mentioned. Michael wanted to possess Dean, the older one. Lucifer wanted Sam for the same reason, and somehow it was all supposed to end in a match to the death. No one was clear if it was an angel’s death or the death of most of the planet, but Buffy didn’t think it would be good either way. Council psychics had reported that Dean had trapped Raphael and that Gabriel had finally came out of hiding to join the Winchester’s team. Those four angels were angels that Buffy was familiar with.

The fifth angel was someone Buffy had never heard of, but he had defied the Heavenly Host and refused to fight for the Apocalypse. Castiel didn’t have much written about him, so he was a complete mystery to the Slayers.

Buffy and Gwen teamed up with Faith and Dawn, who had become a first class witch under Willow’s tutoring, and followed the Four Horseman as they began to wreak havoc. They caught up with War in Colorado and ended up being a part of the skirmish that War created there. Buffy and Gwen were on one side and Dawn and Faith were on the other. Buffy, due to being an Alpha, wasn’t affected by War’s power to the same extinct as the others were and was able to shake off his influence.

The Winchester brothers were there, but neither of them spent too much time with the brothers. Buffy observed Dean’s handling of the civilians and was impressed, both at how he handled the situation and at how calm everyone was when they were told what the situation was. Dean reminded Buffy of herself when the First was attempting to take over the world. He had the same world weary expression on his face and a tired slump to his shoulders. He didn’t let his exhaustion show, though. He had quiet, quick arguments with Sam which helped Buffy gain an opinion on the younger man.

Sam reminded her too much of Faith right after she accidentally killed the Deputy Mayor back when they first met. Sam was desperately trying to prove himself, but why, Buffy wasn’t sure. There were rumors, but she didn’t believe most of them.

“You know your way around a gun at all?” Dean asked. Buffy looked up. Dean was in front of her with a shotgun in one hand and a case of bullets in the other.

Gwen shot a glance at Buffy before answering. “Yeah. Been Hunting my whole life.” Dean cocked his head, like he had heard the capitol H, but let it slide. Gwen took the gun from Dean and loaded two shells in it before sliding the safety on.

“Good. Show Barbie, here how to do it,” Dean said, tilting his head at Buffy. Buffy crossed her arms and huffed, but Dean didn’t appear to notice as he walked away.

“That ass!” Buffy hissed, offended.

“Yeah, you could bounce a nickel off that thing,” Gwen commented, ignoring Buffy’s glare.


Dean and Sam eventually got everyone out of that town with as little bloodshed as possible. The brothers figured out who they were fighting and when they did, they didn’t waste any time on bringing him down. In all fairness to the Winchesters, it had taken Buffy just as much time to figure out what was going on as it did the brothers.

Dawn and Faith met up with Buffy and Gwen when War was taken down and the four left as quietly as they had arrived.


The four of them kept an eye out on any possible hunts that had to do with the apocalypse. Dawn kept a running tab on the brothers and it was her who caught up to them in mid May. “The Devil’s in Detroit.”

Buffy put down her pizza and Pepsi and looked up at her sister. “We know this how?”

Dawn walked over to the table where Buffy sat with Faith and Gwen. The three of them obediently cleared the table and Dawn dropped her map onto the table. “A tornado hit Tampa,” she said, tapping the circled city, “there are wildfires in LA, and there’s a twenty degree drop in temperature in Detroit. Which of these seems the most unlikely?”

“The tornado,” Faith guessed.

“What if I told you that the temperature drop was only a five block radius?”

“Detroit,” Buffy said.


“What’s so special about Detroit?” Gwen asked.

“I’m not sure, not yet,” Dawn admitted. “There’s been a rumor going around that it’s where Sam will say yes. That’s the only indicator I’ve got.”

“What happens after one of them says yes?” Buffy asked. “Do you think the other one will say yes?”

“If Dean doesn’t, than Lucifer has full reign,” Dawn said. “He’ll have no one to stop him.”

“Yes he will,” Buffy said with a nod of her head. “We’ll stop him.”

“Do we have any information on what’s supposed to happen next, assuming Lucifer keeps to the script?” Gwen asked.

“A battle against Michael,” Dawn said. “In Stull Cemetery.”

“How do you know all this stuff?” Faith asked, impressed.

