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Bel Amour

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Summary: Buffy is sent back to her home dimension as a wizarding half-Veela witch during the time a Mr. Tom Riddle is a student. AU

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Tom Riddle/Voldemort
Charmed > Buffy-Centered
NoturHeroFR1512,2980101,6138 Oct 118 Oct 11No
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Charmed, or Harry Potter.

~This story contains part of the Buffy episode Becoming part 2 with my own twist.

"Mom, we are witches. How can being a slayer wig you out so much?" Buffy was quickly losing her patience. There was no time to waste. She turns away from her mother and starts to walk off.

"Don't you dare leave this house!" Buffy hesitates by the door. "You don't get to just dump something like this on me and pretend it's nothing!"

"I'm sorry, Mom, but I don't have time for this." Buffy opens the front door ready to leave.

"No! There are witches that can take care of this. We need to call the Elders. Let them deal with this."

Buffy turned around to face her mother with an annoyed look on her face. "I told you. I'm a Vampire Slayer."

"This is nonsense. You are only 17 years old! Let someone else save the world." Joyce added stubbornly.

"No one else could Mom! If I do not go, the world will be sucked into hell!" Buffy snapped at her mom. "What I need is for you to chill. I have to go!"

"No. I am not letting you out of this house."

"You can't stop me." Buffy responded.

"You walk out of this house, don't even think about coming back!"

All of a sudden the entire room froze. Buffy had the powers of fire, telekinesis, and premonitions. She did not have the power to freeze. Besides, good witches did not freeze. That was when an old man in white and gold robes appeared in front of her.

“Who the hell are you? What have you done to my mother?” Buffy demanded.

“I have not come to harm you. I am the Angel of Destiny. When you died last year, you fulfilled your destiny in this world."

“Wait a minute. Are you saying that I don’t have to be The Slayer anymore?”

“No you do not, However there is another world, your world, that needs your help. There is a community of witches and wizards that are hidden from the world. They use wands to channel their magic.”

“You have got to be kidding me! Why would a community of witches and wizards need my help? Can’t they take care of themselves? Besides, I don’t know wand magic.” Buffy retorted.

"There is a powerful young man that needs your help. Tom Riddle, the Deputy Headmaster Albus Dumbledore is trying to turn him into a Dark Lord. The true Dark Lord is Dumbledore.

“What! How am I supposed to stop this? Do I even have wizarding magic? What will happen with Angelus and Acathla.. What about my family and friends?” Buffy demanded.

“I can not tell you everything. Buffy, you have wizarding magic since your real mother and father is a Veela and wizard.”

“What! Who are my parents? What is a Veela?” Buffy yelled.

“You will find out. Also, you are not really 17. Joyce did a spell that aged you two years. We will reverse the spell and give you the knowledge that you will need."

"I'm only 15!" Buffy exclaimed. "That makes certain things not of the good." The Slayer thought of her one night with Angel.

“The situation with Angelus will revert to how it would have happened if you had stayed dead. It was his destiny to stop Acathla. This will be changed. Your mother, watcher, and friends will be safe. It is time to go.” The Angel took her hand.

"Does that mean I am a virgin? Will my memories be different?"

"Yes, you fortunately will be a virgin. As a magical creature, it is important to wait for your mate. You will know everything about that when you go. As far as your memories are concerned you will lose those of this world and gain a full set of the memories that you should have had if you were allowed to stay in your home world. As far as your mission is concerned you will be close to Mr Riddle and wary of Professor Dumbledore on instinct."

"Can't I at least say good-bye?" Buffy asked resigned. Altering her destiny would mean that Jenny would still be alive. Kendra would also be alive. Her mother and friends would not be hurt because of her.

"I am sorry, you can not. If they found out that you were alive, worse things would happen." The angel added ominously. "Also, No one will know that you are a wiccan witch."

"Where am I going?" Buffy asked. "How will I explain my wiccan powers?"

"As far as your telekinesis is concerned you'll believe it is wandless magic, your fire elemental is a Veela power, and your premonitions will make you a true seer there. I am taking you to Hogwarts. It is a school for witchcraft and wizardry. You are a French refugee during a wizarding war Now, hold on tight.”

Within seconds, Buffy was standing in front of a large castle with memories of her new life quickly replacing her old ones. She only had
knowledge of this life as a half veela witch who was the top student at Beauxbatons Academy. With her mid-back length silvery hair and glowing emerald green eyes, she would catch the attention of all the boys immediately. This fact did not please her at all. The only man she wanted to look at her that way was her mate. 'Not that I've met this elusive mate yet' Belle Delacour thought wistfully. 'At least maman and Papa are safe across the pond.'
A large trunk that had contained her school supplies, with her very own library, and the latest French Wizarding Fashions was resting by her feet. 'Who said you can not be smart and look good.' Belle thought with a smirk.

Checking her wand-holster for her wand, she was pleased to see how quickly she can reach her wand. Belle's wand was Ebony with a veela hair, her mamans, as her core.

“Hello, Miss Delacour I have been expecting you. I am Armando Dippet, the Headmaster of Hogwarts.” The wizard greeted her with a welcoming smile that had reached his eyes.

“You have been expecting me, sir?” Belle asked calmly. "I was concerned since it was last minute."

“Of course, my dear. It’s not every day that we receive a transfer student from Beauxbatons. Ah, and top of your class as well, speaking fluent English, most impressive young lady. The Welcoming Feast is about to begin. We will have you sorted now.” Dippit informed her merrily as he led the way to The Great Hall.

