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The Promised One

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Summary: If Buffy did not have enough problems, she is a witch in the midst of the second wizarding war.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling while Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon. None of these characters or fandoms belong to me.

This is a crossover between Harry Potter and Buffy. Buffy is 14 years of age and she has just been called as The Slayer. Giles is a wizard and Buffy's guardian. For the sake of my story, The Watchers Council will not find out about Buffy since there was another slayer called at the same time as Buffy. The Powers decided that they needed two of them to fight for the magical and muggle worlds. If I decide to write a sequel, I could use that as a part of my plot. However, The Council and other slayer will not be in this story. Also, Umbridge will not be teaching DADA. :)

"Very good, Buffy." Rupert Giles told his charge after she had performed several advanced martial art techniques that should have been impossible for a newly chosen slayer.

However, he wasn't too surprised since he knew that she had a great destiny the moment she was born due to the slayer birthmark. Thankfully, only Dumbledore and himself were aware of the world of slayers since they both had sisters that had been slayers. Unlike Buffy, they were both squibs.

When his charge, Buffy Summers, was chosen as The Vampire Slayer in May, he knew that she would have an even greater burden than her predecessors did. Not only was Buffy the first Slayer-witch that he knew of, she was destined to be the only hope for the wizarding world. The Centaurs gave the prophecy of Buffy being The Promised One to Albus Dumbledore 14 years ago.

'The Promised One, a slayer-witch will appear.
During this time, a dark lord will inspire fear.
The Promised One will be reviled for her families past might.
The Dark Lord will ignore her for he has another in his sight.
The Promised One will fight the demons for only she is able.
The Greatest of Wizards would fail without her,
for they think the enemy is nothing more than a fable.
If The Queen is victorious than all will be well,
the loss of the war will send the wizards to hell.'

"Earth to Giles." Buffy said in a sing song voice. "Where were you just now?" The Slayer asked curiously.

"We will be returning to London today. I realize you have been fighting your destiny; however, the prophecy is very clear that you are our only hope. If you aren't ready.. " Rupert Giles trailed off.

"I'm making with the readiness Giles. I've been training for this stupid destiny my whole life. Why should I die for people who think I'm nothing more than a myth. How many past slayers have died because they did not have magical backup?" The Slayer in Buffy practically growled.

"My dear girl, no one loathes your destiny more than I do. Unfortunately, you do not have much of a choice. Besides, the most powerful demons are immune to magics."

"Yes, I do have a choice. I quit, why don't you do it? I want to have a normal life!" Buffy yelled while glaring at her guardian.

"I do not possess the strength and skill. It is your destiny whether you like it or not. Go ahead and have a normal life while the entire wizarding world is sent to hell." Giles dryly told his charge.

Buffy was silent for a moment while contemplating her options. As much as she hated to admit it, she didn't have much choice. 'If I don't fight, the entire wizarding world is destined for hell. There would be no normal life for Buffy.' Buffy sighed in defeat.

"I'll do it. After it is over, I am done." Buffy announced with her hands on her hips.

Rupert Giles sighed in relief. "No one would blame you for that. If that is what you want, you have my support."

"Thanks, Giles. I should have known that you would stand by me." Buffy said quietly. "By the way, did my test scores come in yet?" Buffy asked changing the subject.

"Yes, I just received the results an hour ago. I must say that I'm extremely proud of your academic performance this year since you have learned both your third and fourth years." Giles handed Buffy a sealed parchment.

"I wonder how I did compared to the students at Hogwarts." Buffy commented.

"There is only one way to find out." Giles referred to the unopened letter that Buffy was holding.

"I was taught from the best." Buffy smiled at Giles. For the last three years, Rupert Giles had home taught Buffy in their home in Phoenix. "We both know that I am strong in spells, strategy, and cunning; that will be useful as a slayer and a witch. I'm not so sure about the rest." Buffy simply said.

"The only subject that has given you much trouble is History of Magic. You are the best I have ever seen in Defense against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration, and Dueling. Dumbledore informed me that you had the second highest combined scores among his fourth year students." Giles announced proudly.

"What!"Buffy exclaimed stunned.

Buffy quickly opened the test results that she had been waiting for since she had taken her exams two weeks ago. In DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, Dueling, and Divination, she had received the highest scores that had ever been posted by a fourth year! 'The Divination improvement must be a slayer benefit due to the slayer dreams.' Buffy surmised. In Potions, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures, she had received outstanding marks as well. The only subject that she did not receive an outstanding in was the dreaded History of Magic where she had received an acceptable.

"Dear Merlin, I can't believe I did that well."

I wish we had time to celebrate. However, there is something we must speak of. Please take a seat." Giles offered the chair opposite his.

Buffy looked nervously at her guardian before she sat down. After Buffy took her seat, Giles sat down as well.

"Buffy, there is something I need to tell you. I am afraid that you will not like it." Giles began.

"What is it?" Buffy tensed.

