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A family United

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Summary: What if Kelly wasn't Gibbs' and Shannon's only child. What if they had two other children that were taken from them. How will Gibbs react to finding them after all these years? And how will Buffy Summers and Callen react to who their father is?

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Chapter two

Gibbs and the rest of his team made it to the LA NCIS office the next morning. They were met at the front of the building by Callen.

“Look who made it,” Callen said.

“Callen. You know Agent McGee. These are Agents DiNozzo and David,” Gibbs said.

“Nice to meet you. You ready to get started?” Callen asked before leading the way into the building.

“Anything new since we spoke?” Gibbs asked.

“Well, we’ve confirmed time of death. Our victim was drained of his blood, most likely from the two puncture wounds on his neck,” Callen said as he led them through the building.

“Puncture wounds? Can anyone say ‘vampires’?” Tony asked.

Gibbs immediately slapped Tony upside the head.

Tony winced. “Thanks, Boss.”

“We also found a small amount of blood not belonging to our victim. We think it belongs to the killer.

“Have you identified your suspect?” Gibbs asked.

“Not yet, but we’re working on it. There were traffic cameras just a few blocks away and our suspect was seen heading in that direction. We’re hoping she’ll show up on the footage,” Callen said as they stopped where his desk was. He then addressed his own team. “Guys, I’m sure you remember Agents Gibbs and McGee. The others are DiNozzo and David.”

Everyone nodded and exchanged pleasantries. They then heard a whistle from above. Callen looked up and saw Eric. “Looks like Eric has something for us. Let’s go,” he said before leading the way upstairs and into the Operations Center. “What do you have Eric?”

Eric pulled up security footage of a young blond woman. “We think this is our suspect. She walked by just after the murder.”

“Wow. She kinda looks like you, G,” Sam told Callen.

Callen ignored his partner. “You got an identification?” he asked Eric.

“Actually, I do. I sent her picture to the local stations just to see if maybe she’d been brought in for anything else around here and we got a hit. Apparently the girl went to school around here. Apparently there was an incident where the school gym burned down. She wasn’t charged with anything, but apparently she made an impression on one of the officers. Her name’s Buffy Summers,” Eric told him.

“It gets better,” Nell said. “Miss Summers transferred to a school in Sunnydale right after that.”

“Sunnydale? Isn’t that that town that got completely destroyed a while back?” Sam asked.

“The very same. Anyway, the school Miss Summers attended got blown up on her graduation day,” Nell explained.

“Now that’s my kind of girl,” Tony said smirking.

Gibbs slapped him upside the head once more.

“It is one hell of coincidence,” Deeks said.

“No such thing as a coincidence,” Gibbs said.

“Yeah, that’s one of your many rules, isn’t it?” Callen asked.

“Rule thirty-nine,” Tony cited.

“Do we have an address for her?” Callen asked Eric.

“Yes, we do. She’s staying at a local hotel. Here’s the address,” Eric said before handing Callen a piece of paper.

“Great,” Callen said before turning to Gibbs. “I assume you’re coming.”

“Uh huh,” Gibbs said before turning to his team. “Make yourselves useful and help in any way they need you to,” he said before following Callen out of the room.

Buffy Summers woke up late that morning. The last night’s patrol had taken a lot of her. Normally it would’ve been no biggie, but she’d gotten there just as some guy was getting eaten by vampires. She’d tried to save him, but she wasn’t able to. She hated it when that happened.

Buffy walked into the main room of her suite and just in time to hear a knock on the door. She opened it to find Giles there. “Morning.”

“Good morning, Buffy. How did things go last night?” Giles asked as he walked inside.

“Not great. I managed to get a few vamps, but not before they killed a guy,” Buffy said.

“Well, you can’t save everyone, Buffy,” Giles told her. He knew how much she hated even one person being killed, he did too, but unfortunately in this line of work, it happened a lot.

“I know, but if I had gotten there just a few seconds earlier, he’d be alive. To make it worse, he was military. He was wearing a Navy uniform,” Buffy said.

Giles was about to say something when he heard a knock on the door. “Are you expecting someone?”

“No. No one I we know is around,” Buffy said. All the others were on assignments on other parts of the world. They were nowhere near LA.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out who it is.” Giles said before going over to the door. He found two men on the other side. One of them was a man who looked to be about his age and had gray hair. The other actually reminded him a lot of Buffy. “Can I help you, gentlemen?”

“No, but she can,” the older man said as he pointed to Buffy.

“Who are you?” Buffy asked as she took a few steps forward.

They both took out their badges. “Special Agent’s Callen and Gibbs. We’re with NCIS,” Callen said.

“NC what?” Buffy asked. She’d never heard of that organization before.

“Naval Criminal Investigative Service,” Callen said.

Buffy inwardly cringed. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what this was about. It was obvious. They wanted to know about the Navy guy that died the night before. “What can I do for you?”

“We need to speak to you about Petty Officer Jacob Norman,” Gibbs said.

“Never heard of him,” Buffy said honestly. She didn’t know his name, but she was sure he was the guy she’d tried to save.

“Really? Because you were seen leaving the scene of his murder?” Gibbs said.

“You need to come with us, Ma’am,” Callen added.

“Forgive me, but is she under arrest?” Giles asked.

“Not yet, but that can change. She can make things much better for herself if she’ll just come with us and answer a few simple questions,” Callen said.

Buffy knew she really didn’t have a choice. These guys were not like the idiots of Sunnydale. They weren’t going to give up. If she didn’t go and answer their questions now, they’d just get more suspicious and keep coming after her. “It’s fine, Giles. I’ll go,” she said before quickly putting on a pair of shoes.

“Right this way, Ma’am,” Callen said as he led her out of the room.
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