Belle followed Dippit's lead throughout the castle while watching where she was going. It may lack the splendor of the Palais de Beauxbâtons, however the castle had its own charm. It seemed to go on forever with many ancient artifacts adorning it as if it were a mere decoration.

Dippit stopped walking when they reached two large doors. If Belle was not paying attention, she would have shamefully bumped into him. Unfortunately as a half-veela, she needed to keep alert at all times. For centuries veelas have been raped and used as sex slaves. Belle would fight to her death to prevent that from happening. 'The only man who will ever touch me as a lover will be my mate.' Belle thought resolutely.

"All of the students and teachers are already inside. The first years have just been sorted. The students, the males especially, will be most intrigued with you young lady. If you have any problems, come to me or a student in your year Tom Riddle, a prefect, would be the best student to go to if you need anything." Professor Dippit winked at her before he opened the door for them.

There were hundreds of students and teachers already seated. Every eye was on her. Apparently it was not every day that the headmaster himself escorted a student into The Great Hall. ' Who am I kidding, they would stare anyway for just being a veela.' Belle thought with irritation as she walked to the front of the hall with Dippit.

"I would like to introduce a transfer student from Beauxbatons. Miss. Delacour will be a fifth year student where she was the very best in her school in France. I expect that everyone will welcome her to Hogwarts." There were even more excited whispers after the announcement.

"Albus, let's have Miss. Delacour sorted." Dippit asked his deputy headmaster before he sat down. For a split second, her instincts were warning her that this man was not only dangerous, but evil. 'I need to be on guard with him.' Fortunately, Dumbledore did not notice since he was turned around getting the sorting hat.

One person did notice Belle's reaction before she put a pleasant mask on her face and it was none other than Tom Riddle who thought that the beautiful new student just got even more interesting than she already was.

"Please have a seat and place the hat on your head." The professor told her.

Belle picked up the black hat before she sat down on the wooden stool. Ignoring everybody else, she placed it on her head.

'Ahh a veela, well half veela. Very interesting, Rowena would consider you to be her crown jewel. Your intellect and wisdom combined with a strong desire to learn. However that is not a perfect fit for you. You understand that not all knowledge comes from a book and authority figures need to earn trust and respect. Slytherin now what is this. I am not going to spoil the surprise. It is apparent that you plan to use your knowledge to achieve your goals. Not knowledge for knowledge sake, hmm. There is cunning yes, good thing since it would not go well for you if Dumbledore was aware that you are on to him. There is someone in your future house that will need your help against him. Please be careful and not let that man know you are involved with taking him down until it is to late ' The sorting warned her telepathically.

'Is there anything Hogwarts can do to protect us? Any advice, perhaps?' Belle asked seriously..

'Lady Hogwarts said since you asked , she will not allow Albus to spy on either of you .He will only see what he expects to see. If either of you are in serious danger, she will intervene only if your companion asks for help' The hat was silent for a minute. 'Wandless magic at your age and a true seer, absolutely extraordinary!' The hat said excitingly. Only let your mate know of those abilities Miss Delacour.'

'Of course, I am not an idiot.' Belle felt silly for feeling indignant at a hat of all things.

That hat chuckles reverberated throughout the hall. The students, one especially, and faculty were curious about the French beauty.

'Well Well, I need to sort you. Please feel free to chat with me during the year. As much as I would love the conversation, I would like to help you as well'

''Thanks Mr Hat.'

'Call me Adrian sweet cheeks. It better be SLYTHERIN!'

Belle gracefully got up and placed Adrian on the stool before she walked over to the table of green and silver on the far left of the hall. Belle was pleased that she received a pleasant welcome from the males and females in the house. After her veela powers emerged last year, she lost all of her friends out of jealousy. 'I will start over here.' Belle thought optimistically.
As she was looking for a seat a space cleared by a very attractive boy who looked to be in her year. Belle quietly took her seat and waited for introductions. It would be most uncouth to announce herself after all.

Everyone that she could see kept glancing at the handsome boy besides her; therefore, he must be the leader in our year. This assumption turned out to be correct when a moment later he introduced himself.
He gently took her hand and kissed the back of it like a perfect gentleman. "It is a pleasure meeting you Miss. Delacour. My name is Tom Riddle a prefect for our year. If you need anything let me know."

Belle couldn't help but think that this young man had made charm an art form. If that wasn't enough, her magic was excited and was almost reaching for Mr. Riddle. Belle would have to think on this later since she needed to be composed.

Without missing a beat, Belle finished the introduction. "It is lovely meeting you as well Mr. Riddle. Besides not knowing my way around the castle, I can not think of anything I need at the moment." Belle replied with a smile.

Tom not one to be known for missing an opportunity immediately said " I would love to give you a tour after breakfast in the morning. We do not have classes tomorrow being it is Saturday Miss Delacour."

"Thank you, I appreciate you taking your free time to show me around. Please call me Belle."

Tom gave her a beaming smile. "Then I insist that you call me Tom."

Unknown to them, the castle was hiding their interaction from those who would wish them harm or interfere in any way.

A/N: If you recognize this story from years ago, I am impressed since I changed it to the point that it is hardly recognizable. Please review and tell me what you think. Please Please Please review I'd like to know your opinions, thoughts and ideas. P.S. The title means Beautiful Love in French. I'll have translations for any French spoken. I'll keep it to a minimum since I do not want it to take away from the story.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bel Amour" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Oct 11.

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