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Quest and Serenity

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hunter knight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Serenity leaves the ruins of Krypton searching for any other surviving Kryptonions, so of course Earth is their first stop. edited 12-10-11

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So here it is. the last chapter of Quest and Serenity. i just want to thank everyone who has read the whole thing. and everyone who has reviewed or reccamended it.
I hope you will continue on.

It was the calm that always comes before the storm. Those precious few seconds that pass before the two sides meet and the battle starts.

Adria finds herself thinking of her home. Krypton long lost to the past. She realizes that this world is quite similar to it. And she can't bear the thought of the Goa'uld destroying another planet.

She turns and looks at Hunter the man that, it dawns on her, she truly loves. He is closed lipped about his past but she knows all she needs to, he is a warrior and he would protect her with his dieing breath.

She turns her gaze back to the targeting array, and for a moment wishes that she had been under the yellow sun for a few weeks longer, then she would have flight and her other powers.

Hunter thinks back to his time on that desolate world. In a way he was happy there, it was a simple life. He wouldn't trade a single moment with Adria, the woman he knew deep in his heart he loved.

His mind shies away from older memories, memories of family left behind. They would think him dead, all the better for them.

He looks out to the ship they stand protecting and the fleet swiftly coming their way.The small transport continues drilling through the ice, Hunter spares a thought to pray to the old gods, that whatever they are after will be worth what is about to come.

Suddenly the fleet converges on them, and the battle commences. Hunter maneuvers them through the attacking ships with the skill of a maestro, as Adria fires the weapons with unerring accuracy. All this time the other ship continues the drilling. Suddenly it hits pay-dirt. A massive ice shelf collapses beneath them, revealing a massive structure beneath the ice. It had the distinctive crystalline structure so distinctive of Kryptonian architecture, but it wasn't solely a Kryptonian complex, upon closer inspection the art deco designs of Alterin buildings, the smooth lines of the Asguard, and even the plantlike work of the Nox, peeking out between the Kryptonian structures. This was once the location of the coalition of planets. At the time of the coalition the Kryptonians had been known as the Ferlings.

The Prometheus had been in dry-dock. The human Asguard alliance had born new fruit in better power management tech and sensors. The modifications were underway when the Goa'uld fleet appeared over the planet. The lone earth ship was quickly manned and relaunched toward the Antarctic to aid SG-1.

Daniel Jackson had finally managed to translate an obscure Ancient text which they had discovered on a distant planet hinting at an outpost of some kind hidden beneath the ice. SG-1 had been captured trying to go home through the gate, but had managed to escape stealing a small Goa'uld transport. Carter had managed some upgrades on the quick trip home, increasing the engine output and turning the ring transporter into a crude drill.

The Prometheus launched, it took all of seconds to reach the location of the battle but with the time it took to get the ship back in the air the came to a battle already joined. The earth ship found an unknown vessel defending the ship containing SG-1 fighting a seemingly endless stream of Goa'uld ships, over a great gorge which contained a clearly alien city.

Quickly the Prometheus joins in the battle launching it's x-302 fighters as it comes to a stop above the strange vessel.

The battle rages on as SG-1's ship descends into the city hoping they can find Earths' salvation before it's to late.

All this time the lone Kryptonian ship had been fairing well against overwhelming odds. But their luck soon runs out. A stray blast from one of the attacking ships, wings the craft and they start losing altitude. Hunter guides as best as you can guide a crashing ship into the landing pad of the newly revealed city. They come to a screeching halt next to the small transport they had been defending.

Hunter quickly unlatches his harness and checks on Adria. He quickly sees that she is unharmed. He grabs a bag and two rifles tossing one to Adria they exit the ship and make a run for the entrance to the Ancient complex

"This place looks Kryptonian" says Hunter as they pause for a moment.

"That's because it is, this is the lost outpost" says Adria.

"It have weapons?"


"Good." They continue on and come to what appears to be a control room. It is occupied by for people in uniform. Three men and a woman. They quickly raise their weapons as Hunter and Adria come into sight.

"Stand down, we're here to help" says Hunter drawing a bead on the apparent leader. The leader turns to the man wearing glasses.

"They don't look like snake heads."

"No." The leader turns back to Hunter and Adria.

"You the people from the ship?"


"Cool" says the leader lowering his weapon.

"Hunter" he says says introducing himself, he points to Adria "Adria"

"Jack" says the man pointing to himself.

"Sam, Daniel, Tealc" he continues introducing the rest.

"SG-1" he finishes.

"You know what your looking for" asks Hunter gesturing to the console.

"Not exactly" says the woman introduced as Sam.

"Adria" asks Hunter.

"Maybe." Adria moves over to the controls and starts looking through the files.

"How- you know the system" asks Sam?

"It's old but not all that different from the version I trained on."

"You're an Ancient?"

"No they were before even my time, just be thankful my people designed the computer systems of this outpost. Here it is" she says bringing up a map highlighting a room and the way to it from their current location.

"If there are weapons capable of destroying this fleet it will be there." Hunter drops his bag to the ground and checks over his weapon.

"Adria their ground troops will have to come through here?"


"I'll hold, find what we need." Adria quickly crosses the room and pulls Hunter into a kiss.

"You die I'll kill you."

