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A Kid Hero

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This story is No. 6 in the series "JCA Crossovers, Oneshots, Prompts". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Oneshot. Buffy's thoughts as she watches Jade in battle.

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Cartoons > Jackie Chan AdventuresBuffyKaibaHuntFR713460149530 Sep 1130 Sep 11Yes
Here's a new Buffy/JCA crossover oneshot I cooked up one day. :)

Disclaimer: Genius Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer. John Rogers (also a genius) owns Jackie Chan Adventures. I own the songfics, oneshots, stories, novellas and poems I cook up from time to time.

A Kid Hero

Buffy's POV

Wow. I cannot believe what I'm seeing here. The Jade Chan, whom I've heard of, can not only fight, but also use the twelve talismans on the vampires quite quickly, too (although I've noticed she prefers to use only six talismans, but I don't mind that anyway). If Slaying were a class, she would definitely get an A. I know that for sure. After all, whenever she needs them, she uses the talismans quite well. Maybe she's been studying which talisman's perfect for each situation she encounters, especially the vampire ones. Plus she's quite quick with the Rabbit talisman, too -- more fast than the vampires, even. I cannot help but be proud of her. She is pretty awesome; I can tell.

Suddenly I hear a mewing sound, and I look over at the source. Now she's changed one of the vampires into a kitten. A small, white, fluffy kitten. I fight to keep from laughing at the looks of confusion on the faces of the other vampires, though. I think it's pretty funny, while they think it's confusing. But then again, they've never come up against Jade Chan in a fight before, and she's what I call a "Kid Hero".

Now I've heard of something like that. Here's what I've heard so far, of course:

He'll fight off hordes of monsters with techniques the likes of which master swordsmen would never equal. He'll wield weapons spoken of only in the oldest of legends. He'll save the world and everyone in it from destruction five times over.

And he'll do all of this while not even being old enough to drive.

Now they're talking about a guy there, of course. Who says the good guy has to be a guy, anyway? Well, I for one believe that girls can be heroes, too (heroines, actually -- which is a pretty neat word, in my view). Change the pronouns, and that paragraph describes Jade perfectly in every way, at least in my opinion.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Kid Hero". This story is complete.

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