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Luna Lovegood and the Shaggy Dog

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This story is No. 17 in the series "Waifs and strays". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to Luna Lovegood and the Dark Portrait

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Oaths and Purity

Author’s Note:

This is the direct sequel to Luna Lovegood and the Dark Portrait

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, J.K. Rowling and Joss Whedon do.

Thanks very much to my Betas , Letomo and EllandrahSylver, but all mistakes are still mine.

The following ways of notation may be found in this story. This is excluding whatever I need to represent chatting, texting and stuff like that. And you can thank Twilightwanderer for the Abbott and Costello.

Speech: “Who’s on first.”

Thought: *What’s on second.*

Vision: #I-don’t-know’s on third.#

Thanks to sistercity for being my latest recommender. I’d also like to thank every one of my reviewers, I hope you all realize how much I appreciate it.

Chapter 10 Oaths and purity

Lucius Malfoy entered the darkened Infirmary of Hogwarts quietly, his robes travel stained and his face weary. It was very early in the morning and only a sharp word and a small bribe to Argus Filch had gained him access to the school. He looked around the light, airy room and noted the occupied beds. The first held a dark-haired boy with a scar on his forehead, clearly visible in the light of the waning moon and the single lamp lit over the beds to aid Madame Pomfrey on her nightly rounds. Lucius recognized him and dismissed him in the same glance. He'd not underestimate the boy again, but he was still not a major threat. The second held a girl, her hair a dirty blonde and her face having a strange, almost fey appearance.

Draco's letters, and even his conversation had been rather full of this girl, Lucius thought, and this was as good a chance as any to observe her. After a moment's scrutiny he decided she'd pass in a good light as a well as a bad one. For a first crush probably not a bad choice, and at least more attainable than a girl from an upper form, even for a Malfoy.

The last bed, the one he had been avoiding looking at, fearing what he might see despite Narcissa's reassurances, held Draco, pale faced and ridiculously blond; innocent and young in the moonlight.

On stealthy feet Lucius approached the bed and sat in the chair by it, touching his son's face in a gesture that he'd never have allowed anyone to see. Draco relaxed fractionally and sighed and kept on sleeping. Lucius Malfoy sat down on the chair between the beds and waited for his son to wake up. He did not notice the pale silver-grey eyes that observed him from the middle bed and then closed again as weariness once more overtook the observer.

Harry woke to the sounds of muffled conversation and saw that a pale haired, black clad wizard was sitting next to Draco's bed. He instantly recognized Lucius Malfoy and had to bite back a yelp. The conversation was between a disapproving looking Madame Pomfrey and tired looking Lucius Malfoy. Or a least it was a very soft voiced harangue from Madame Pomfrey to which the wizard listened with odd respect and patience.

“...Could have waited until morning and gotten some sleep! Really, Mr. Malfoy, you know I would take care of your son and Mrs. Malfoy was here yesterday. And you travelling post haste from China, by how many Apparitions and Portkeys I do not want to know, is not going to make young Draco sleep any sounder.”

There was a soft moan from the furthest bed and then Draco stirred and whimpered. Lucius reached out a hand and touched his son's face and the boy quieted, sinking back into slumber. Lucius took the boy's hand.

“Madame Pomfrey, I would appreciate it if you would not talk so loudly. Draco needs to rest after all.”

Madame Pomfrey looked at the tired wizard. “What does he see?”

“We don't know, but the fear of his night terrors kept him awake often, when he was younger,” Lucius sighed. “Severus keeps an eye on him and I understand that school distracts him.” There was a soft noise as of a book being enlarged and then Lucius Malfoy started to read. “The final Arbiter, the First Liberator, He Who weighs men’s hearts in the balance. The Keeper of the Seal, the Great Guardian of the Gate, before Whom all men are equal...”

Harry blinked and then yawned. Lucius Malfoy was reading to his son and his voice was soft and soporific. Harry fell asleep, wondering if he'd learn how to make pigs fly next.


Arthur Weasley sat in his small, cramped, cluttered and messy subterranean office studying a strange contraption, it had many bits of metal and the material that the Muggles called plastic, but that was not at all as malleable as the name suggested. He was interrupted by a knock at the door and called out thoughtlessly.

