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Through the 'Gate

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Fan Art

Summary: Photo Manipulations for StarGate crossovers. Including BtVS and WoW so far.

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Stargate > GeneralWingwyrmFR133234041,81610 Oct 1110 Oct 11No

Watcher on Chulak

Disclaimer: I don't own StarGate or Buffy. I got the original pics from google.

Title: Watcher on Chulak.

Description (idea behind the pic): Xander finds a Gate in Africa and goes through it. Maybe out of curiosity or maybe pushed through by a demon he's fighting. He finds his way to Chulak and it comes out that the Ancients tried a different method of travel before stargates. Chulak and the Jaffa aren't sure what to make of this human, but he says he's from Earth, so they call SG Command. Xander doesn't want to leave though because he's not sure how he's supposed to get home if he leaves the Gate he came through.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking