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Let's Go Hunting

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Steps it Takes to be Free". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to the Reality and Realizations

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredAmesWhiteFR1331,768031,9743 Oct 1123 Aug 12No

Vampires, shape shifters, and Hunters! Oh, my!

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Buffy and Supernatural. Thank you for shoving salt in my eyes. :)

It still hurts, but the suffocation and hopelessness isn't as strong. Walking, talking, and eating have become more easy, but Buffy still found herself falling into old habits. Old habits, such as saving some poor schmuck, still were incredibly hard to break and led her bleeding on some one's couch. It probably doesn't help that the couch belonged to someone with far too many demon books and an unhealthy use of salt. Well, okay, so the salt is good, but only if demons want you dead. The part where they want him dead is the bad part since Buffy had clearly decided to stay far away from demons and rescuing hunters-in-distress.

"Oww!!" Buffy whined half-heartily.

The gruffy version of Giles snorted as he continued to sew her wound shut.

"You got a name?" the flannel-wearing hunter asked.

Buffy was hurt, hungry, and tired, but she wasn't stupid. So the next words out of her mouth were absolutely, incredibly false.

"Maddie. It's Madeline Marshall." Buffy replied to the hunter.

The hunter quickly glanced into her face.

"That wasn't your first hunt."

Buffy quirked her an eyebrow up at that comment.

"No, shit."

The hunter finished sewing up her wound on her side. Buffy slowly got up, but preceded to point a finger in the hunter's direction.

"A name for a name!"

"Name's Bobby Singer. And, you kid, need to stop trying to get yourself killed."

Buffy stiffened and looked at Bobby with annoyance. She opened her mouth only to be interrupted.

"And don't give me any of that bull! I deal with two idjits that give me enough of that." The hunter growled out.

Buffy closed her mouth, crossed her arms, and glared. As far as she was concerned, a pout would have been well deserved if it wouldn't make her look like petulant child. Of course, that didn't mean sarcasm was right out of the door.

"Wrong species. If you hadn't noticed I am a Homo Sapian." Buffy snarked at the hunter.

With the remark, the hunter threw a water bottle at her.

"Holy water? Geez, paranoid much?" She said as she unscrewed the cap off.

"Just drink it."

With a roll of her eyes, Buffy gulped the water down.

It was a lie. The pain was still suffocating and the hopelessness was very much a part of her life, but he didn't know that. Even far away from the Scoobies, she was still pretending. Or, at least, trying to with some success. Okay, maybe not a lot, but she had to try.

"There! No weird black demony stuff coming out! Happy now?"

"Its a start." Bobby said as he began to rifle through his textbooks.

Buffy watched him for a bit before she started to move towards him.

"So what is it I'm after? How do I kill it?" Buffy just rattled of the usual questions she was accustomed to.

Bobby snorted.

"WE are going after a shape shifter. And how is it you have never run into one? What were you sheltered?"

Now it was Buffy's turn to snort.

Thoughts of fighting Turok han ran through her head.

"Does waving pom poms in high school count?" Buffy joked.

"It will if you don't get your ass over here and open a damn book!"

"You fought this type of monstie and you want me to read a book?"



"Because I said so."

"Why?" Buffy asked with a rarely found honest sense of humor.

Bobby growled.

"Because if you hadn't of noticed it had a friend."

Buffy started to sway back and forth with a smile on her face.

"Oh, you mean you never went up against a Vampire before? My, you must have been sheltered." Buffy teased the gruff hunter.


"Vampire. V-A-M-P-I-R-E. Vampire. Goes grrr and has blood breath."

"Vampires don't exist." Bobby stubbornly replied.

"No, that's Leprechauns and the Easter Bunny. Vampires, though, have been around a loooong time. Now, that has been sorted through can we go kill some baddies? I'm bored."

Bobby stared at her before he decided she wasn't full of shit.

"How do WE kill vampires?" Bobby asked Buffy.

"A stake of the heart, holy water, decapitation, and sunlight work. Now, how about that shape shifter?"

"Anything with silver does the trick." Bobby answered.

Buffy nodded her head and quickly made up her mind.

"Let's go hunting."

With that statement, Buffy knew things would change.
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