“Come in!

The door opened and a tall, blond wizard with a cane came in. Arthur gasped and reached for his wand. The man waved his cane almost lazily and murmured 'Expelliarmus'.  “I am not here to fight you, Weasley. I'm here to talk,” Malfoy said quietly as he returned Arthur’s wand with an elegant bow.

Arthur blinked. “You almost killed my daughter!”

Malfoy winced. “I never expected that to happen.” He sat down wearily, and buried his face in his hands. “I thought the book would sway her to our, my, his cause. Not possess her or unleash a basilisk. My son goes to that school.”

Arthus spluttered. “What? You- you admit it?”

“Yes. I admit it, but you cannot prove it, and I will deny it in a court of law. I have no desire to go to Azkaban again.” Malfoy replied. “Which brings me to the reason why I am here. I need your help, Weasley.”

“My help? That's rich. You just admit you almost killed Ginny and then you tell me there’s nothing I can do about it and now you want my help? What do you want help with?” Arthur’s voice was scathing.

“Two things: to destroy the Dementors, or at the very least get them away from Hogwarts. And to kill the Dark Lord. Permanently.” Lucius looked up and for the first time Arthur realised how utterly worn out the other wizard looked, worn out and with an air of incredible grief, his eyes red rimmed with tears.

Arthur sat down. “Why me?”

“Because you are the nearest thing Harry Potter has to a father. Because if Weasley and Malfoy agree on something, things must be dire. Those things almost killed my son, Weasley, just like they almost killed Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood. Not to mention the one that was on the train. I believe Ronald and Ginevra were affected then as well?” 

Arthur looked surprised at the fact Malfoy was aware of the encounter. “And You-Know-who? How will he feel about this? And your Death Eater friends?”

Lucius leaned back in the old armchair, grimaced, reached behind him and pulled out a rubber chicken. He looked at Arthur with bemusement. “Enchanted fowl?”

“The mugg- Normals make them. I have not been able to find out what they do. I think they hit people with them to stop them being silly,” Arthur explained uneasily.

Lucius blinked and looked at the chicken incredulously. “And you want these people integrated into our society?”

Arthur scratched his head in embarrassment. “Well, I keep hoping someone has a better explanation.” He took a deep breath. “Now…. why should I help you?”

Lucius sat back again, closed his eyes and smiled sadly. “I think you might understand me better, Weasley, if I tell you a story. Once upon a time…”   


Nymphadora Tonks was on her way to Auror training when the doorbell rang. Auror trainees did not receive much in the way of pay and Tonks, of necessity, was staying with her parents, at her parents’ house in Droitwich. She yelled out to her mum. “I’ll get it!” and moved to the door, tripping over her father’s Wellingtons, neatly placed under the hat rack, knocked her head on the hat rack and almost brought it down, before opening the door, while rubbing her head and muttering.

“Yes?” She almost growled, exasperated at her own clumsiness..   

“I was looking for Andromeda. Andromeda Bla- Tonks.” A tall, regal looking blonde woman in dark blue and black robes stood before her and Tonks glared rubbing her head still. “You probably don’t know me, but my name is Narcissa Malfoy.”

Tonks stumbled back, her eyes and mouth wide in shock. “MUM!! MUUUUMMMMM!!!”

Andromeda came running from the kitchen, wand drawn and stumbled to halt as she took in the woman on the doorstep and her almost panicking daughter. “Nymphadora! Pull yourself together. If your Aunt Cissy had wanted to hex you, she would have done so by now.”

Tonks glared at her mother and straightened up. “Mum-” The rest of her speech was lost as her head impacted the much abused hat rack again and a rain of homburgs, bowlers, scarves, gloves, woolly caps, mittens and wizard’s pointy hats came down upon the clumsy young witch. Tonks fell down, and ended up half buried under the heap, a rather interesting looking pink-bejewelled tiara from a long forgotten Halloween hanging from one ear.

“She hardly needs me to hex her, Andy. She’s a menace to herself and her surroundings,” Narcissa commented, dryly.

