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Gilmore Girls Ficlets

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Summary: Ficlets from the Gilmore Girls mostly starring Lorelai, non-crossover as of this time! Fic 2: Life's Mishaps!

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1# It wasn’t that Lorelai couldn’t cook at all!

Ficlet 1: It wasn’t that Lorelai couldn’t cook!

It wasn’t that Lorelai couldn’t cook.

Over the years when she wasn’t getting meals from the Inn’s kitchen, she had made simple easy to make and relatively healthy meals for herself and the still growing Rory.

And no matter what others thought of her she didn’t survive on just junk food alone, no matter how good it tasted.

And, no!

Lorelai’s trouble with cooking was largely to do with a lack of interest in the Art itself. Basically she would get distracted by something, anything that she found more interesting at the time.

Then when she returned back to the stove later, having suddenly remembered what she was doing; smoke would be billowing from the oven where she'd been trying to cook a frozen pizza, or the bum would have been burnt out of the double tiered saucepan that she was attempting to steam frozen Dim Sims in.

Those poor, poor saucepans, all dying bravely after short mostly unused lives.

Even getting some basic cooking lessons hadn’t helped at all, eggs would be splattered on floors or other places they shouldn't have been able to get.

Not to forget that memorable time when Lorelai had struggled to set the bowl properly in the professional chefs’ mixer that Sookie owned. When it had been turned on the flour had ended up spread half way through the kitchen, covering both women so much in the process that they looked like ghosts.

The one positive from that unsuccessful lesson had came from when Lorelai was making her way home after the lesson. She’d managed to scare the bejesus out of that fraidy-cat Kirk when he'd seen her, artificially pale features taking on an unnatural hue in the moonlight. He’d ran away in terror at the sight of her. Lorelai hadn’t been able to stop snickering when she later heard him going on about seeing a ghost.

It didn’t bother Lorelai that she wasn't a cook, or a chef.

Especially when she had friends like Sookie who absolutely loved to cook and who was always willing to share her creations with friends, family and strangers. And being one of the first people to taste test Sookie's new cooking creations was a bonus of their friendship that Lorelai most definitely loved.

And then there was Luke.

He who fed her the junk food!

He who was her Coffee Angel!

Luke who fed Lorelai and provided her with that heavenly elixir known as Coffee, despite his disapproval about how unhealthy both were for her.

No, it definitely didn’t bother Lorelai at all that she wasn’t the best cook out there.

Although every now and then, regardless of her better judgment and previous experience warning her not to, Lorelia did get the urge to try her hand at cooking once again.

Why she never listened to the inner voice that warned her against it each of those times was beyond her.

Like now!

Shaking her head in dismay Lorelai looked at the charred bum of yet another Saucepan. Then held it over the open bin and murmured in a resigned tone.

“He did not live long Saucy Pan the Fifteenth, valiantly giving up his life in an attempt at cooking noodles. Forever may he rest in peace with his fellow compatriots!” She turned on the old tape deck sitting beside her and Taps began to play. She lowered him carefully into the bin and saluted.

The End!

The cooking disasters mentioned in this ficlet are all real and I will admit that I have actually committed them myself. Long live poor Saucy, he actually survived longer than any Saucepan I have previously owned.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gilmore Girls, love the show but don't own it and make no financial gain from playing with Amy Sherman-Palladino's much loved characters!
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