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The Promised One

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Summary: If Buffy did not have enough problems, she is a witch in the midst of the second wizarding war.

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Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Harry Potter. The Room of Requirement belongs to Harry Potter. Only the plot belongs to me.

Buffy took off the hat with a shaking hand.

"What did the hat say Buffy?" Giles gently asked.

"It put me in Slytherin because I was powerful and cunning. It did say that I wasn't evil though. Did anyone know that there was another slayer-witch before me and she was in Slytherin?" Buffy rambled.

"What!" Giles exclaimed.

"Of course you are not evil my dear. Perhaps you would be a great influence in Slytherin house." Professor Dumbledore added with cheer. "I am most intrigued to hear about this past slayer."

"It was my understanding that Buffy was the only witch that had become a slayer." Rupert Giles was stunned. "I suppose it was short sighted of us not to consider the possibility."

"Rupert, perhaps it was not meant for us to know about it." Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye.

Rupert Giles looked at whom many considered the greatest wizard in the world with a suspicious stare. "What do you know of this Albus?" he practically growled.

"There now Rupert, the Centaurs told me a few years back that Buffy will discover another sister. As we both know that Buffy is an only child, it stood to reason that it would be another slayer."

Buffy was sitting there furious at Dumbledore for not informing her of this earlier. "Excuse me, why wasn't I told about this?"

Albus Dumbledore had the grace to appear embarrassed. "I did not think of it. We have been busy with the situation with Tom Riddle for the last few years. As you know, he kept trying to come back since Harry was a first year."

The Slayer gave the headmaster an incredulous look. "I understand that the situation with Voldemort and Harry Potter is important. Correct me if I'm wrong, but demons trying to send us all to hell is a lot worse than whatever Voldie could do."

"Buffy, if Voldemort did not return, the prophecy would have been delayed." Rupert Giles interrupted before Buffy completely lost her temper.

Thanks to her mentors’ quick thinking, Buffy calmed down. "The prophecy did mention a Dark Lord inspiring fear. Now that he is back, the demons will come, right?"

"That is our theory, Miss Summers. I will give both you and your mentor passes to research this in the restricted area." With a flick of his wand, Buffy and Giles were holding their passes. "I will now inform Severus about his new Slytherin 5th year. Rupert can take you to your common room where you will have lunch."

"Professor Snape is my head of house?" Buffy blurted out in horror.

"Yes, Professor Snape is your head of house. If he gives you any trouble, please inform us. I'll make sure that Severus understands that you are to be left alone. I'll also tell him that you do not have a curfew. You'll need freedom if you are to carry out your slayer duties." Professor Dumbledore told her solemnly.

"OK, I guess that would work. Where would I train?"

"I have a special room set up for you. It will give you anything that you would require. It's called The Room of Requirement. No one else beside myself and your guardian know of it."

"Very cool." Buffy was impressed in spite of herself.

"Let's have some lunch. The roasted turkey is absolutely delightful." Professor Dumbledore led The Slayer and her guardian out of his office.

Two hours later, Buffy was performing Thai Chi. The stress of the last few days was melting away; Buffy felt relaxed. However, that was to be short lived.

All of a sudden, Buffy knew that Professor Snape was just around the corner trying to sneak up on her. Immediately, Buffy took a seat in a plush green chair appearing bored. The Slayer was sitting there for a full minute waiting for her new head of house to make a move.

"Miss Summers, it appears that I have you as not only a student, but as a member of my house. I hope that you will not cause the expected amount of trouble. Are we clear Miss Summers?" Professor Snape said.

Buffy lifted her head up proudly to the snarky professor before she answered him. "We are clear professor."

"I'll keep my eye on you. Dumbledore says that you do not have a curfew. Even Potter doesn't get special treatment like that."

Buffy knew that he was fishing for information. The Slayer was not going to help him out. "I don't know what you mean Professor Snape." Buffy said innocently as she stood up and left the room.

Later that night, Buffy was lying in bed contemplating how her first day at Hogwarts would go. Thanks to being home schooled, Buffy did not know anyone in her age group very well. Giles made sure that she had the necessary social skills so that she could function in society; however, her training had taken precedence over anything else. Despite the fact that her mind was occupied, Buffy fell asleep quickly due to exhaustion from only catching a few hours the night before.

At 9:00 in the morning, Buffy was woken up by Giles so that she could get ready and packed before they had to leave at 10:30. Giles correctly figured that Buffy would want to spend extra time with her hair and clothes. Buffy would not be caught dead in anything but the most fashionable robes. Unfortunately, in Hogwarts she had to wear school robes. 'At least I get to be fashionable on the train.' After she had a quick breakfast, they left for The Hogwarts Express.

