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A Change of Plans.

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Summary: One night in Rome Dawn was killed by a vampire. But the powers have other plans. Will she reamin in the afterlife or will she agree to go to Atlantis and help Sheppard fight the war aganist the Wraith?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherNightkindFR2134,298061,50330 Sep 1130 Sep 11No

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Dawn looked at Angel out of the corner of her eye. They walked side by side through the bit of woods just outside of Ben/Glory's apartment. It's been a crazy night she thought. Some of Angel's wounds from the Native American warriors were just now closing.

Right after the native tribe was finished off Angel grabbed Dawn and they made their way to Ben's place. "I want to get this done now. Spike knew I was there, so will Buffy."

So here they are on their way to kill Ben. Dawn knew she should be feeling more upset about this. She is on her way to kill a guy after all. Oh well too late now she thought in detracted amusement. They reached the parking lot of the huge sky raise where Ben lives. "That's the piece of shit." Dawn said as she pointed to Ben's shadowing form walking from his car to the building.

Dawn grabbed Angel's arm just before he took off. Angel in full game face turned to his little Dawn. "Don't tell me you changed your mind?" Dawn smirked "No way in Sunny hell, just wanted to make sure you don't do something stupid like drink from him."

She started to laugh. Only Angel could stand in the dark shadows about to kill some guy in full game face and still manger to look sheepish. Shaking her head fondly "Make it fast. We can't afford to let Glory a chance to come out. And no drinking! She's a hell Goddess. Who freaking know what that shit would do to you."

In a flash Angel was standing right behind Ben. If Dawn blinked she would have missed it. She felt disquieted. was she really going to let Angel her Angel kill. Dawn opened her mouth to stop Angel, when Spikes beaten face flash through her mind. Buffy's dead body on the cold cement. Giles' drinking for mouths after. Willows' empty eyes. Tara's sad smile. Xander's anger.

Dawn's mouth morphed into a sneer. Let the bastard die. Dawn didn't so much as flinch as Angel snapped Ben neck. Dawn watched silence as Angel made he way towards her. His game face long gone. Nothing but worry in his deep brown eyes.

Angel couldn't help but be worried as he made his way to Dawn. He felt no regret in what he did. Ben/Glory was a monster and that's what he does for a living kill monsters. Still what if his little Dawn saw him as one. He did just committed cold blooded murder right in front of her.

It was strange, the few months Dawn wouldn't talk to him. Yes he missed Buffy, but truth be told he missed Dawn more. She reminded him so much of his little sister Katty. He won't be able to take it if he lost Dawn; not after losing the rest of his family both human and vampire.

Dawn saw the hesitation in Angel's eyes. Once again she found herself cursing Buffy for all the times she made Angel ashamed of what he is. Dawn never really understood how Buffy could claim to love Angel yet hate what he was. How can you love someone if you can't even stand what they are?

Dawn shook her head. So not the time for randomness. Man what is up with her lately with the weird random thoughts. She rolled her big powder blue eyes as Angel stood in front of her. Without a second thought she throws herself at Angel. She whispered over and over again. "Thank you big bro." Dawn smiled as she felt Angel relax in with relief.

Smiling Dawn pulled out of the hug and slapped Angel in the back of his head. Angel half glared at her "Ow! What was that for?" He asked as he fixed his hair. "Grh like duh. For thinking I could ever be like buffy." Her smile turned into a smirk, mischief twinkled in her blue eyes. Faster than Angel could track. Dawn reached up and messed up his perfectly gelled hair.

Angel's eye widened his jaw went slack with mock horror. With a giggle Dawn said "That's what you get." then she took off. Running down the road towards Angel's Madison. Angel mocked growled at her and ran after her a smile playing on his full lips. It's been so long since he had a fun. Running after her he couldn't help but think how lucky he was to have her in his life.

It would be easy for Angel to catch up to Dawn but he was enjoying the simple act of being silly. Something He has not indulged in since he was a young lad. As they reached the mansion Angel easily lifted Dawn up over his shoulder. She squealed around her laugher.


"Anyone see Dawnie?" Buffy asked as she sat down at the table. She worked very hard at making the prefect Thanksgiving Day dinner. No thanks to Dawn or you know the angry killer Native American spirits. Everyone turned to each other for an answer. Certainly one of them had noticed where the youngest member of the Scooby Gang went right?

Spike sat there in his little chair across from the slayer, and wondered how if unlife turned out like this? The throbbing from his open wounds pulled sharply as he tested his bounds. He was starving! Stupid Blint! Didn't even give him enough blood to heal correctly. He thought she was supposed to be a good guy. A bloody white hat!

He came to the Slayer a helpless victim and what does that blint do? Tie him what and treat him like trash is what! Stupid Slutty! The only one that has been nice was the little bit. Cute little girl treated him like they were old friends. No fear in her what so ever.

Spike nearly snorted when he hear Buffy asking after nibbit. It's been hours since the revengeful spirits. And they were just noticing now. Spike noticed right away when the bloody pounce grabbed little bit and took off. And no the raising white hot emotion he felt when he realized Angel didn't come here from him was not jealously, it was relief . . . yeah that's it. Beside why would Angelus come here from him; he wasn't Spike's sire Drusilla was. If he tells himself that enough maybe just maybe it'll make it true.

Squeezing his cobalt blue eyes against the pain of sensing Angelus again. His impossibly full lips smirked. Fucked that pounce! "You mean before or after Angel grabbed her?" He called out to Buffy. A full blown smile appeared as he sat back and watched the Slayer freeze, and pale. "WHAT!"

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Change of Plans." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Sep 11.

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