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SpongeXan and other YAHFs for the heck of it

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Summary: Several sharacters (one of them Xander) dress differently for Halloween. Characters are either from one TV show/book/etc., or having the same line of work. Hopefully original.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenKasyblackFR181013,4841215,1511 Oct 1110 Oct 12No

What’s in the skullmask?..

Disclaimer: I’m lazy – check out first chapter

What’s in the skullmask?..

“Hey, Xan, whatcha doing?” – It was asked with a bit of valid trepidation, as his attire was… worrysome.

“Nothing, really. You know, relaxing, reminiscing.” – he winced, as he considered the vocabulary used. Just peachy with the side of keen and a “busted” on the top.

“Really? And this lovely black robe is a meditative aid, no doubt. And the golden skull mask is a… hmm, I guess a movie prop you stole?” – Buffy was not buying it. It was difficult for him to lie to her and Willow, doubly so after Halloween. They were now even more precious to him, if that was even possible. As if one Lils was not enough. Well, to be honest, after she died, after years spent without her, only watching her eyes on a hated rival’s face, she could do whatever she wanted. Double, triple, quadruple, take over the world, even destroy all Twinkies – and believe it, she tried – well, he would take living Lilly over anything she might cause.

“Who was it this time, Sev?” – she asked, and he could not make himself refuse. And she knew he would not do anything without due provocation, but, well, some things were just unforgiveable.

“Ju… Juxian Tang and Amanuensis” – the bastards – or bitches, as the case might be, totally deserved it.

“You should stop that, really. I mean, yes, fanfiction IS hell when you experience it, but you don’t see me and Willow torturing and obliviating authors.”

“Buffy, despite how… incredible you are, Lilly was never a majorly popular character – at least, not overtly so. And if there were stories starring her, even the bad ones, well, she was never the killer, the rapist, though I guess there was a percentage of mindless slavery gigs… but that is not the point. You know your fanfiction better than I do. But Snape… he always was and still is one of the main fafictious human shaped spittoons and dildos, being a murderer, a rapist, a victim, a maniac – and on Halloween I became all of them, with cannon bastard being my lifeline… well, that is not a basis of a healthy existence there. Thankfully, I have you and Wills, even if a part of you hates me for what the real me had never done to you and your – and sometimes my – son.”

“What did they do?” – maybe, just this once, she’d let it go.

“Stories of Voldemort winning and turning Hogwarts in a giant rape camp… of me, and sometimes Lucius raping Harry…” – her grip on his hand became crashing and her eyes hateful. They were silent for several minutes. Then she let go of his hand.

As she was leaving, she hugged him from behind and whispered into his ear seductively: “Next time you go after the bastards, count me in”.

Then she was at the door, and he heard “Hurt my son, will they…” just as she left. For some reason, he was uncomfortably reminded of the times Lilly was Voldemort’s daughter. Well, they brought it on themselves. Whether their ramblings created the worlds where he was… unsavory character, whether they just were unlucky enough to pluck it from the interdimensional noosphere, the fanfiction authors were in for big changes… Perhaps, fatally so…

A.N. As I was reading The iron Tau-ri once, an idea sprang into my mind: what if victim of the Ethan Rayne’s Halloween spell had gotten not only the memories of the character they dressed as, but also of all of his fanfiction versions (with main one acting as the core personality, otherwise we’d just get the mightiest MPD case ever)? Well, I say – REVENGE. Sorry to Amanuensis and Juxian Tang if they do get here. But, seriously, I can see cannon Snape taking offence to your writing.

Xander – Cannon-an-fannon!Snape, Willow – Cannon Lilly, Buffy – Cannon-and-fannon!Lilly. Why that way: I can imagine Willow meticulously choosing her costume, making it every bit cannon compliant, Buffy and Xander seem much less likely to do so.
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