“What do you want here, Narcissa? To insult my daughter? If that is your sole reason, I suggest you leave!” Andromeda snapped.

“No, that was not my intention. Never. I apologize. No, I need to talk to you, Andy. Please?” Narcissa eyed the hugely embarrassed Tonks and then waved her wand to remove most of the detritus from her niece’s accident into a neat pile and another fixed the hat rack back to the wall. It was crooked.

Andromeda gasped. “Cissy, you haven't botched a Reparo since you were twelve! What’s wrong?”

Narcissa started to tremble. Her upright body shuddered and tears started running down her cheeks, but her face remained an emotionless mask. “He killed our babies, Andy! He killed our babies and stole their souls!”

Tonks was looking from her mother to her aunt in amazement. Andromeda stepped forward, tentatively hugged and then gently led her youngest sister inside. “Who did, Cissy? Lucius?”

“Lucius would never hurt our children!” Narcissa vehemently declared. “No, it was that bastard Riddle!”

Andromeda Tonks gestured for her daughter to close the door. “You're running late, Dora. Better get going.” Tonks scowled but recognized the dismissal and quickly gathered her things before pulling shut the door behind her.

Andromeda turned back to Narcissa. “And why did you come here?”

“I was afraid… Andy, I thought, you always wanted a big family…” Narcissa gestured rather hopelessly at the front door Tonks had just left through and then started crying again. “I thought he might have stolen your babies, too…”

Andromeda blinked. “How do you know he stole your babies, Cissy?” She asked gently, as she led her sister to the kitchen.

“D-Draco. He’s always had night terrors. And then he was attacked by D-dementors…” Narcissa broke down completely and Andromeda gathered her in her arms and comforted her as best she could.

“And how did that lead to you finding out about Riddle stealing souls?” She asked as Narcissa blew her nose as daintily as she could with her tear splotched face.

“Draco had a twin, Scorpius. We-we'd lost three babies already and we were getting desperate. No one could tell us why.”

“Three?” Andromeda asked startled.

Narcissa nodded. “Lyra, Chiron and Ophiuchus. The healers and mediwitches told us there was no discernable reason.” Her eyes fell to her hands, which were mangling the delicate linen and lace handkerchief. “L-Lucius thought it might be inbreeding. That the lines were too close.”

“Wait, Lucius thought that? But he's a rabid Blood Purist!”

“It's not the bloodlines he minds, Andy. It's the society. The way things change. The things people no longer understand, that you only really understand being born a Pureblood,” Narcissa explained. “The House of Malfoy must continue. I-I... to think it wouldn't...” She shivered.

“And that Draco is the Heir of Black if Sirius gets kissed by Dementors is just a little bonus?” Andromeda asked scathingly.

Narcissa shook her head dismissively. “Don't be ridiculous, Andy. Nymphadora's child, if male, will inherit that. Sirius may be a fugitive, but he accepted you back into the family, no matter what our or his mother thought.”

Andromeda blinked. “Okay. No, not okay. Cissy, if it isn't that, why must House Malfoy continue?”

“I can't tell you. I’m sorry,” Narcissa apologized. “But it is really much more important than I thought it would be when I married Lucius.”

Andromeda looked at her sister thoughtfully. “A spell I take it? Very well. Tell me about what Draco saw.”

“He... There was a Quidditch game and Dementors came onto the Hogwarts grounds. He and Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood were all affected and some others to a lesser degree.  Lucius came home from China and this morning we asked him what he saw.” Narcissa took a deep breath and continued.

“He saw Riddle. Riddle laughing.” Narcissa swallowed. “We removed the memory for now. I brought a Pensieve...”

Andromeda eyed her sister sharply and sighed. “Very well.”

Narcissa took a shrunk Pensieve from her purse and after enlarging it took out a small silver stoppered bottle, her hands trembling.

Andromeda took a deep breath. “I'm ready.”

Narcissa poured the memory into the stone basin and watched as her sister started to relive the events that gave her son nightmares.