“Sometimes it pays to be older than dirt,” Dawn said with a small laugh.


The drive to Kansas took two days, with a pitstop in Cleveland to arm up. Buffy wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but she wanted to be prepared for anything. They arrived too late to do anything.

When they got there, Dean was pushed up against his car, blood covering his face. “I’m not going to leave you, Sammy. I’m here,” he said through swollen lips and a blood-filled mouth.

Something had to have gotten though to Sam though because he tilted his head to the side and appeared to be having an inner struggle with himself.

Buffy led the way out of the car and into the clearing where Dean, Sam and an unknown third man, if he were to be called a man, stood. Gwen stood at her side as Buffy cautiously approached them. The four women were ignored by the three men.

“Sam, it’s not going to end this way. I have to fight my brother. It’s my destiny!” the third man shouted. Buffy watched, letting the scene play out in front of her.

“You’re going to have to stop me, then!” Sam shouted. He stepped away from the protection of the car, pulling something out of his pocket as he went. He said some words in a language that Buffy was unfamiliar with and a hole opened in the ground.

Sam looked away from the hole and from his fallen brother. He met Buffy’s eye and gave her a small nod, as if he knew why she was there. He slowly turned back to the hole and closed his eyes before stepping forward. The third man, who Buffy strongly assumed was Michael, rushed forward, grabbing onto Sam’s coat.

Sam opened his eyes, and latched onto the smaller man, pulling him into the hole along with him.

Buffy stared at the emptiness before walking forward to the car Dean was leaning against. “Dean, are you alright?” she asked, crouching down beside the fallen man.

Dean latched onto her and held her tight. Buffy hugged him gingerly, looking up at Faith, Dawn and Gwen, who were holding their weapons loosely at their sides.

“Come on,” Gwen said quietly. “We don’t need these now.”

She led the way back to their car.


Buffy wasn’t sure how long Dean held onto her. They were interrupted with gentle flap of wings. “Cas,” Dean called out, pulling away from her. “You’re alive?”

“I’m better than that,” the man, Buffy now knew was Castiel the angel, said softly. The angel pressed two fingers to Dean’s forehead and Dean returned to the appearance he had when Buffy had first met him.

The two of them watched as Castiel walked over to the prone body of an older man and touched his forehead. The man gasped and sat up looking dazed. When Dean looked back for Buffy, she was no where to be seen.


“What was that?” Dawn asked. “What did we just see?”

The four of them were in a Lawrence motel room, ten miles away from Stull Cemetery. “I’m not sure,” Faith said, shrugging. “Looks like the apocalypse has been averted though. I say we party.”

“I kinda have to say I’m glad it wasn’t me this time,” Buffy said with a sigh. “The umpteen times in Sunnydale were more than enough.”

“What if the Cage can be reopened?” Gwen asked. “All the Seals are already undone, what’s to stop it from being opened again?”

“That’s a good question,” Buffy said. “I think we should stick around for a bit, make sure that it can’t be opened, and maybe cast a few spells on it just to make sure.”

“I don’t know if I can do something like that,” Dawn admitted. “I may be the Key, but there still are limits to what I can do.”

“Call up Willow and the rest of the Coven to help, then,” Buffy said. “Until we know for sure the cage can’t be opened again, we’re going to make sure that it won’t be, at least from here.”


Willow and the rest of the Coven arrived within the week. All twenty witches meditated and focused their energy on finding a binding solution before Giles found a possible candidate in a spell used on the oldest demons. The Deeper Well had successfully contained the oldest demons for centuries and he thought the spell would work on the cage, as soon as he figured out how it worked.

Translating the spell took longer that Buffy had wanted, nearly a month, but they finally were able to translate it. Finding all the materials took a little longer, but everything was ready six weeks after Lucifer was thrown back in his cage with Michael.

“What about the two people that were being possessed by the angels?” Dawn asked.

“There is no hope for a successful extraction,” Giles said. “The hosts wouldn’t survive the trip back.”

“When’s the earliest we can do this?” Buffy asked.

“Tomorrow, now that we have everything we need.”