When they arrived at the train station, Buffy saw hundreds of students and their families standing outside of the train. Buffy observed a boy about her age with white blonde hair and who had to be his mother. 'He's must be in Slytherin.' Buffy observed noticing the green and silver logo on his luggage.

"You'll be fine, Buffy." Giles encouraged knowing that his charge was uncharacteristically nervous.

"You know me. I'll knock them dead. Except for the dead part." Buffy added nervously. "Seriously, I'm fine. I'm glad that you'll be there." Buffy added seriously.

"Rupert Giles, it's been years!" the lady that Buffy noticed earlier exclaimed when she noticed Giles.

"Narcissa Malfoy! How have you been my dear lady." Giles responded politely.

The famed Malfoys were looking at her curiously. 'I need to watch my step here.' Buffy thought to herself knowing that it was time to fulfill her promise to Giles.

"I didn't know you had a daughter Rupert?"

"Well, I do not in the strictest sense. This is Buffy Summers, she is my charge." Giles answered.

Mrs. Malfoy gave her a look of approval while Draco sent her a look of understanding before he schooled his face to the neutral mask he wore. 'What is he hiding?' Buffy mused.

"This is my son Draco, Buffy. Perhaps he could show you around school. Where did you go to school before? Have you been sorted yet?"

"Nice to meet you, Draco." she held out her hand and let him kiss it as was a custom with the best of families. It was a formality that one grew used to in high wizarding society.

"I was sorted into Slytherin yesterday Ma'am. My guardian has taught me from home." Buffy politely told her.

The four of them were companionably walking towards the steps nearing the train. It was extremely crowded which unnerved Buffy a little since she was not used to large crowds that were human. 'I'm on edge since I haven't slayed in a couple days. I'll have to check out The Forbidden Forest tonight.' The Slayer thought with excitement. Despite not wanting her destiny, Buffy knew that the slayer part of her could not be denied for long.

"I must be leaving. I'm most pleased that you are teaching Defense against the Dark Arts, Rupert." Mrs. Malfoy announced while giving her son an absentminded pat. "It was lovely meeting you Miss Summers. We must invite you both over for dinner." Buffy gave her a polite smile knowing that Giles will respond for them, as it was proper.

"That would be wonderful Mrs. Malfoy. We will both be honored to attend. Your family will be welcomed in our home as well." With the formalities over, Narcissa Malfoy left in her fancy carriage.

As soon as Mrs. Malfoy left them, it was time for Giles to leave as well. As a professor, he boarded the train before the students. "I'll see you when we got to Hogwarts, dear. It was nice meeting you Mr. Malfoy."

"Goodbye, Sir." Buffy said with unusual formality. 'It's all part of the game.' Buffy thought with annoyance.

"Thank you, sir." Draco responded.

"What do you think of mudbloods?" Draco asked her as soon as they were alone.

Buffy had figured she would have gotten that question sooner or later. The Slayer had hoped it would have been later. "I never met one." Buffy responded honestly.

"You have never met a mudblood!" Draco exclaimed loudly. Many students overheard Draco and glared at him while they looked at her apprehensively.

Two fat boys who were wearing Slytherin colors were walking towards them, as was a girl their age with a pug nose. "Buffy, this is Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy. This is Buffy Summers." Draco said while looking superior.

The three strangers looked impressed by her lineage. Buffy noticed that even though Draco was acting like a jerk, it seemed like it was forced. Having parents for deatheaters meant that you had to either believe in the old ways or act like you did. Buffy knew all about the later since if anyone found out that she wasn't like that, her mentor and guardian would most likely be killed as a result.

"Are you OK?" Draco asked as soon as he noticed that no one else was paying attention.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." Buffy was surprised that he had noticed her unease. It was apparent that there was more to Draco then he let on. She'll have to be careful around him if she wanted to keep her secrets.

A/N This is an old story I deleted off of an old pen name. I've taken it off today and replaced it under my new name. I feel inspired with this story again. However, I am stuck. If anyone who wants to write the next chapter is free to do so. I just have one request. Buffy can not get chummy with the golden trio. If anyone suspects Buffy not being Dark Giles is dead. With Ron's foot in mouth problem should make an amusing encounter. Other than that have fun and please inspire me. Thanks in advance.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Promised One" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Oct 11.

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