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The Promised One

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Summary: If Buffy did not have enough problems, she is a witch in the midst of the second wizarding war.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Harry Potter.

Early the next morning, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was currently having a prophetic dream. Usually, her dreams were nothing more than lightning fast flashes that did not tell her too much. Even though this one was abrupt, it was far more informative than usual.

The Dream: Buffy saw herself in a large room with tables filled with witches and wizards; she also witnessed an army of vampires swarming the room with a terrifying leader. They were here to kill her, then everyone else. For some reason, she knew that as a fact. Buffy quickly threw a stake at the leaders heart from where she sitting at one of the end tables. The stake would have hit its target if he didn't catch it. He told her 'nice shot' in a mocking way. Unlike any other vampire she had ever seen, this vampire had a face that looked like a bat with a fruit punch mouth. While everyone in the room was looking on in shock, Buffy prepared herself for a battle. Before she could go on the offensive, this vampire used a surprising telekinetic power that caused her to be immobile. Before he took her blood, she noticed the night sky with stars above her before all went black.

Buffy woke up shaking in fear. This was not the first prophetic dream she ever had, but it was definitely the worst. 'I'll have to ask Giles about it.' Buffy then noticed through her tired eyes that it was already daytime. 'Just great, not like I'll be sleeping any more after that dream.' she thought irritably.

Buffy was dressed and ready for the day in record time. The Slayer was shocked when she realized that it was only 6:30 in the morning. 'Time to see Giles. He's probably up drinking tea and eating scones by now.' she guessed.

"Giles, it's me." Buffy knocked anxiously on her guardians’ door, which was conveniently connected to her own room.

A moment later, Rupert Giles opened the door with a surprised expression on his face. "I was just getting ready to wake you up. What deity do I have to pay tribute to for this miracle?" Giles asked with his quick wit.

"Why would you wake me up now? Buffy asked as she poured herself a cup of tea. After she spotted the expected scones, she snatched one before she took a seat. "Never mind, I had a slayer dream. It was uber bad." Buffy told her mentor anxiously while nibbling on her breakfast.

"What did you see?" Giles asked worriedly.

Buffy responded to her mentors’ inquiry by telling him every detail of her dream.

"It appears that this will take place in The Great Hall in Hogwarts. The stars and sky that you had noticed confirms that since the ceiling is charmed to appear that way. We will not let this happen." he added darkly.

"Who was that vampire? I don't want to die Giles." The Slayer was obviously shaken.

"That vampire is The Master. We will prevent this dream from coming to pass. I'll do some research." Her guardian announced with conviction. However, I do have some news for you." Rupert Giles added in the hope that it would distract his slayer.

"What news?" Buffy asked. The certainly in her mentors voice calmed Buffy's fears about The Master. If he believed that the terrifying prophetic dream could be changed, then she would too. Otherwise, she would not be able to maintain her sanity.

"As you are aware that you are going to Hogwarts this term."

"Oh joy." Buffy sarcastically interrupted.

"If I many continue, we can get going sometime today." There was enough annoyance in his tone to quiet Buffy.

"Albus Dumbledore has offered me the position of teaching Defense against the Dark Arts."

"When did this happen? Not that I'm not happy about it, I am." Buffy rambled.

Clearly amused, Giles grinned at her before he answered.

"After we went to bed, I got a message from Dumbledore. If I didn't take the position, a ministry official would have. Since the blasted ministry refuses to believe that Voldemort has returned, they were planning to send Delores Umbridge to teach DADA. That horrible woman has been pushing for legislation that would ban Hogwarts from letting students practice defensive spells."

"What, that's insane!" Buffy exclaimed.

"Yes, that it is. Be that as it may, I couldn't let that happen. Both Harry Potter and yourself will need to have excellent training this year. 'While the demons are trying to kill Buffy, Voldemort is doing his best to kill Harry. They are only children.' Rupert Giles thought in anger.

'I'm not the only one who has it rough.' Buffy thought of Harry.

"Since I'm teaching, we need to be at Hogwarts by lunchtime. We can have you sorted today if you wish."

"Definitely, I don't want to get sorted with a bunch of eleven year olds."

"I thought as much. Now, we have to hurry." Giles announced.

Buffy chooses another scone before she had followed her mentor out of his room.

An hour later, Buffy was having difficulties with finding her wand. Dozens of wands had already been attempted when Mr. Ollivander voiced his confusion.