Floating... warm, comfortable. Safe, loved. Other. Those were the impressions that Andromeda felt. *I'm in the womb!* She wondered and then suddenly there was another, besides Self and Other. And yet not there. She got the impression of tallness and coldness. “Now what have we here? Hmm. Twins. Well now, this might be an even better deal than I thought. I only agreed to help save one child after all...” A laugh, free and easy. “How wonderful!” The Third reached out to Self and Other and then smiled at them. “At this time it seems to me that a stupid little Muggle rhyme is appropriately ironic to choose which child of an ancient Pureblood lineage dies. How did it go again? Ah, yes. 'Eeny meeny miny moe, you may stay and you must go.” 

Self felt the change in Other and was confused. Alone. There had always been Other. Always. The voice spoke again. “Well boy, your parents’ support will be very welcome. And who knows, I might still get to take a few souls from any siblings they might try for.”

Self felt the presence leave and then reached for Other. Other did not respond. Self was alone. Alone...

Andromeda gasped as she woke up from the memory and saw Narcissa at the counter, making tea with trembling hands.

Andromeda smiled in spite of everything. “When in doubt, make tea?” She might have disagreed on many things with their mother, but that old adage did seem appropriate in many cases.

Narcissa turned around and smiled wanly. “I needed to do something.” She put the pot on the table and took two mugs and put them next to them.

Andromeda blinked at them and then Narcissa. “You're certain it was Riddle? I think I recognized the voice, but I never had much to do with the man.”

“The memory was always too amorphous to view or extract before. But can you think of anyone else who would do such a thing?” She pointed at the silver cloud still whirling in the Pensieve. Then she picked up the silver stoppered vial and the strangely gaseous mixture flowed back into it. Narcissa carefully replaced the stopper and put the vial away.

Andromeda gazed thoughtfully at her sister. “You went to the man who killed your children to protect the unborn ones. Why didn't you go to Dumbledore?”

Narcissa's mouth twisted in distaste. “We did. He told us that interfering with unborn children was rather too Dark for him to contemplate... He wouldn't even look to see what was wrong.” Her voice broke. “He probably considered it an appropriate way for House Malfoy to end.”

Andromeda snorted. “He always has been a self-righteous old bastard. But Riddle?”

“We were desperate, Andy. I swear it was the only option. He demanded we swear allegiance, take the mark. L-Lucius managed to negotiate myself and Draco away from him.” Narcissa bared her arm, showing it was free of the Dark Mark. “And he really was under the Imperius for a while, but he broke through it,” Narcissa sobbed. “He still has nightmares, Andy. He doesn't like Muggles and Muggleborns, but he doesn't see the need to kill them. Just segregation or training.”

“Training?” Andromeda goggled.

“Well of course. Those poor children are thrown into Hogwarts, not knowing anything. The least they could do is to actually teach some classes to help them acclimatize, that and some other changes in the curriculum at Hogwarts would help a lot.”

“Other changes? Like what?” Andromeda asked sharply.

Narcissa smiled. “Well, English and French should be taught, and possibly some Latin. Old Binns has been a joke since the middle of the nineteenth century, really. And well, Kettleburn...”

“Lucius' problems with Magical creatures aren't a reason to sack the man, Cissa!” Andromeda interrupted sharply.

“Lucius gets bitten by Flobberworms, Andy; I am well aware of his inability to handle normal, let alone magical creatures. I was talking about, err, you know...” Cissa blushed furiously.

Andromeda felt her own cheeks reddening as she realized what her sister meant. “Oh. That. Agreed. Silvanus Kettleburn teaching the facts of life is a memory I would gladly have Obliviated. Dora still has nightmares about it sometimes, I know that.”

“See? And can you imagine Hagrid teaching That?”

The capital letter fell into place like a Stonehenge megalith and Andromeda shuddered. “All too well.”

Narcissa nodded empathically. “And that’s just one thing; there are so many others! Geography, I mean if Draco hadn't been taught at home he would barely know the location of France!”

Andromeda removed the tea egg from the pot and nodded. “You know, I would support that. But what pureblood things would you teach?”

“Etiquette, and Oaths and family lineages. The old magic, the real history of the families. The Great Sundering, channelling and focus use. 1066, and all that.”

