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Summary: Various bits of what I'm currently working on to keep you happy.

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Learning Myself

Title: Learning Myself
Fandom: BTVS/Transformers
AN: Not a whole lot to say about this. This is the prologue. I'll be writing on this some more later. :3

He was thinking.

He was thinking rather hard, something that his so called friends would have sworn could never happen. Than again, they hardly knew him, no matter how much they claimed to. Lying on his bed, legs kicking idly, Xander blinked dark chocolate eyes as he stared at nothing. He was thinking of his friends, Buffy and Willow, and how they really didn’t care about him, which did hurt, but not as much as he thought it would.

Looking to his window, he watched as it opened and a tall male with black eyes and slicked back hair slinked into his room.

“They did it again, I take it,” he sudden guest said, sounding as though he knew the answer to his statement.

“Yeah, but that’s not surprising. They didn’t listen when I told them that you and Angel weren’t the same, so why should they listen to them when I tell them that they won’t win against you now?” Xander asked in return. Turning over onto his back, watched the other male with curious eyes.

“Of course they won’t believe you,” Angelus said softly. “They are the so called slayer and her witch. Hell, they didn’t believe Angel when he told them that the council was hunting you down to get you out of the way.” Sitting down, the look of disgust show just what he thought of the girls and what they had done or didn’t believe when they were handed information on a silver platter.

“How is that situation by the way?” the human asked, looking up at Angelus, used to the vampire invading his personal space.

“The same as always. They’ll leave you alone and I don’t kill a certain person for a month,” Angelus snorted, reclining on the bed. Reaching down, he carded his hand through soft brown hair.

Xander stifled a snicker at the thought of how people would react to his and Angelus relationship. He highly doubted that they would believe that the demon had always been protective, just like any demon would be when it came to a Hellmouth baby. But it was more then that now, especially after a lot of getting to know each other after Angel had slept with Buffy.

“The gypsy bitch,” pulled Xander out of his thoughts and memories of how he had come to know the vampire.

“That has got to tweak your ego, not being able to eat the bitch who is a part of the clan that suppressed you,” Xander teased as his window once more opened.

“Oh, but it does, ducks. He came in all growly and fucked me right into the mattress,” Spike drawled as he slipped in. Xander squeaked and blushed at the blunt statement, decided that hiding in Angelus shirt would be a good plan. Angelus laughed softly, the sound rumbling through his chest.

“I don’t need to know about your sex lives, really,” Xander grumped, frowning at the two vampires, shifting only a bit when Spike dropped down onto the bed behind him.

“Aww, you’re no fun,” Spike cooed, getting a low snort as he moved to press against Xander. The young human kicked back one leg, scowling as he peeked out of his hiding spot.

“Get staked,” Xander huffed, pressing into Angelus again, the man stroking a large hand down his back. Spike laughed softly and shifted so that he could lean on one elbow, his other hand coming to rest on Xanders hip and stroking over the dip of it.

“How is the whole getting away thing coming?” Spike asked lowly, looking down at Xander. The brunet was playing with one of Angelus buttons, a thoughtful expression on his face.

“I’m moving to where Sam is living now. It’s a base since he and his parents are really getting along at the moment apparently,” Xander replied softly. “Someone dropped off one of those hybrid jeeps this morning and they’ll be back to pack up my stuff once I leave with what I need to take with me. They’re staying in LA for the moment so I have a bit of time before I need to leave for the base.”

“When are you changing schools and all that?” Angelus asked, playing with a bit of soft hair.

”It’ll be done tomorrow. I just have to pick up my files and tell the girls that I’m leaving for good,” Xander admitted.

“Ah, so that’s why you haven’t been at school for the last two weeks,” Spike growled, nuzzling into Xanders neck.

“Yeah. I’m starting a new life huh?” the young human asked, relaxing between the two cool bodies.

“Yes, you are,” Angelus purred, smiling down at the sleepy look on Xanders face. “And it’s going to save you in the long run.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Hints and Suggestions". This story is complete.

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