"I have never had such a tricky customer. Even Mr. Potter wasn't this difficult." Mr. Ollivander observed Buffy thoughtfully.

"I guess I'm just special." Buffy noted dryly.

"Would being a slayer help?" Giles announced helpfully.

"Ah, of course. I've got your wand!" Mr. Ollivander ran to the back of the store quite excited.

Buffy turned to glare at Giles. "I can't tell anyone about it, But it's perfectly fine for you to.."

"I will not tell anyone Miss Summers. The wizards are not aware of slayers or the demons that she fights. They think it's all a myth, but I know better. Every magical creature will do whatever you ask. We owe you are very lives." Mr. Ollivander finished solemnly.

"Thanks I guess." Buffy was uncomfortably shifting her feet while looking to Giles to say something.

"Thank you Mr Ollivander. Your discretion is appreciated of course." Giles nodded to the wand maker while saving his charge from responding to the unexpected gratitude.

"This wand is an ancient one. Salazar Slytherin himself created this wand for the coming of The Promised One. The wood is the first stake from the first slayer while the core of the wand has the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself. I expect great things from you." Mr. Ollivander put the ancient wand in Buffy's right hand.

As soon as Buffy touched the wand, she felt her whole body tingle in awareness. Both her witch and slayer powers felt connected in a way that she had never thought possible. All of a sudden green and silver sparks had spread throughout the room signaling that the wand was a match.

"Well done, well done. Now be off with you." Mr Ollivander dismissed Buffy and Giles.

"Tell us how much it will cost and we'll be on our way." Giles smoothly informed the shop owner.

"It is not my wand to sell. Now be off with you." Mr. Ollivander left abruptly.

"Raise you hand if you are creeped out." Buffy announced with a shudder.

"I don't believe that American term covers it."

"Hey, I don't think a British one would either."

"Good point."

The rest of the morning was uneventful for Buffy and Giles as they bought her school supplies. They sent everything to Buffy's room before they had to leave for Hogwarts.

After taking the port-key Dumbledore had given them, they had landed in Dumbledore's office while an argument was taking place.

"You went to America to hire a DADA professor when you knew that I wanted the position." An irate man with greasy black hair raged at Professor Dumbledore.

"Severus, let's welcome my guests. This is Rupert Giles who you undoubtedly know, he will be teaching Defense against the Dark Arts. Miss Summers is his charge and a transfer fifth year student."

"Are you out of your mind! Rupert Giles is a deatheater and her parents.."

"You are a deatheater as well Severus, or have you forgotten." Giles said icily. "If I ever catch you speaking to Miss. Summers with anything less than respect.."

"Now, the both of you calm down. Severus, before the meeting we are going to get Miss. Summers sorted. We'll see you at lunch." After the clear dismissal, Severus left angrily slamming the door.

"I apologize for Professor Snape. He has wanted the position of Defense against the Dark Arts for years."

"It's not your place to apologize for him. I'll make it clear that he will leave Buffy out of any dislike for my position as the DADA Professor." Giles said stiffly.

"I'll talk to Severus. Now, let's get you sorted Miss. Summers."

Buffy knew that Giles along with her parents were in The Slytherin House. "Giles, where do you think I'll end up?" Buffy asked.

"If your wand is anything to go by, I'd say Slytherin would want you in his house."

While they were talking, Dumbledore pulled out The Sorting Hat. "Place it on your head." The Headmaster requested.

"OK, it better not mess my hair." The Slayer grumbled as she placed the hat on her head.

'Ooh, a slayer. Such Power, you are The Promised One, of course!'

Buffy was told that the hat would telepathically talk to her during the sorting. The slayer had no idea that the hat would be so chatty. 'I don't have all day.' Buffy thought irritably.

'Not very patient are we. Your parents were great Slytherins. They had great power.'

'I'm nothing like them.' Buffy responded angrily. 'I'll never kill innocent people.'

'You would be great in Slytherin. Salazar himself even made your wand! Such power and cunning that you possess. The last slayer was sorted in Slytherin.'

'What! I thought I was the first slayer-witch? Who was the first one?'

'No, I can't tell you everything. In time you will find out who the first one was.'

'Just tell me where I'm going already.' Buffy thought impatiently.

'Hmm oh yes, interesting. It better be..' "Slytherin!"
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