“Oaths. Blood, and Name and Soul...” Andromeda intoned the old lesson. Her eyes widened. “Oh dear. Merlin's sweaty sack. When did the Malfoys take a Soul Oath, Cissa?”

Narcissa winced and opened her mouth, Andromeda waved a hand. “Don't answer that. But it does explain a few things. More than a few.”    

Narcissa nodded. “If mother were alive, disowned or not, she would be washing your mouth out with soap right now, by the way.”

Andromeda grinned. “And if Dora used that sort of language, so would I.”

“Andy? I could teach her, you know. Nymphadora I mean.”

“Teach? Teach what?”

“Poise. How to be a lady. Like we got taught. I was dreadfully clumsy as a child, remember, until Aunt Walburga took charge of me.” She shivered. “Though I won't ever teach Nymphadora the same way.”

“I-I never thought of that,” Andromeda mused. “Do you think it would work?”

“She feels insecure, as if no one likes her for who she is, just for being a Metamorphmagus,” Narcissa smiled. “I never got a chance to ask, but did she like the Founder Fun set I sent at her birth?”

Andromeda blinked and then started to chuckle. “You sent her that?  I always wondered. She still drags that badger to bed with her, and the others are on a shelf over her bed. I liked the stories that came with them...” Her eyes widened. “Oh. Not stories?” she whispered.

Narcissa lifted a pale eyebrow and smiled mischievously. “Good, I hoped she would like them. And what is a story but history retold.”

“Who wrote them? I mean, they were obviously copied, changed...?”

Narcissa sighed. “Marcus. Marcus Malfoy, Lucius’ younger brother. He was a Squib.”

“And Lucius kicked him out of the family I suppose?”

“No, his mother did, or at least out of the house. Lucius... Do you know what Riddle did to Squibs?” Narcissa shuddered. “Lucius has been trying to find Marcus for years. Ever since the fall of Voldemort. But he is either dead, or shielded. Not even Marcus’ personal house elf could find him. Lucius was so angry he couldn’t find Marcus that he took it out upon poor Dobby. With Lucius, Family has always been more important than Magic. And he would not accept Dobby's apologies, so Dobby kept punishing himself. Between the two of them the poor elf nearly died. It went so far that Dobby was even glad to receive clothing from Lucius.”

 Andromeda gasped. “You mean that is true? There's a free House elf? Oh, that is bad.”

“Very. It really is Lucius' fault, for acting so cruel. Happily, Dobby has found meaningful employment at Hogwarts, so he will likely not go mad from lack of service.”

Andromeda spoke thoughtfully. “Draco is there, so he will indirectly still be serving the Bloodline,” and then gave her sister a direct look. “I still can't understand how Riddle could steal your children's souls, unless he was at every birth?”

“He didn't. Bellatrix did.” Narcissa's face was a mask of pain. “She was there at all the births and she always was a rabid follower of Riddle.”

Andromeda gasped, “Oh... Oh, Cissy.” Narcissa started to cry again, and this time there was no hesitation in Andromeda's hug.


Arthur Weasley came home late for dinner, a very rare occurrence. He was also unusually quiet and thoughtful. He looked up at his wife once he had finished his dinner, after no more than courtesies had been spoken. “We've been invited by Lucius Malfoy, to dine with his wife and him, at Malfoy Manor.”

Molly blinked. She gave her husband a penetrating look, then looked at the Family Clock to see if one of the Twins, or Charlie or Bill was playing a prank. She cast a surreptitious ‘Revelatio’ to see if someone was posing as Arthur under a glamour before sighing.   “Would you mind repeating that, dear?”

“It will be just as unbelievable the second time. I told him we might meet on neutral ground first, and he agreed, but he wants to keep it a secret.”


“Three things: Dementors at Hogwarts, he wants to apologize for Ginny and apparently Narcissa Malfoy wants to speak with you.”

“With me? Whatever for?” Molly asked sceptically.


Molly blinked. “Motherhood? She’s a mother herself.”

“Ah, but she is convinced you are a Mother. A Prewett Mother.”

“Impossible, there hasn’t been a Spirit power in the line for generations!” Molly scoffed.

“Actually, Lucius had an idea about that, one that rather worried him. He wants to tell you himself.”

