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A Change of Plans.

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Summary: One night in Rome Dawn was killed by a vampire. But the powers have other plans. Will she reamin in the afterlife or will she agree to go to Atlantis and help Sheppard fight the war aganist the Wraith?

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Chapter One

Stargate Atlantis/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover.

Pairs: John Sheppard/Dawn Summers, hints of Angel/Spike but not much. This story is about Dawn and John. I'm not exactly sure about the dates so bare with me.

Warnings: A bit of Buffy bashing. Don't like don't read. Major crossover. I own nothing.

A Change of Plans.

Chapter One

Dawn tried to smile at the young slayer she was hunting with. The night was beautiful, and the warm Roman summer was just lovely. Hell even the grave yard had a haunting beauty to it. With a stake in one hand Dawn walked a little behind Jenna. The young red head slayer was kind of hard to get all with. Jenna like a lot of the girls thought Dawn was just a hanger on.

Dawn was just that too. She grimaced to herself. She had no abilities. Well not really. She was empathic. When she hit sixteen two months ago, she started to noticed the over flow of others emotions. It nearly over powered her. She sent another 'thank you' to Tara.

All those years ago Tara tried to teach her witch craft. The first step she said was to meditate. Dawn wanted so badly to have a super power that she tried and tried.

Without all those hours of meditation Dawn knew without a doubt she would have lost herself in the avalanche of others emotions.

She wasn't sure why she never told Buffy or the Scooby gang. She would no longer be the powerless hanger on. Or the one that always had to be saved. 'Oh Dawn's in trouble it must be Tuesday.'

No that's not true she knew why. Buffy had changed so much over the years. Her trust for her older sister stopped the moment she found out about Buffy using Spike like trash. She knew they had sex, but she never knew the details.

Then last month she found out from Andrew that Spike was alive. A second later she hopped on the plane and went to see her two favorite vamps. They sent the weekend drinking and catching up.

That's right straight lace Angel let Dawn have a beer or two. Dawn smiled at the memory. Angel was always more relaxed around her. More open. On the last night Spike got drunk. He went into detail just what Buffy did to him.

All Spike wanted was to be loved. She remembered her blue eyes filling with tears as she looked at Angel. She was surprised by the longing in his eyes. Not for Buffy for Spike. She felt it then. Angel's love for his favorite childe.

That look of pure pain on Spike's face, with the longing in Angel's was when the blinders where ripped off of her eyes when it came to her big sis. She thought back to on all the years. Even before Dawn was really there. The way Buffy would run to another guy every time Angel didn't do just what she wanted. The way she used to beat the shit out of Spike and treat him like crap when he couldn't fight back.

Since then she hasn't been able to look at Buffy without anger. The empathic ability wasn't helping at all. Buffy mostly thought of Buffy.

She almost told them a hundred times but her anger at Buffy always stopped her. "Dawn look out!" Was the last thing Dawn heard as a vampire grabbed her from behind.

Dawn opened her eyes with a groan. Damn it! It was just one stupid little Vampire. Dawn focused on the white cell. How embarrassing. Sitting up she realized a couple of things at once. First she wasn't in her room in Rome second she was no longer in Rome at all. It looked more like she was in the middle of a diner.

"Hey honey you want a cup of joe?" a 1950's look alike waitress asked her black hair up in a bee hive her pink and white uniform had a smiley face pin on it. Did she just wake up in 'Happy Days'?

"Uh sure thanks." Dawn asked completely confused. "Sure Hon." She walked off popping her gum.

"Make that two doll face." Dawn jumped out of her skin and turned to look at the man that just appeared in front of her. He looked like someone out of the 70's.

"This is some weird dream." Dawn mumbled to herself. "Wrong girly this aint not dream."

"Oh yeah than what is this and who are you?" The short man smiled showing a gap in his teeth that made the guy seem more approachable. "Names Whistler."

Dawn gasped her eyes grew wide "What?" He laughed softly "Yup, that's me." Dawn's eyes narrowed her full lips pinched, her fist clinched rage filled her. "You are the SON OF A BITCH that liked to play with peoples fates!"

Whistler smirked. "I don't play with people I give them a options. They make their own choices." Dawn snorted "Right choices." She swallowed and looked around the diner. "Is that why I'm here. To make a choice?" Whistlers smirk grew "Yup."

Dawn gasped open mouth at Whistler over her cup of coffee. "Those are my choices? Stay dead or go back to an earlier time?" "Yup." He took a long sip of his coffee. "And you're not dead, well kind of you see you're ascended." At Dawn's look of confusion he explained. "When that Vamp got you, he killed you; but just before your heart stopped. You became a being of light." "Why?"

Whistler sighed for the first time in a long time. "Well you are not normal Dawn." She snorted. "The powers didn't know what to do with you. You were form from the key do you know what the key really is?"

Dawn swallowed she so was not going to like this. "The key was the left over energy of the big bang." Dawn was right she knew she wasn't going to like this. Her mind was reeling. What does that mean? What about her empathy? What the hell is she going to do now?

"Wow! Calm down! Yes that's why you have become empathic. You'll also get visions as your powers grow. So what's your answer? Stay here in this nice after life become one of the powers with the rest of this fine people. Or I send you back to when you first appeared."

Dawn stared at her hands. Her first insect was a big fat yes. But a part of her was so tired. Tired of the ugly guys that bump in the night. But man would she miss her two favorite vamps. She looked up at Whistler her blue eyes flashing with fire. "What's the catch?"

"Catch what catch?" Dawn's eyes narrowed. Whistler sighed. "Fine there is one but if you agree we need you older at a certain point. So instead of being fourteen, we'll send you back as the age you are now, with your abilities, and memories intact." Dawn raised her eyebrow "Catch?"

Whistler sighed again. He's been doing that a lot in front of this girly today. "So what do you know about the city of Atlantis?"
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