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Summary: Things I want to do that ended up being half done

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Psionics in the Dale

Drabbles from the Wellspring of my mind.

Summary: Stuff that just won’t leave me alone.

Chapter 1 Psionics comes to the Dale

Disclaimer: Wizards of the Coast owns Dungeons and Dragons and Mutant Enemy owns Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Chuck Lorre produces The Big Bang Theory

Xander just stared at it, it was a simple costume costing about ten dollars he guessed, but the price tag was two dollars.

Granted it would show a bit more skin than he intended, but he’d still reign as the Two dollar costume King. So, after doing a mental Snoopy dance he walked up to the counter at Ethan’s Costume Emporium.

“So; young man you have found what you wanted.” Ethan smiled as he internally grimaced. He’d rather have a soldier running around tonight than a powerful mindshaper.

Xander almost answered Forsooth I have yon shopkeeper, but instead chose to say

“Yes, I have and I reign as the Two dollar costume King.”

“Well, give me a minute and I’ll just package this up.” Ethan was internally seething, maybe he should unleash the gender change of Mitra upon him; no even a female shaper would be worse; he valued some parts of his anatomy. No he’d settle for Idalbolde the telepath and setting out the infectious meme. If he was right the boy could become a shaper after the spell ended, Ethan still laid the extra enchantment on it. The crystal alone could cause problems, at least it was anchored to the staff.

“There you go all yours.” Ethan said. With a special present for the Two-Dollar Costume King; Ethan thought before going to help Jonathan try a Green Lantern costume, Warren try on a Superman costume and Andrew get into a Batman costume .Some people got a Joker, Sinestro and a Lex Luthor costume at half off, just for fun he did that with a half dozen demon costumes and a werewolf costume.

After an hour or two mimicking the mannequin’s tattoos; Xander was happy with his markings. Quickly getting dressed and grabbing his staff, he bolted out the door. Made his way to the Summer’s house and careful of the crystal, rapped his staff on the door.

The door opened revealing Joyce dressed as a hag from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

“The man on the porch of my abode is Xander Harris and he wishes entrance to seek my daughters for this evening Yes?” Joyce said.

“Verily; we must hasten to yonder den of foulness to confront the Principal in his lair, before the witching hour comes.” Xander said getting into the medieval theme.

“Then enter, but tarry not long ere you invoke the fell beasts anger.” Joyce said in keeping with the theme.

Down the staircase comes Buffy attired in her dress. Xander’s mind stops for a minute before he formulates a response.

“Thy father’s advisor at your service milady. “

“Thou art.” She curtsies She turns towards the stairs. “WILLOW, XANDER IS HERE!” she screams.

Willow comes down the stairs clad in a sheet with a pair of eyeholes and a Boo! Written across the front of it.

“Nice Boo, Wills.” Xander turns to Ms. Summers, “Now Dawn was supposed to come?”

On cue, a pink blur comes down the stairs and almost bowls Xander over. It is fairy princess Dawn.

“Forsooth, tonight Dawn shall go hence unto the den of the vile Snyder beast and acquireth candy. Good questing.” Joyce said as she ushered them forth.

So the mighty heroes with Dawn in tow ventured forth unto the den wherein the Snyder-beast dwelt. He separated the friends as he hoped their strangeness would be diminished but at that time a mage of a chaotic persuasion decided to strike uttering

“Janus carpe noctem! And then


A/N: I’m going to leave it there, if I decide to continue it, you might see me change this if I decide to continue. Halloween will be very different , Xander will not remain a telepath, he’ll probably become something else probably a shaper or kineticist.
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