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Is it Love or Evil?

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Summary: Summary: Buffy is sent to the future when Wyatt rules the world. Will true love save Wyatt from evil? AU Revamping a previous story

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Charmed > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherNoturHeroFR15710,9040122,2598 Oct 118 Oct 11No

Leaving Sunnyhell

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Charmed.

Explanations: AU Buffy is a hereditary witch, her powers were bound until the summer of 1998 when Joyce found out that she was The Slayer. The big bads that Buffy has faced in this story are Lothos, the Master, and the Judge. Angel does not exist in this AU since it would complicate my story. Also, the Mayor plot didn't exist, nor was there a second slayer. Buffy's powers are telekinesis, astral projection, thought projection, invincibility, telepathy, conjuring, the four elements, shimmering, energy balls, and fire balls. These demonic powers are due to the slayer essence. Joyce's powers are telekinesis and projection. Hank died when Buffy was 2 years old in a car accident; he was a witch that had the power of the four elements. Even though I rated this story as FR15, if you can watch Buffy or Charmed, you can read this story.

"Buffy, Leo just told me that you are weak because the council injected you with a serum that took away your slayer powers. Those rat bastards would have you fight a vampire without your powers! The council considers it as a rite of passage given to slayers when they turn eighteen." Joyce angrily explained to a pissed off slayer-witch.

"What, haven't I done enough for them, the world? Who did this to me and how could I have been injected with this serum without knowing of it?" Buffy exclaimed pacing around like a caged tiger.

"Apparently, you were in a trance induced by an amethyst crystal. Don't be angry with Mr. Giles since a demon possessed him in order to do it."

"He was possessed! How could I have not have noticed that? How long was Giles, not Giles?"

"Buffy, Mr. Giles was only possessed long enough to give the injections. The poor man is not even aware of what has happened."

"Well, that is something at least." Buffy sighed with relief. Giles was like a father to her since her biological one had died when she was two years old.

"There is more I need to tell you Buffy. This test was designed to tell the council if a slayer is a witch. If they don't know now, they will unless you do what the Elders say." Joyce explained to Buffy.

Joyce was not only furious with the Watchers Council; she was angry with the Elders as well for taking advantage of the situation.

It was hard to believe that it's been only 6 months since Buffy had received her powers and learned the craft. It also amazed her how well Buffy had developed and controlled her extensive powers. Along with being a slayer, Buffy is the most powerful witch in the world. 'I'm going to miss my baby' Joyce thought sadly.

Buffy was stunned to say the least, yet she knew that she could process all of this later. "Earth to Mom, what did the Elders say?" she asked knowing that information was power.

"The Charmed Ones have just been constituted and Piper's son in the future is the Source of all evil. Wyatt rules the entire world and kills anyone who opposes him. Also, he's King Arthur re-incarnated." Joyce paused while taking a sip of water.

Buffy sat there speechless.

"They want to send you to the future and all I can tell you is that love is the answer." Joyce said cryptically.

"What kind of answer is that!" Buffy yelled annoyed that the so-called higher powers had to be so damn cryptic. "What kind of powers does he have? Is he stronger than me?" Buffy demanded. "What would happen if I stayed here?"

"All I know is that there is some prophecy concerning both you and Wyatt. Buffy, without you the world will be forever in darkness. Wyatt is more powerful than you."

"What another prophecy! The last prophecy concerning me I died! How am I supposed to win, love him to death?" Buffy sarcastically replied.

"Buffy, you didn't let me finish. If you go to the future, all of your powers will become much stronger than they are now. You will be Wyatt's equal. However, try to avoid a confrontation with Wyatt until you are comfortable with the power increase." Joyce paused while looking at Buffy. When she saw that she had her daughter’s attention, Joyce continued speaking.

"Wyatt's powers are telekinesis, astral projection, invincibility, forcefield generation, telepathy, molecular statis, molecular combustion, premonition, conjuring, energy balls, fire balls, orbing, and shimmering. He also has other powers associated with his being half white-lighter, The Source of all Evil, and the wielder of Excalibur."

Buffy nodded her head in acknowledgment while waiting to hear the rest.

"According to the Elders, the Watchers Council would have you executed if they discovered your witch status. The Source of all evil is the head of the council since the organization had become corrupt."

"It doesn't look like I have much choice, does it? Mom, wouldn't the council try to kill me in the future? Where will I live? Can anyone come with me? Will the Elders at least let me say goodbye to Giles and my friends?" The slayer rambled due to being agitated.

"Sweetie, the council has been destroyed in the future; you don't have to worry about them. The Elders will give you a safe place to live and train since you are so important. They need you focused on your mission. The Elders also say that this prophecy does not predict your death this time. I can't come with you, it's not my destiny. As far as saying goodbye to your friends, it would put them in danger since the council will question all of us while under a truth spell. If the source found out where and when you were, he would send assassins after you." Joyce sadly informed her daughter.

"How would you pass the truth test mom? Since you know what has happened, wouldn't you be in danger?" Buffy astutely inquired.

"I won't be in any danger since Leo will alter my memory. When it's safe, after the council is destroyed, I'll get my memories back." Joyce explained. "The Elders have refused to alter Mr. Giles and your friends memories since it is too dangerous for mortals and they have their own destiny. Until your mission is complete, you can not contact anyone from your life." Joyce informed her daughter with a breaking heart.

That is when a large blue portal opened up behind them in their living room. The two witches see this and they embraced.

"I love you, never forget that. I'll always be there." Joyce told her daughter with tears in her eyes.

"I love you mom. At least I'm not supposed to die again." Buffy bravely said for her mother’s sake while the portal was bursting with hurricane forced winds. At that moment the portal snatched up Buffy and sent her to the future and her new destiny.
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