“Lucius? You’re calling him Lucius now?”

Arthur Weasley scrubbed his face with his hands. “Molly, after he left... I know you know about my emergency bottle.”

“I do. Arthur…”

“I’ve had the same bottle for fifteen years. I drank two glasses tonight.”

“Arthur!” Molly was both shocked and disapproving.

“The things he told me… do you know I now honestly believe he was under the Imperius?” Arthur shuddered.

“Arthur, you are worrying me. Last week you said Lucius Malfoy was the greatest threat to Wizarding Britain after Riddle. What happened?”

“We talked. And we actually listened to each other. We may not agree on many things, but we understand where the other is coming from. And in certain ways he is right. Something that never occurred to me, but all the spells that Hogwarts takes for granted that parents teach their children... who teaches those to Normals?”

Molly opened her mouth and then shut it again, thoughtfully. After a moment, she said softly, “He has a point.”

“He made several. But I think you should hear their story yourself.” He looked pleadingly at his wife.

Molly took a deep breath and finally nodded. “Very well. We'll have dinner with the Malfoys. But not at the manor. I will not go there and be sneered at for the cut of my robe.”

Arthur pulled his lip. “Well... why not at Rook House? We'll need to get Xeno in on it anyway. I'll put it to Lucius.”


To his Excellency Cornelius Fudge, M.W. Minister of Magic,

Dear Sir,

After the escape of the suspected criminal Sirius Black, the Ministry of Magic ordered the Dementors of Azkaban to take up station around possible targets, assuring the general populace that they were under strict Ministerial control and completely safe for the public as long as certain basic rules were being observed.

Such rules being staying inside after dark, not wandering off certain paths etcetera, etcetera. Among the places being patrolled is HogwartsSchool of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During its journey to the school the Hogwarts express was stopped and searched by Dementors, despite the fact that the loading of the train had been monitored by numerous Aurors and other ministry officials. During this illegal and unsanctioned search several pupils were badly affected by the Dementors, among them Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley and Ginevra Weasley,  as well as three others who were later affected a second time.

Several times during the past months, Dementors have come very close to Kissing innocent passers-by, both Wizard and Normal. But the most recent incident, if a matter of such consequence can be described as an incident, occurred once more at Hogwarts, during the first of the annual Quidditch matches. At least a hundred Dementors made their way onto the School Grounds, despite having been ordered not to, and were driven away only by the courage and skill of the resident staff, among whom praise must be given to Albus Dumbledore and Argus Filch who drove off the Dementors with spells and a mop respectively, without care for the safety of their own persons.

Both the Gryffindor Seeker, Harry James Potter and the Slytherin Seeker, Draco Marcus Malfoy, were affected by the Dementors and fell from a considerable height. In the stands, Luna Ceiswyr Lovegood was badly affected as well, while dozens of others suffered to a lesser degree. All three primary victims, though recovering, will bear the mark of this outrage for the rest of their lives.

All these occurrences lead us to conclude the following:

1)          The Dementors are not fully under the control of the Ministry of Magic. Assigning the protection of the Wizarding populace, and the hope of Wizardry, our children, to them is akin to setting the wolf to guard the hen house against the fox.

2)          The Dementors are dangerous and should be withdrawn from active duty and their actions and intentions investigated.

3)          An investigation into the preventability of the events described should be begun, to be carried out by independent third parties. 

4)          An apology should be sent to each Hogwarts pupil, those pupils most affected especially; to the Hogwarts staff, and to the Hogwarts Board of Governors.

As concerned parents, we hope that swift and decisive action will be taken to prevent further occurrences in which children are put at risk by the negligent behaviour of the Ministry and its officials.

Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley née Prewett.

Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy née Black.

Xenophilius Lovegood.

Castigatus Crabbe, Vermillia Crabbe, née Walton

Virtuosity Goyle, Adora Goyle, née Asquith

Norman Granger, Jean Granger, née FitzStewart

Carolus Greengrass, Adelphia Greengrass, née Colmorton 

78 names omitted     

End Note:

A lot darker than the last chapters, I fear. I hope it was still enjoyable.
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