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A Recruit's Dream

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Summary: Aaron Hotchner's response to Foyet caught someone's interest, and he has a job offer for the BAU team leader. Spoilers for "100".

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Television > Criminal MindsBerserkerNWFR131975163,57830 Sep 1130 Sep 11Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine. D'Hoffryn, et al belong to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy. Aaron Hotchner & Co belong to Jeff Davis & Mark Gordon.

Timeline: Whenever for "BTVS"; post-'100' for "Criminal Minds"


"That was impressive. Particularly for one of your... mundane talents."

The sudden voice in his otherwise empty apartment had Aaron Hotchner on his feet with a gun in hand within seconds. The gun wavered slightly when he got a good look at the intruder, but his experiences with Foyet had left him too paranoid to lower his gun just because the intruder was - apparently - weaponless.

"That gun won't kill me, Aaron. Or do you prefer 'Hotch'?"

"How did you get in here?" Hotch asked, using what others had referred to as his 'ticked-off-FBI-agent' voice.

"Magic," the unknown man answered teasingly.

"How. Did. You. Get. In. Here?" Hotch repeated.

"A puff of smoke. A pillar of flame. The traditional entrance of any high-ranking demon with even the slightest flare for the dramatic."

Hotch had to struggle not the lower his gun and pinch the bridge of his nose at the answer. It was always the nut jobs that managed to find his team. Granted, he had never before encountered one with a Halloween/D&D fetish, but it was really only a matter of time. Maybe he should go ahead and take that early retirement after all. He could take his son and move closer to Haley's parents. All three would like that, and he would probably never have to deal with a psychopath breaking into his home again.

"Oh, where are my manners?" the intruder spoke again. "I'm sure you're wondering who I am and what I want?"

Honestly, at that point, Hotch didn't particularly care any more. Once his initial fear had subsided, he only kept his gun trained on the man out of habit. However, that wasn't the correct way to deal with Unsubs, so he shrugged and made a noise of affirmation.

"I am D'Hoffryn; Lord and Master of all Justice Demons. My particular specialty - aside from recruiting those who perform either remarkable or creative acts of vengeance - has always been those suffering from a lost love. Usually I go for love lost by betrayal or abandonment, but your case was just too special to pass on to one of my underlings. If all you had done was kill the man who attacked you and killed your wife, I wouldn't be here.

"No, my favorite part of your situation was how you denied his power not once, but three times! First, you refused to show even a hint of fear. Second, you got your son out of his reach, thereby ruining his plan to have you come home to find the bodies of both your family members. And finally, while she was clearly frightened at the situation, your wife - with your help, of course - refused to acknowledge the man, even as he shot her. As I said before, quite an impressive feat for someone of such mundane powers."

"That still doesn't answer what you want," Hotch pointed out, drawn into the dialogue in spite of himself. While clearly delusional, the man's particular spin on the situation did make him feel a bit better about it.

"I should think that would be obvious, Aaron. I would like to recruit you."

"Recruit me?" Hotch repeated. He finally lowered his gun, clicking the safety on before setting it on the coffee table behind him.

"As one of my Justice Demons! Now, before you say no, listen to the benefits of the position. There are the obvious Medical and Dental Insurance, plus severance pay, should you decide to leave the job after a three-year period. Hours are fairly flexible, so you would never have to miss a single event or field trip in your son's life. Not to mention the wish-granting abilities that make the job possible."

Hotch thought it over for a minute. The benefits did sound tempting, but... "I have to decline. My job is bringing people to real, legal justice. It's not enacting vengeance for anyone who feels like they were dealt a bad hand in life."

"If you're sure?" D'Hoffryn asked. Hotch nodded in confirmation. D'Hoffryn sighed before pulling out a coin and tossing it to him. "It happens sometimes. If you ever change your mind, just call on me while holding this." When Hotch looked up from the coin in his hands, D'Hoffryn was gone.

Hotch shrugged and set the coin on the table next to his gun. After moving the gun to a more secure place in the apartment, he laid back down on the couch, not realizing he was falling asleep until he woke up to the sound of Jack running into the apartment.

"Hey Buddy, did you have fun with Aunt Jessie?" Jack nodded and dropped a bag of pennies onto the coffee table.

"For my coins!" the child announced.

Jessica walked into the room as she explained. "We found thirty years worth of pennies for the coin collection you're starting with him."

Hotch nodded and turned his attention back to his son. "Why don't you gather them all together, and we'll put them in your book later tonight, okay?" Jack nodded eagerly and scooped up all the coins. Hotch helped Jack with the first few coins, and then went to the kitchen to start dinner when the boy insisted on doing the rest himself.

It was many years later before Jack realized that one of his 'pennies' wasn't a penny at all. He showed the odd coin to a collector, who informed him that it was exceedingly rare, and had only been seen three other times throughout history. Hotch dismissed the encounter as his own grieving mind trying to justify killing Foyet. D'Hoffryn thought of the potential recruit from time to time, but eventually moved on to more likely candidates. Besides, one former BAU member was better than most could claim, and he doubted Aaron could match her fire and determination.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Recruit's Dream". This story is complete.

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