"While we have been training, Voldemort has returned. The news has not reached America yet since The British Ministry of Magic has denied it. If it was not for Albus Dumbledore, I would not be aware of it."

"What!" Buffy exclaimed. "Why would they do that? When did you find out?"

"I was just informed this morning. I'm sure that this has plenty to do with your prophesied return to England considering the timing. It will be very difficult for you my dear."

"I get that Voldemort is the big bad and all. Doesn't the prophecy have to do with demons? I can't kill a human Giles; even one as evil as him."

"Yes, well that was not what I meant dear. There is a part of the prophecy that I have not told you." Giles began.

"What! Why would you keep part of the prophecy from me?" Buffy demanded. The Slayer was understandably upset.

Giles then told her the whole prophecy. "The wizarding community in England is very prejudiced. They will fear you because of your parents even though you had nothing to do with it. I wanted to protect you for as long as I could."

"Wait a minute. They will think I am evil because of who my parents are?" Buffy said incredulously. "If I am the only one that could save the wizarding world, there can be no more secrets kept from me. I do not want this destiny. I better not be left out of anything else." Buffy demanded.

Rupert Giles was stunned at the tone of voice his charge spoke to him in. After deciding that she was right, he conceded defeat. "I promise you that there will be nothing more kept from you." Rupert Giles promised.

Buffy instantly calmed down when she heard her mentor’s heartfelt promise. Even though Giles kept this from her, he wouldn't lie to her outright.

"That's not all. Since I am a deatheater as well, you will have to act like you believe in the deatheater cause. If anyone suspects that I have changed sides, I will be killed as a traitor." Giles told the daughter of his heart regretfully.

Buffy stood up straight and began to pace. "Don't worry Giles, no one will kill you. I'll play the game perfectly, you'll see. If I have to convince everyone that I am a deatheater in training, I'll do it." Buffy promised her mentor and father figure.

"I am so sorry that I have put you in this position. In my younger years I was your parents best friend. You deserve far better than me."

"Giles, If you weren't close to my parents, you would not be my godfather and guardian. Could you imagine how I would have turned out if I was raised by a real deatheater?" Buffy paused and shuttered at the thought. "How long do I have to act like a deatheater in training?"

"When the wizards realize how important you are, they will leave us alone. The demons want to destroy every witch and wizard in existence."

"That's just swell." Buffy commented sarcastically. "Why does this have to happen now? I want to at least have a boyfriend first." Buffy complained.

"The wizarding world is doomed." Giles muttered.

'Why do we have to go to England? Oh right, stupid prophecy.' Buffy thought irritably. 'At least I won't run into my evil parents.'

Buffy's parents Hank and Joyce Summers were the deadliest deatheaters that Voldemort had. They killed over one hundred aurors, not to mention thousands of wizards and witches during the time they were at large. It had taken a large operation of numerous aurors to finally catch her parents and send them to Azkaban when she was two years old. Thankfully, Giles her guardian and godfather, had taken her to America where her family was not as well known.

"It's time to go Buffy." Giles announced interrupting Buffy's thoughts. "I've arranged for a port-key that would take us to the Leaky Cauldron. We will get your books after we go to Ollivander's to replace your wand." Giles held out an ugly old shoe.

Buffy touched the port-key as well as her belongings while thinking about the disaster that has been her wand lately. It was hard to believe that she had been a slayer since May. When she was called, her wand had turned against her. Thanks to becoming more powerful magically after being called as The Slayer, she was able to accomplish some wandless magic. However, wandless magic was extremely draining. Giles told her that she would need a wand that would accommodate her witch and slayer magic.

While lost in her thoughts, Buffy felt the telltale tug of a port-key being activated. Unlike every other time, Buffy landed gracefully on her feet when they appeared in The Leaky Cauldron. 'It must be the slayer gig, cool.' Buffy figured as she watched Giles stand up.

While it was three in the afternoon in Phoenix, due to an eight-hour time difference, it was an hour till midnight in London. Both Giles and Buffy received curious looks since it wasn't often that someone as young as herself came in here at this time of night.

"Tom, we just arrived from The States. My charge and I will require two rooms please." Giles asked politely. After hearing this, the crowd lost interest in them and continued what they were doing.

"Mr. Giles it's been years!" Tom exclaimed. "Who might you be?" he asked Buffy.

"Buffy Summers, sir." Buffy replied.

Giles stiffened when he heard the audible gasps from the witches and wizards that were there. Buffy's parents were considered to be the most brutal deatheaters that Voldemort had. Even Tom appeared to be shaken. To her credit, Buffy raised her chin defiantly at the scrutiny.

Buffy knew that she would be treated with contempt, fear, and animosity from the majority of the wizarding world in England. Even though it hurt her, Buffy was not going to let them see it. Buffy was a slayer. It was her destiny to save the wizarding world. They had no right to judge her based on what her parents did. As soon as Tom gave Giles the keys, Buffy walked confidently behind him to their rooms.
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