"Yes mam" says Hunter with a mocking salute. At this time jack has turned to the rest of the team.

"Sam, Danny boy, go with the blond and see what you can find. We'll stay and hold here with Scarface."

"Sir" says Sam pausing for a moment.

"Just find what we're after. See you soon." The Jaffa and the colonel take up positions flanking the doorway. Jack is surprised to see that the man who called himself Hunter stripping, jack is about to ask if he's lost it when the man opens his bag and pulls out heavy armor.

Hunter had spent weeks back on Krypton making his new armor. In his time with Rashan he had learned many of the Yautja beliefs and taken many as his own, foremost among these is that your armor is an extension of yourself, a piece of your soul, your identity.

He looks down at the sigil burned into his right bicep, Rashan had marked him with it after his first kill.

He had made his armor from both the skins of his many kills back on the homeworld of those creatures, and Rashans' armor. He had also grafted in elements of Kryptonian tech and metals. He quickly dons the heavy armor, carefully sealing each piece and activating thew electronics. He had replaced the shoulder mounted plasma caster with twin wrist mounted energy blasters, He had made other modifications as well minor and great.

"Don't suppose you brought a few more of those did you" asks jack as Hunter straps his ever present sword to his back.

"Sorry just the one. What are we expecting from the Goa'uld."

"They will send many Jaffa and super soldiers" says Tealc.

"Super soldiers?"

"Formidable warriors loyal to the Goa'uld Anubis. They are great warriors and very difficult to kill as they wear armor and have shielding capable of stopping most weapons."

"Sound like fun" says Hunter grinning behind his very Yautja looking mask.

"I must ask you Hunter. You wear armor much like that of those known as the Yautja?"

"I was adopted."

"Then it will be a honer to fight beside such a great warrior" says Tealc inclining his head for a moment.

"Yautja" asks Jack?

"Yes a race of warrior hunters much feared by the Gua'uld. It is said that once Heruer tried to capture one and lost three battalions."

"How many were they fighting" asks jack curious of the passable new alli."One adolescent Yautja"

"I think we'll be needing to meet the Yautja" says Jack with a grin.

"They already know about you" says Hunter taking up his own flanking position.



"Camera shy?"

"Not all that sociable, and they don't get along with many." The conversation is cut off by the rings on the landing dock activating. As soon as the Jaffa fully materialize the three warriors open fire. Tealc with his staff, jack with his P-90, and Hunter with his Kryptonian rifle. They keep firing as more and more of the troops ring down. They are even holding their own until a transport manages to wind it's way through the air battle still raging above the Ancient outpost.

It lands and disgorges hundreds of Jaffa.They rush the three warriors and try to overwhelm them hand to hand.

Hunter has now switched to his blade intermittently dispersing an energy blast from his blasters as he creates a ring of death around him. Jack's P-90 had long ago run out of ammo Hunter had given him his rifle, he now putts it through it's paces finding himself back to back with Tealc.

They can't hold much longer, please let the others have found their salvation.

At this time Adria Sam and Daniel have found their way to the weapons room. Adria sees devices she had only heard of in history books, usable but antiquated by modern Kryptonian standards.

She goes to a shelf containing a single vial of a yellowish liquid and seeing the other two are occupied by the readouts pockets one. She recognizes the liquid, a drug known as burnout among Kryptonians, a drug which makes a Kryptonians powers vast though they are become almost godlike for a time, but it was forbidden among her people for the terrible price it exacts on it's user.

Adria quickly goes over to help Daniel and Sam. They have managed to bring up the power levels of the base. It is as she feared, the eons that had passed since the base was in use had robbed the power cells, they didn't have the power to activate even the drones, the most basic of the many weapons the four races had equipped the base with.

Adria pauses for a moment knowing what she had to do wishing their was another way, few survived taking burnout, fewer still retained their minds. She grasps the vial and turns her back to the two humans.

"Please, would you tell Hunter something for me" she asks in a weak voice.

"What? We don't have time we need to figure out a way to activate the weapons."

"Please tell him he was always the one" she says drinking the liquid a tear slipping out of her eye.

"Tell him he was the love of my life." She suddenly seems to burst with light. Energy pours off of her, so much that she can't contain it. She feels her feet lifting off the ground. She can barley control it all she can do is try to point it.

Faster then a speeding bullet, no, almost faster then light the Kryptonian rockets off. In a single instant she passes over Hunter and the other two members of SG-1, in that moment all of the Jaffa seem to disappear as they are hit with enough energy to instantly vaporise the troops. She races through the areal battle destroying all of the Goa'uld ships locked in deadly combat with the earth ship.

She breaks the atmosphere and attacks the fleet in orbit. In a single moment the ships seem to simply disappear, atomized by the vast amount of energy pored through them by the lone Kryptonian.

Adria tries to stop tries to dissipate the energy trying to destroy her from within. The last though that goes through her head is that she isn't ready to die.

End chapter2


Hunter looks up at the sky to see the great flash of power in the upper atmosphere. The only word he can comprehend, the only intelligible thought he can form is "no".

So here ends this chapter of the Hunter Knight verse. Adria fans please reserve judgment until reading the upcoming Battles and History.

The End

You have reached the end of "Quest and Serenity". This story is complete.

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