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Summary: Things I want to do that ended up being half done

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Miscellaneous > Surprise CrossoverrothosFR1554,095075,59311 Oct 1118 Nov 13No

BTVS/DC Bloodlines

Disclaimer: DC Bloodlines is not mine, they belong to DC, BTVS is not mine it belongs to Mutant Enemy.

Pre fic A/N-I know that Bloodlines came out in 1993, but I'm moving it up to Spring 1998 so I can use it in this fic. Now on with the shoe!

Xander was in a comics shop and was browsing for more ammunition for his recently cinched victory over the cheerleading squad and G-man! He had soundly beaten the cheerleading squad and G-man in a bet for the right to choose their Halloween costumes! The bet had been on who would get the higher score on the next History test. Honestly, the squad had to be channeling their inner blonde that day.

The store owner was giving away posters of the new DC Bloodlines heroes, which Xander snapped up and then went to the new shop; Ethan's.

First, he picked up a cart and then carefully went around depositing items in the cart. In went a leather jacket; plenty of blue body paint and a blonde wig for a hero called Loose Cannon. Then he went through six more for the rest of the squad and chose his bonus costume: it was a knight with a couple of caveats; what where supposed to be boot jets, a force sword and a shield, the poster proclaimed him as Lionheart.

Xander cackled maniacaly as he charged this purchases on the card preloaded for him by the squad after school that day reluctantly.

The bill after all was said and done was over two hundred dollars and the sorcerous storekeeper had; unbeknownst to Xander added a little extra to all of the costumes.


Cordellia Chase-Lyla


Harmony-Loose Cannon



Lionheart-Xander Harris



There will be more once I get things out of the way like research on the topic beyond the actual cards and Wikipedia.
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