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Quest and Serenity

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hunter knight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Serenity leaves the ruins of Krypton searching for any other surviving Kryptonions, so of course Earth is their first stop. edited 12-10-11

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsbuffaloFR1855,7630115,1969 Oct 1114 Nov 11Yes

among the ruins

So here is the first chapter of story two of Hunter Knight. just a few things to start. I do not own Smallville, Stargate, BtVS, or AvP, oh a prize to the one who catches the Farscape reference (i also do not own Farscape).
AN(12/4/11) I'm currently looking for a beta. If you're at all interested please Email me you can find the Email like on my profile.

Adria played by Jessica Alba.
Hunter/John Casey played by Adam Baldwin.



Adria and Hunter

The ascended being know as Cordelia watches. She has been keeping her eye on Adria and Hunter more and more of late.
The days of destiny are fast approaching now.
soon john Casey, the man now called Hunter would embrace his destiny.

It has been three weeks since Hunter and Adria found Krypton in ruins. They have spent the time trying to find what had happened.
They found their way into what was once the Central command of the planets' military. The Kryptonians were at war during their last days, at war with the Goa'uld. The details were sketchy but it seemed that the Kryptonians more then had the false gods outmatched. In fact the Goa'uld had barely any chance of winning at all, that is until the sent a bio agent through the gate. Every Kryptonian died. Adria only survived because she was in stasis.

She was in a ship on what should have been a three or four day journey, but something went wrong and Adria was forced to use the escape pod.
She drifted for years. When the two of them went through the records they found the date. Adria had been in stasis for close to three hundred years.

Hunter walks through a once great hall. The building was at one time the headquartered of the Kryptonian government.
He comes to the throne room. he enters to find Adria is standing before the throne, in her hands she hold a sword.

"Once this room was the seat of all power on this planet. Dressed as you are the guards would probably shot you coming in." Hunter looks down at his cloths. He is dressed in a simple shirt and armored leather pants he had made from the hides of the alien creatures he had hunted for so many years. Strapped to his waist is his ever present sword, and a hand gun he had liberated from the armory.

"Good thing the guards aren't around then."

"You know I wasn't even in the line of succession for the throne, but now, seeing as I might be the only living Kryptonian" she turns to face Hunter holding the blade at the ready.

"Kneel brave warrior, and receive your reward." Not really sure what Adria is up to Hunter kneels before the young looking woman. She places the blade on his shoulder.

"With this blade, the blade possessed by every leader since the great unity war, the blade known a justice, I dub the sir Hunter.
A knight of Krypton.
Arise sir knight." Hunter gets back to his feet.

"Can't say I expected to be ending the day as a knight."

"I like to change expectations."

Hunter turns and looks around the room. It is a grand hall, stretching high above their heads. The walls are hung with tapestries seeming to denote the ruling houses.

"I have to say your people know how to build a palace" he turns back to Adria and grabs her hand

"come on I have something I want to show you."

Hunter had taken to exploring the city in the past days and had finally found something of great interest. It was in the old military district, still in dry dock. From the records he'd had managed to find it seemed that it was intended to be the flagship of the new armada the Kryptonians were building to fight the Goa'uld.
Small for a deep space craft it was instead built for speed and maneuverability, with enough guns to decimate small city.

Hunter leads Adria through the winding hallways to the dry dock. They come to a window, and Hunter pauses with his hand over a switch.

"Ready" he asks with a grin?"

"Come on already" she replies with a matching expression.

Hunter flips the switch and lights turn on in the great hanger before them. Adria feels a great awe overcome her as she looks upon the craft.
It has sleek lines betraying the speed she is built for, painted with the traditional blacks and grays of a military spacecraft. She finds herself falling in love with the craft.

Over the following weeks the two of them stock the ship with all the expect they will need in their coming journey. Weapons and food enough for over a year.
The time has come for them to leave. Adria knows that there have to be more of her people still alive out there, and Hunter,once he was named John Casey, a young man much like any other. he had dreams of serving his country, marrying his girlfriend. but even with most of his memories now returned to him, doesn't truly have anywhere else to go.
All his friends, his girl are dead. His town all he knew back on his planet, that small world called Earth, is gone. He has left his past to be what it is, the past. He is no longer the boy he once was, he relinquishes his name,he is John Casey no longer, he is Hunter now, protector to Adria last daughter of Krypton.

That night they find a bottle of Raslak. They drink into the night telling stories, of the past. The talk late into the night.
The following morning they awaken. Together, in bed, naked.

"Can't say I didn't want to but I kinda hopped I'd be remembering more of it" says Hunter laying back with an arm shielding his eyes from the red light of the sun.

"I have to agree. How much did we drink last night?"

"If I had to guess all of it."

"All of what?"

"All the alcohol left on the planet."

"Heh, It's possible. I haven't had a hangover this bad since this one time in school. I made a bet with a tasty looking soldier boy."

"Should I be jealous?"

"Technically it was over three hundred years ago so I think your safe" says Adria pulling a little closer to Hunter.

"Anyway I'd made this bet that I could drink him under the table."

"Did you win."

"Well I got him under the table" she says with a grin.

"I think I need to be jealous" says Hunter with a grin pulling Adria into a kiss.
It ends up taking another few days before they leave.


I am still in progress with minor rewrites throughout.
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