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The Truth about Potentials

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Slayer Who". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What one potential found out about what really happens to them if they are not chosen. while it is in the same verse as the rest of Slayer Who, you do not need to read the others to understand this.

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NCIS > GeneralLingAndFireFR711,257051,7689 Oct 119 Oct 11Yes
This is in the same verse as Slayer Who. This is to address the question about the potentials as we never really see any person who was not chosen but were trained. so, what happens to them. this is one take on what that is.

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS or Buffy or anything else profitable.

The Truth about Potentials

No one ever wonders what happens to potentials who didn't get chosen. Well, no one but the potentials and the slayer. The slayer is usually too busy trying to not die, and the potentials, well most of them don't wonder for too long. But one such potential did. What she found scared her more than being chosen. She did not find a single potential who survived beyond 19 years old. There were no pattern to the deaths, and they were obviously not engineered, but still to find out that the credentials for her being a possible slayer was that she would die anyway were freighting. But she was not the first potential to ever look at this, but she was the last. When the watchers counsel determined that she was no longer a potential, she put her plan of living into action. How did she do it you are wondering. Well lets just say it involved the Himalayans some trickery and a human heart. Because if there is one thing Hetti is good at it is keeping secrets.

So, it was a great surprise when the council who forgot she even existed contacted her, six months after their headquarters blew up. Asking to meet her was The Slayer. Hetti had traveled the world, knew more people than anyone ought to, but she had never actually met the slayer. So, of course she gave out the location of her top secret base of operations, for Miss Summers to come.

Buffy was excited, she was going to meet someone whom Giles had grown up with. It was seriously wiggy that only the slayers ever remembered her as being a potential. Giles could remember her, but he thought she had died. She also thought the whole code word phrase thing was kinda weird, but if that’s what needed to be done to ignore this out so be it. Buffy would be the best Pretend Drug Rep ever she was so much better at acting then she used to be. Of course she really had no idea what she was to be selling, well she could have read the hand out Willow had given her, but really it was just a code phrase its not like she needs to understand it. So, when the big black guy, who totally screamed military, answered the door she repeated it perfectly beaming the whole time.

"Hello, I'm here to see a Dr. Hetti ,I am her to see her about her women's clinic. We have an amazing new product, Sildenafil citrate."

He obviously was not clued in on the whole secret identity thing as he just stared at me.

After finally collecting himself "just wait here."

So, that left her cooling her heels, why do they call it that. Because seriously her heels were getting hotter not cooler. So, after forever a lady who was even shorter than Buffy was answered.

"Ah, Miss Summers, welcome if you would follow me to my office." even now when Buffy had been totally in the sun she did not offer a direct invite. Which Buffy nodded approvingly of.

Of course then there came the whole awkward silence as the walked to Hetti's office, which Buffy would just totally have to break.

"So, um what exactly do you do? I mean Wills said you were like a secret agent for some CSI thingy, but yeah...."

"Here we are, tea?"


"Sugar, cream?"

"1 scoop sugar, thanks"

Of course then it was sipping the tea.

"So, you knew Giles when he was a itty bitty" Buffy asked, she was so hoping to get some good stories on him.

"Rupert, yes his father was my watcher, until I turned 18 and was no longer considered a potential."

"Um, yeah he thought you died, and well then when we finally convinced him you were alive, he sort of forgot you were a potential, and then Wills and Andrew and all the other watchery people did too. Way freaky, so what's up with that?" she wasn't going to say that Xander and Dawn did remember, because they were sure that had to do with them and not this Hetti person.

Hetti took her time answering but finally did answer, with a freaking question? "Do you know what happens to the potentials that don't get chosen?"

"Um, well a little, but Merrick said they go off and do other stuff, and then I was too busy trying not to die that I sort of forgot. Well until we were looking for watchers and well I asked wills to look for former potentials thinking it would be good, but she can't find any and well something wiggy is going on and when dawn found you I thought I'd come talk to you."

Hetti looked thoughtful than finally answered. "you won't find any more. I looked into it when I was 16. As far as I can tell only potentials and I guess slayers can know. "

"Now Buffy was getting antsy. "know what?"

Hetti looked straight at Buffy in a very intense way and delivered news that freaked her out. "that all potentials are die by the age of 19."


"Lots of ways, I believe it is the slayer spell it only chooses those who would die young. That would ensure that the natural balance would be maintained."

"but, why don't the watchers know?"

"that’s a mystery, but it is clear they cannot know."

"but your not dead and you are way older than 19." while Buffy said it as statement it was also a question, one that Hetti was hesitant to answer.

"I found a way around my fate, it was not my finest hour"

Buffy decided it was probably best left alone as potentials did not have to worry about that they now had to worry about the slayery death by monsters.

"So, you wanna help the new watchers counsel. You have heard the news right how all the potential who were well older than 11 and not you were called."

"Yes, I wondered just how did that happen"

"Well, you about Sunnydale, right?" here Hetti nodded affirmative "well, there was the first"

"First what?"

"First evil, all ghosty and could look like any dead person. It had this evil preacher dude and there eyeless bringer guys who could still totally see and the real reason for it an army of primitive super strong vamps in the hellmouth. So well after I sliced and diced preacher dude, we opened the hell mouth and me and faith and the potentials went down, Wills did her mojo and called all the slayers we fought Spike died saving us and we rode out of town on a school bus. And Sunnyhell is a crater."

The two women talked for a long while, until Hetti was needed, but that talk helped Buffy considerably because she learned that while she may have introduced the monsters on the girls she just might have saved them from dying quite as young as they might have. She was not so delusional as the think she hadn't brought on horrible times ahead for some of them. But she wasn't quite as guilty. Even more importantly it gave her another piece of the puzzle that would soon dominate her life.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Truth about Potentials". This story is complete.

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