The group arrived in the cemetery at dawn and followed Buffy to where the throw down happened. When they got there, they came across something they hadn’t expected. Two men were lying on the ground on top of where the entrance to the cage had been. One Buffy recognized as Sam. The other was an older man, but not the one that had been with Dean. This man was bald with a salt and pepper beard.

“Help me get them into the car,” Buffy said to Gwen. She turned to Giles. “You don’t need us here. Gwen and I’ll take care of these two. You complete the spell.”

“Alright,” Giles nodded. “Spread out and hold hands. Get ready, Dawn. Light the incense on the second incantation.”


It took the two men two days to wake up.

“Where am I?” the older man grunted.

“Be careful,” Gwen said, helping him sit up. “You’re in Lawrence, Kansas.”

“Who are you?” Sam asked, sitting up without any trouble.

The door to the motel room opened and Buffy came in with food. “Nice to see you up and about, Sam,” she said, putting her bag on the nearby table.

“You have me at a disadvantage,” Sam said, barely containing a growl.

“My name is Buffy. This is Gwen,” Buffy said. “You are Sam Winchester, younger brother to Dean Winchester.” She turned to the old man. “We’re not quite sure who you are.”

“Samuel Campbell,” the old man answered. He turned to Sam. “Is your mother’s name Mary?” Sam nodded. “I’m your grandfather.” Buffy and Gwen exchanged looks. That was something they hadn’t expected.

“How are you two here?” Buffy asked. “You were the Devil’s vessel, Sam. We were told it was impossible to get you out of the cage without you dying.”

“I don’t know,” Sam said, looking into Buffy’s face. “I don’t remember who got me out, or how they did.”

“I don’t know who got me out either,” Samuel said, shaking his head. “The last think I remember is Dean explaining that he’s my grandson.”

“That was two years ago,” Sam said. “When Cas tossed him in the past for a few days. He said you were killed.”

“Buffy, here,” Dawn said. She was standing in the doorway holding a folder.

Buffy took the folder and Dawn left the room. Gwen stood behind Buffy and read the file over her shoulder. Buffy began reading out loud. “Samuel Campbell. Born July 15, 1931. Met Deanna Putnam 1950. Married in 1952. Daughter Mary born in 1954. Killed in 1973.” Buffy looked up. “You look good for a 79 year old man.”

“Is there a reason I’m here?” Samuel asked.

“Either of us?” Sam added.

“We were hoping you could tell us,” Gwen said, crossing her arms and leaning back against the wall. “We were on our way to preform a spell to keep Lucifer and Michael in the cage, and came across the two of you.”

“The rest of the group took over and we took you two here. You’ve been unconscious for two days,” Buffy added.

“What’s the date?” Sam demanded.

“July 17th,” Buffy replied.



“That’s . . .” Samuel began.

“Quite different than you last remember?” Buffy suggested. “Good guess. Are you sure you don’t know why you’re here?”

“I don’t remember anything,” both Samuel and Sam said, one after the other.

“Alright then. Is there someone we should contact? Like Dean?” Buffy asked next. Sam shook his head. “Alright, then. We’ll let you two catch up.”

Buffy and Gwen headed out the door and walked into the hall.

“Something’s not right about all this,” Buffy said.

“You felt it too?” Gwen asked.

Buffy nodded. “I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s not right with those two. We should keep an eye on them.”

“How, Buffy?” Gwen asked. “We can’t just keep them in a cage or locked in a room.”

“I’m not sure we can let them come on hunts with us either,” Buffy said. “Sam’s been though Hell and back, and the older version we have no clue.”

“We’re not going to find out by keeping them under lock and key,” Gwen argued. “We’ve got to let them go.”

“We’re not even sure if they’re human!” Buffy protested.

“You know as well as I do that they were tested before they woke up,” Gwen said. “Nothing happened.”

“That doesn’t mean they’re human!” Buffy pointed out.

“If they’re not, we’re not going to find out by keeping them locked up,” Gwen argued.

Buffy sighed. “You’re right. I don’t want to admit it, but you’re right. Let’s tell them they can leave.” Buffy walked back to the door and pressed her ear to the wood. “Something’s wrong. It’s too quiet.”

Buffy opened the door and found the room empty. The only sign that anyone was in the room were two messed up beds.

So? What do you think?

The End

You have reached the end of "The Other Side". This story is complete.

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