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Second life as an elf

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Summary: The Valar rewards Xander a second life, as an elfling in Middle Earth.

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Lord of the Rings > Xander-CenteredArieloniaFR1832,77223513,3393 Oct 119 Oct 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or LOTR.

Warning: My very first fan fiction. English is not my first language and no Beta, so there might be grammar and spelling errors, my bad.

“talking common/Westrom”          “talking Elvish”         ‘thinking’

Sometimes I will even use:   “Elvish” {explaining Elvish}         

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Chapter Three


Elladan and his brother Elrohir had checked the elves in the clearing for survivors and found none, while Aragorn kept talking to the only survivor, the young child. Their anger and thirst for revenge for their kin were halted for the time while they kept watch around the clearing for any danger. Elladan couldn’t help himself to take a closer look at the boy, because as with all elves a child’s life is precious and he was curious as the others to why a human child was with only elves to care for him. When Elladan were but a few feet away from Aragorn and the child, the child leapt with far much grace then Elladan thought possible and jumped to hug him. Elladan quickly caught him and was shocked to say the least but his hearing was still as good as any elf’s, so he didn’t miss the child greeting him in Sindarin: “Suilad”{Hi/Greetings} in a far too sweet voice for a human child according to Elladan himself. It seemed that both his brothers had also frozen to the spot at the child’s voice.

Elladan was the one to recover first but only because he could still feel the child’s pressure to hug him. Elladan returned the hug and when the boy sat safe in his arms, the wind ruffled the boy’s silky locks and one pointy ear became visible from the boy’s dark hair. Not only did Elladan find out the puzzle that the boy did make but Aragorn and Elrohir too.

“An Elfling” Elrohir finally breathed, standing still and gaping like an idiot much like Aragorn and Elladan himself.

“The child is of elven kind” Aragorn confirmed in a steadier voice but still shocked like the rest. It was impossible because no elfling had been born in Arda for over two thousand years but still the proof sat there in Elladan’s arms looking at them curiously. The child’s features: the delicate innocent face, long glossy raven hair, the swift and grace the boy had launched himself to Elladan with, the sweetest of voices they thought the boy had and the indisputable proof that the boy had pointy ears, it all made the child an elfling alright.  

 “Mae govannen{well met} child, you are safe now” Elladan greeted the child that had studied him. He saw the lingering grief in the depths of the boy’s eyes that had finally understand that his kin were dead. Now was not the time to start questioning the child, so he nestled the child against his shoulder and moved to the far end of the clearing murmuring soothing nonsense to keep the now grieving elfling calm. While Elladan had been blocking the sight of the battleground, Aragorn and Elrohir had been digging a grave for the fallen elves for it was the least that they could do at the moment. It didn’t take long before the boy finally went to sleep against Elladans chest.      

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After Aragorn and Elrohir had finished, all three brothers with the child sleeping in Elladans arms went back to their original path and whistled for their elven steeds. It went without saying that the faster they came home to Imladris the better it were for the elfling. Their elven steeds have far more endurance then normal horses so it would only take three days before they were in Imladris. The elfling began waking up when Elladan sat upon his horse.

"Where are we?" came a bleary mumble from the elfling.

“We are riding to find a campsite before nightfall that is nearer to Imladris, pen tithen.” {little one} Elladan said while holding the child secure during the ride. “Rest and we will talk later pen tithen.” Elladan smiled.

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So I know this is a short chapter for that I’m sorry but the next chapter is on the way!  I have been thinking what Xander’s elf name would be, perhaps Beriadan or Rainantien? Do you have a different name for him? Please review and tell me your favorite elf name for Xander!

Please review! Have any ideas feel free to say so. Don’t forget to review!! :)

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Second life as an elf" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Oct 11.

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