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Return of The Key Series Timeline.

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This story is No. 11 in the series "Return of The Key.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A timeline put together by Angwen for all the stories that feature Dawn in Middle Earth in the series that begins with Return of The Key. Chapter 2 added - a few pictures.

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-Centered(Recent Donor)curiouslywombatFR72961032,2359 Oct 1129 Apr 13No

Chapter One

The wonderful Angwen has put together a time-line of my stories that feature Dawn in Middle Earth - usually known as The Returnverse.

After she realised she was likely to be staying in Middle Earth, in Return of The Key, Dawn decided to use a more Elven version of her name and so, wherever you see 'Tindómë', it is actually Dawn Summers.

When Dawn first arrived in Middle Earth it was still the Third Age - the Fourth Age began when the Ring Bearers sailed to the West.

Please note that 'For Small Returns' is actually a series of short stories - posted here as separate chapters of one story - the links should take you to the correct chapter.

If you notice any mistakes please feel free to comment - the dating work was done for me, but doing the linking is all my own work - and I am prone to mistakes!

I hope to add any future stories into this as written.

Again, many, many, thanks to Angwen for putting this together for me. Curiouslywombat.

bold dates are those in Middle Earth.
italicised dates are those in Buffy's world - or California as Rumil always thinks of it!

3019 of the Third Age/2003 in California War of the Ring; Sauron Destroyed; Dawn found at the Black Gates (Return of the Key)

3020 Living in Lothlórien, Tindómë gets a cold (For Small Returns - Mortal Illness)

3022Tindómë’s 'Majority party' in March (Return of the Key);Tindómë and Rumil go Starlight Bathing; The trip to Gondor for the naming ceremony of Princess Gilraen (Brotherhood); Tindómë experiments a little with Galanthir (For Small Returns - Strawberry Kisses); the Ringbearers sail in the autumn.

Year 1 of the Fourth Age Éowyn and Faramir stay with the Ithilien Elves (Educating Éowyn).

2 Tindómë visits Imladris for Winter (Stormy Nights in Imladris); tells a story at Glorfindel’s request (For Small Returns - A Tale in the Hall of Fire).

3 Rúmil rides to war with Legolas against Harad; the ellyth are threatened; Tindómë decides that once their house is built, they should be Betrothed (Left Behind).

5 Mid-summer – Tindómë & Rumil are married. (Return of the Key and For Small Returns - Love Token).

14 Tindómë is pregnant with Haldirin, Éowyn is pregnant with, and gives birth to, her youngest son, Elboron (In The Winter Garden).

15 Haldirin born.

19/ 2003 still, in California Tindómë gets dragged back to California after 22 years in ME; Haldirin is a small child (Return of the Key and You Gotta Have Faith).

20/2004 Buffy & Tindómë 'see' one another for first time with Radagast's window (Return of the Key).

21 Tindómë, Rúmil and Haldirin go to Eryn Lasgalen to visit Legolas’ family for Midwinter (A Winter Tale).

24 Tindómë, Rúmil, Haldirin visit Lady Éowyn during the spring, find a lost elfling there (In the Winter Garden). Also we learn of what happens when the lost elfling arrives in Valinor in Where is Love?

47 50 years after the Ring War, Legolas discovers how to avoid the maidens of Gondor – and their mothers (For Small Returns - The Right Kind of Shield & The Right Kind of Shield Part 2); Haldirin has a strange experience in Minis Tirith (For Small Returns - The Man in Black).

51 Haldirin visits Lothlorien with his father on the way to East Lorien – and notices the Houseless Elves. (For Small Returns - Voices in the Wind.)

65Haldirin comes of Age.

67/2024Tindómë is pregnant with Ithilienne (Return of the Key and For Small Returns - Harvest Moon)

98/2043 Although almost 80 years have passed in Middle Earth, whereas only about 40 years have passed in California since Tindómë was last there: both Faith and Giles have died; third visit with Radagast’s window, Ithilienne ‘looks ten or eleven’ (Return of the Key).

105 Haldirin’s first kiss with Rhîwen (For Small Returns - First Kiss.)

118 ‘Young’ Boromir dies (Dust).

120 King Elessar dies. Legolas and Gimli et al mourn him. (Dust and For Small Returns - Taking Comfort). Arwen asks Tindómë’s advice on how to die (Dust).

121/2078 Death of Arwen Undómiel. Last ‘visit’ to Buffy using Radagast’s window – Buffy is clearly dying (Return of the Key and Dust).

122 or thereabouts. The Ithilien Elves are preparing to sail West. Rumil, like others, is sorting out his possessions. (Small Returns, True Likeness).

123 January; Legolas, Galanthir and Haldirin travel to Eryn Lasgalen – they encounter the descendants of the Rohirrim they had known in the past. Haldirin says his farewells to Rhîwen and also reassures Legolas that his mother is not still ‘haunting’ Eryn Lasgalen. Legolas says farewell to his family.
Midsummer; Legolas dances with Ithilienne and their growing attraction is noticed by a number of his friends.
Autumn; They sail West. (All the above are in Dust). They arrive in the West (epilogue of In the Winter Garden).
Winter; Adjusting to life as new immigrants... (Immigrants). The 'dance' between Legolas and Ithilienne continues.

125 The Ithilrim are settling into life in The West - and are even getting gently bored... (Summertime... and the Living is Easy). Tindómë comes up with something to keep them amused.

135/2080 The death of Sam and Frodo and the beginning of the story told in The Valinor Trail.
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