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Second life as an elf

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Summary: The Valar rewards Xander a second life, as an elfling in Middle Earth.

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Chapter One: The Valar

Author: Arielonia

Fandom: BTVS/ LOTR

Rating: FR18 to give me more space incase for later chapters.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or LOTR.

Warning: My very first fanfiction. English is not my first language and no Beta, so there might be grammar errors. Be afraid.

Timeline: This story takes place after the series finale of Buffy and before the fellowship of the ring. But Xander never lost his left eye.

Summary: The Valar rewards Xander a second life, as an elfling in Middle Earth.

“ talking common/Westrom ”          “talking Elvish”                ‘thinking’

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Chapter One: The Valar

Two years had gone by since Sunnydale became a sinkhole and get again Buffy, the Scoobies and Giles where fighting a new big bad, this time a witch and her vampire minions. With the aid of the other Slayers that the gang had taken on their wings over the years to train, the fight against the witch and her minions where surprisingly over very fast.

A minion vampire left in the rumble of the fight had survived and used a stake on Xander. It all happened so fast.

“Huh..” Xander only saw the stake stick out of his chest where it had pierced his heart when he went down.

“XANDER!” Buffy’s fast reflexes staked the vampire to dust but it was already too late. “Sshh Xan everything will be okay.  Xan.. Xander?”

Xander’s last words to Buffy where “It’s ok..*cough* funny way to *cough* go o *cough* out.”

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He awoke though his vision was hazy and his mind fuzzy at first. Everything around him was white. ‘What happened? Wait a minute… a stake through my heart, that is how I died?’

“Yes.” A booming loud voice said.  

“H..h..hello? Who is there?”

“We are called the Valar but in your dimension you had The Powers that Be, I believe you called them, yes?”

“Dimension? What am I doing here? You said I died so is this heaven? It can’t be a hell dimension can it?  Are my friends all right? Cause I got to tell you… I can’t see where the Gates are.” ‘Oh am I Willow-babbling?’

“This is not heaven but we the Valar will give you a choice that the Powers that Be could not. You can choose to go to heaven and be at peace or we would give you the chance to have a second chance at a childhood that you deserve because you did die too soon.”

‘A second childhood? Hmm… Willow and I often played that we were adopted and our real parents came and saved us.’ Xander’s heart ached to feel loved and have a happy childhood as he grew up that he never got to experience.

“But my new childhood would be in your dimension… “

“Breath White-Knight, we will explain. Our world is called Middle-Earth and there are no demons or vampires but there live dwarfs, wizards, men, elves, hobbits, trolls and orcs.” The Valar took their time to explain to Xander all about Middle-Earth and how the lives of his friends would live on without him. The Valar also said that if Xander took them up on their offer he would only have fragments of memories and feelings of how loved he was but nothing else from his old life.

“What is your choice White-Knight? Information about our world that you will need on the beginning of your journey will be there.”

“I choose a new life but only if I will be loved and happy.”

“You will be cherished young Knight, we would not have it any other way. You will be reborn as an elfling. You will be loved and protected for no elfling had been born in Arda for over two thousand years. You will look like you are about 6 years to your eyes and you will have new memories to help with your new situation. Your elven parents are dead in Arda but you will be in the company of guards. Now sleep young Knight until you will be awakened.”

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