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A Change of Plans.

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Summary: One night in Rome Dawn was killed by a vampire. But the powers have other plans. Will she reamin in the afterlife or will she agree to go to Atlantis and help Sheppard fight the war aganist the Wraith?

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Chapter Two

Sorry it's going to start off a little slow.

Yes Dawn will have power. But she won't be like super powered or anything. I find it a tiny bit boring when one of the characters is all powerful you know..

Chapter 2

Dawn opened her eyes and stared at the white ceiling of her old bedroom in Sunnydale. Are all ceiling white? She shook her head. So not the time for random thoughts.

She turned to the right and looked out the window. Dawn smiled slightly at the pinks of the new dawn. She wanted to run out of bed and into her Mom's room so much.

Yet she couldn't help the nervous feeling that rushed through her. She had to calm down. It would be mega weird if she saw her Mom and burst out crying. Sighing Dawn reached under her pillow and found her dairy. She wanted to know exactly what has been going on.

Flipping through the white and pink dairy, Dawn couldn't help but roll her eyes. Man why did the monks make me so dramatic? Or she should she say make her memories or herself so dramatic.

Okay Angel left for L.A. a few months ago and Buffy just started school. Cool. Now first order of business get Mom to the Doctor. Like yesterday. Maybe if Mom was checked out earlier she would have been okay.

Dawn nodded yup that was the first order of business. Okay next how old was she? Um… Whistler said that I would be the same age as when I ascended. So that would be sixteen. Quickly looking through her dairy she found that yes she was sixteen. Good. You can never be too sure when dealing with the Powers that's for sure.

Dawn laid back in her purple bed making a mental list of every thing she has to kept check of.

Get Mom to the Doctor.

Kill Glory. Or should she say kill Ben.

Graduate super early from high school.

Race through College.

Get noticed by SGC Command.

Dawn rolled her sky blue eyes. How the hell was she suppose to do that? Dawn took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. Whistler said he would take care of it, all she had to do was not to hold back when it came to her studies.

Back at her first time around she loved school. But the studies soon took a back seat to Buffy's world. Then Glory happened, Mom's death, then Buffy's, and then of course Buffy's undeath. Shaking her head. She knew deep down Buffy didn't want her world to take over Dawn's but it happened anyway.

Not this time around. Hell no. Dawn's got bigger fish to fry. Wraith. Dawn shuddered. Now living in Sunnyhell. Being the slayers weak little sister. Made her target number one, with all the uglys' of the night. But what Whistler told her about the Wraith made her skin crawl.

She already knew she would go to College to be a linguist. That won't be a problem. She still had all her memories from the first time around. Once she and Buffy hit Rome Dawn already was fluent in Latin, Sumerian, and Ancient Greek. She was working on Italian, and Spanish. What can she say. She always loved the written word. Not that Giles or anyone else knew. She always wondered why they never realized how fast she could translate the demony things.

Having all her memories help in another area too. Killing Ben for one. She remembered how nice that ass was to her and her family. Then turned around and sold them out so he could have power. She couldn't even feel bad for him. He knew he had Glory in him. Sure he never asked for it. But you know what if Angel, Spike, or even Xander had Glory in them they would have killed themselves to save everyone else. So you know what no guilt here. Well maybe a little she never killed a person before.

Um.. she knew Giles killed Ben last time. What if this time she just told them earlier on how to kill Glory. Dawn quickly dismissed that idea. No one ever really listens to her when she was sixteen even after everything they went though. They listened even less when she was younger. So….that's a no.

Dawn sat up with a gasp. Spike! Looking at the calendar Dawn realized that Spike would be tied to the bath tub right now. Okay she added number six to the list. Stop Spikes obsession for Buffy before it happens and get him to Angel. And hopefully Angel will get his head out of his ass. With a little help from her anyway. Okay great she had a vague like plan… kind of.

Okay she couldn't just lay here anymore. Dawn got out of bed and went about her normal morning routine. With a deep breath she opened her bedroom door and walked down the stairs. She squeezed her eyes shut. She could hear her mother hummie to herself as she made herself coffee while reading the paper.

Painting on a fake smile Dawn stepped into the kitchen. Her stomach felt like it fell through the floor.

Dawn smiled as she felt the sun hitting her face as she walked towards Giles'. School was so boring. Well when has school ever not been boring. She smirked to herself thinking about the applications in her backpack. The talk with her guidance councilor went better than she thought. All she had to do was a few tests (I don't know what you can do to graduate early so bear with me.) fill out a few applications and bam! College bound.

Dawn quickened her pace as Giles' apartment building came into view. Just the thought of seeing Spike again made her almost giddy.

She walked through the unlocked door. And moved towards the bathroom. Her mother was out of town last minute. She knew Buffy would go a little Thanksgiving crazy. She also remembered Angel will be in town soon too. Good two birds with one stone.

She rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue at the sight in front of her. Buffy showing Spike her neck. Giles cleaning his glasses. And her Spike sitting in the tube tied up. "Buffy stop flirting!"

Buffy jumped and turned to look at her. "I wasn't flirting!" Dawn snorted. "Well, well who's the little bit?" Dawn turned to Spike. And for the first time since Dawn died she smiled an honest smile. "Hiya Spike." His blue eyes widened slightly at the friendly tone.

Buffy jumped up "Dawn! What do you think you're doing talking to it." Dawn's eyes narrowed. "You mean vampire like say um…..your ex?"

Buffy gasped. "Angel is different." Dawn nodded. Giles cleared his throat. "Dawn dear what are you doing here if I might ask?" Dawn smiled politely. "Mom had a last minute thingy with work. She'll be gone the whole weekend." Giles nodded "I see."

Buffy's shrieked "What about Thanksgiving?" Dawn shrugged. She didn't feel the need to say anything knowing Buffy would make dinner. Buffy patted Dawns back. "No worries Dawnie I'll take care of everything." The phone rang. Dawn knew it was Angel. Giles went to answer it. She needed to talk to Spike alone. "Buff maybe you should go shopping. You don't want to get there when everyone else does." Buffy nodded. "Good point Dawnie. I'll be back later."

Dawn sighed in relief as Buffy left the bathroom. She knew she didn't have much time. She turned to Spike. Catching him checking her out. "Hey" she smacked his arm. "None of that mister." Spike smirked at her. Goddess she missed him.

Dawn put the mug of blood to his lips. "What aren't you going to question me first Bit?" Dawn smiled. "Nope drink up you must be starved." Not looking a gift horse in the mouth Spike attacked the straw, quickly drinking his full. Dawn look at her friend and saw how much paler he was. How skinny. How could they starve him like that! He can't even fight back.

She heard Giles hanging up the phone. "Spike, I'll explain later. But you're going to have to trust me." She put her hands on his face. "I'll make things better this time around for everyone. Promise." Spikes eyes were filled with confusion. No one was ever that kind to him. What was the Bird going on about? Dawn jumped back just as Giles came back in. "Dawn I'll get the guestroom ready for you until your mother is home." Dawn smiled. "Thanks." With that she left the room leaving more questions than answers.

Dawn stared at her cell phone wondering if she should call him again. She smirked as she remembered how surprised he was to hear from her let alone know that he was in town. She remembered the first time Angel left. Dawn was so angry and hurt she didn't talk to him for months. No matter how many times he called.

"Dawnie?" Dawn turned around to see Angel standing in the shadows of his old mansion. Looking just as handsome as ever. Without a second thought she ran to him and threw her arms around him.

Angel was always the one person that was there for her. Even if half of those memories were from the Monks, they still meant the world to her. Even when she was in Rome, she never missed their weekly phone call. Angel was her cool big brother, a best friend, and laid back Dad all in one. In the other time line when Buffy died, Angel wanted her to live with him. Dawn later regretted turn the offer down. She thought that the scoobies needed her. She should have grabbed Spike and left for L.A. now she knew better. "Dawnie what wrong?"

Hear him ask that, with so much concern Dawn lost it. She couldn't stop the sobs. It was all so much. Dying, coming back in the past, and what Whistler wanted her to do. Dawn opened her mouth and it all came out. All of it. She couldn't stop herself. This was Angel she told him everything.

Angel held the trembling girl in his arms. He was so surprised and happy that she called. Since he moved to L.A. Dawn hadn't answered any of his calls.

He swore to himself who ever put his little Dawn into this state he would ripe to shreds soul or no soul. He adored Dawn. He thought she was adorable when he first meet her. Then that summer after the Master was killed. Dawn didn't go to L.A. something about a A.P. course she was taking. He saved her from a vampire. After that they became so close. Angel nearly smiled as he remembered all the time she would beg for a story from the old days. No matter how dark and bloody they were, she loved them. Ah… his crazy little Dawn was one of a kind.

Angel's mood darkened as he heard what she was saying, everything from her being the Key, her mother's death, Buffy's death, Buffy coming back, what Spike had to go through, the first, her death, and then Whistler. Angel's protective arms tightened as her story continued. He swore he was going to kick Whistler's ass.

Although he was thankful that the Powers brought her back. As Dawn quieted down. Angel's mind was moving in over drive. He kissed her forehead. "Okay Dawn I'm here for you, you know that don't you." He felt her nod against his chest. "We'll take this slow. One thing at a time. What were you saying about Glory and this Ben?" Dawn pulled away a little and looked into Angel's dark eyes, she matched his dark smirk with her own.
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