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Is it Love or Evil?

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Summary: Summary: Buffy is sent to the future when Wyatt rules the world. Will true love save Wyatt from evil? AU Revamping a previous story

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherNoturHeroFR15710,9040122,2598 Oct 118 Oct 11No

Battle Preparations

Buffy was oblivious to the drama that was happening between Wyatt and Chris. Their differences meant nothing to a slayer who knew that all of their lives hung in the balance. If the demons won tonight, the First Evil would arise and end the world. Buffy would stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. Losing was not an option.

After warning Wyatt about the demons that were going to attack, Buffy quickly shimmered to Sunnydale under the Christmas tree lot. In her vision from The Powers moments ago, she knew that there was a weapon that she needed to have. It was a scythe that was forged for her alone. It belonged to the chosen one. If she did not have that weapon within twenty-five minutes, many magical beings would die this night. Armed with a stake, a crossbow, and a sword, the Slayer silently walked through the tunnel. The last thing that she needed was to be discovered too early.

A few minutes later, Buffy spotted four uber vamps guarding an area above a trap door. With her new knowledge, she knew that her stake and crossbow would be useless against these vampires. Buffy knew that even master vampires feared these super vamps. ‘At least I brought a sword.’ The Slayer thought grimly. It was now or never.

Buffy shimmered in between all four uber vamps taking them by surprise. The Slayer was rewarded with her effort when she quickly decapitated two of them at once. Buffy dropped to the ground while kicking the one on her right sending the uber vamp sprawling against the wine vats across the room. In that time the other vamp made a move for her throat; Buffy quickly rolled to the right avoiding certain death. It was time to come up with another tactic. There was no time to waste.

Buffy could have hit herself in the head at the obvious plan of attack that she had not utilized yet. Even though these super vamps are immune to her witch powers, it did not mean that she could not manipulate objects around them. Concentrating on the wood from the crates surrounding the room, Buffy telekinetically separated and flung thousands of pieces of wood towards the vamps. Unfortunately, it would not kill them; however, it had given Buffy a much-needed distraction.

The Slayer vanquished the vamp that had almost killed her with a powerful thrust of her sword though his neck as she was running towards the trap door. The other uber vamp was only inches from her when she dove through the trap door that had disappeared seconds before due to her projection power. The Slayer easily landed on the ground immediately taking off running towards the shinny red and silver scythe that was humming with power. It was embedded in stone much like the infamous Excalibur. ‘I can’t wait to tell Wyatt that he isn’t all that special anymore.’ Buffy thought with some amusement despite the urgency of the situation.

During her brief distraction, the uber vamp was on her and punched her through the wall. If she were not a slayer, Buffy would have been knocked out. As the vamp stalked over towards her, the witch-slayer shimmered in front of the weapon. Without hesitation, she pulled the scythe out of the stone with ease. The power that ran through her was ancient and primal. After checking her watch, Buffy had only five minutes before she had to arrive at P3. Buffy shimmered to the club without much time to waste.

Twenty-five minutes earlier, Wyatt summoned his most lethal allies to P3. Twenty leaders of the most powerful demons, warlocks, and witches on his side were in his office. It was time to organize an army.

“As you know, I have summoned you regarding the other demonic threat. There will be an attack in twenty minutes.” Wyatt calmly announced.

“How do you know that?” Elena, his ex-girlfriend and powerful witch asked.

“A recent ally of mine has foreseen it. There is no doubt.” Wyatt glared at his ex.

“What do you need us to do King Wyatt?” Zen asked. He was the leader of the most influential demonic cult in the world.

Wyatt got up from his chair and paced. “What I need from all of you is at least twenty of your most accomplished warriors. If all of you can do that, we will have at least 400 magic users on our side.

“How many demons will there be?” Elena demanded.

Wyatt glared at his spiteful ex-girlfriend. “There will be about one thousand.”

There were a few concerned murmurs after that announcement. The last thing Wyatt needed was to have his generals afraid before the battle began.

“We will be fine. Chris and his group are also organizing as we speak. There is also another surprise that will help us win easily.” Wyatt gave the group his trade mark smirk.

“What surprise is that King Wyatt?” Elena asked curiously.

“We have ourselves a slayer.” Wyatt waited for the expected gasps. He wasn’t disappointed.

“All of you gather up your forces. I need everyone in place in ten minutes.” Wyatt dismissed everyone.

Wyatt stormed out of his office looking for Chris. He found his brother meeting with his own forces by the bar. As Wyatt walked over to him, Chris’s allies noticeably tensed up.

“Chris, tell your people that I won’t kill them today.” Wyatt glibly told Chris. “Are you ready for an attack?”

For the most part, they looked away from him. Only Bianca glared at him. That was why she used to be one of his best assassins. She was not afraid of anyone. Buffy was like that. No one could intimidate her either.

“We have two hundred fighters that will be here within the next five minutes.” Chris informed his brother.

“That’s it! Why only two hundred?” Wyatt demanded.

Chris looked away from his brother for a moment. “Some of my generals think that this is a trap that you have set up. No more than that will come.”

Wyatt stared at Chris incredulously. “Here I thought that you were The Resistance Leader.”

“Enough, we don’t have time for this. Who is this slayer and which one is she?” Chris demanded.

Wyatt raised his eyebrow at Chris. Before he could answer, Buffy shimmered in with an ancient looking weapon.

A/N: That is how far I've gotten. If you have an idea for this fic review, I'll update faster. If you think I shouldn't bother, that OK just don't be to mean about. I would like an idea of how many of you would like to see this continue. Thanks for reading :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Is it Love or Evil?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 11.

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