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Summary: Various bits of what I'm currently working on to keep you happy.

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Changing It All

What you may see within this section: You will see hints of what I am working on. This include WIPs and the next chapter of one of my stories.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the fandoms that you may see within here. That includes, but is not limited to: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ouran High Host Club, Bleach, Batman and The Mummy.
Reviews are welcome. Demands for more, right this moment, are not really welcomed.

Please read the warnings about the story. Thank you.

Title: Changing It All
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Ouran High Host Club
Characters/Pairings: Multiple
Story Arcs: 2 - A prequel like section, one part and the main story.
Story Preview: Arc 1
AN: This story...I have Arc 2 started and I'm working on it but it's taking me time to get it going. Why? Because I have a few dozen stories going at once and I lost my Buffy the Vampire Slayer muse. *cries*

I am working on The Truth Behind His Life I promise you! I will hope to have a preview for you eventually. >> *hugs all of my lovely people.

The first arc sets up the second, but seeing as it's only one chapter, it will be posted under one title, but with two subtitles.

Meaning that the titles will look like this Arc 1 Part 1 and Arc 2 Chapter 1

I hope that's not to confusing.

Preview Length: 592


The start of the year.

Something quite interesting always happened at the start of the year. Last year had been rather interesting with Harmony and Cordelia tearing the Captain of the cheerleading squad down before taking over the school This year started with a new schoolmate who ended up being much more then they ad expected.

She was the Slayer, a supernaturally enhanced girl who fought the dark things that went bump in the night. He and had over heard her with Giles and had ended up losing a friend to Darla, the Masters favorite pet bitch and Willow…Willow had pulled away before going back to normal, acting as if Jesse had never been a part of their lives.

Xander on the other hand had been the one who had to tell Jesses parents, had been the one to pack his best friends stuff and put it all into a storage place run by a cousin of Jesses. Eventually, he would go through everything, and either keep, donate or pawn off things, clearing that part of his completely.

But for the moment, he was buried in a book, one of the dictionaries that they used nearby and a notebook open, rather elegant writing feeling the pages. He had gotten to know the story of Angel and Angelus and had decided to figure out how to fix the mistake of the gypsies. The Watchers journals were very helpful with the spell that had been used on the vampire, or at least informational wise on the parts that was known about it.

Looking up, he bit his bottom lip, watching as Buffy sent puppy eyes to her so called boyfriend, the very vampire that the teen was trying to help. It nearly made him gag on his air as he shook his head with a frown. He had to wonder how Buffy would react to a boyfriend who was finally balanced between demon and soul, much less how Angel would react to her after that. The idea made him snicker softly as he buried his nose back into his book once more missing the look his blond friend sent him.

Picking up his pen again, he continued to write out a few notes, including a few for one of his assignments before he looked to the library doors. Snyder and a small female stepped inside as various weapons were hidden seamlessly. The books continued to sit where they were.

“And this is the library, where you will often find this ragtag group who call themselves a club,” the nearly bald man said, sounding like he could barely hold back his sneer. “Rupert Giles is our librarian and the leader of this bunch.”

”Hello. You must be the new teacher, the one who is to teach that specialty class,” Giles greeted, shaking the womans hand, getting a nod.

“You’re name is Shindo, Shi Tan right?” Xander asked, looking up at the woman. “I’m taking your beginners class. I was six points to short for your intermediate class.

“Oh yes, you must be Harris-san,” Shi Tan said, her voice bright and chripy, her black eyes turning lighter with her happiness. Xander nodded his head s the others looked at him with an odd look on their face. “Where did you learn your Japanese?”

“I had a pen pan from Japan. We don’t really write to each other very much any more since he’s going to college, but we stay in contact,” Xander said. Smiling, the young teacher turned to Snyder, tilting her head to the side.
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