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Z War : The Council Interviews

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Summary: In the aftermath of the zombie war, interviews of survivors were conducted. Those done with International Watchers Council have now been published.

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Z War: The Council Interviews

Author: zTiamaTz


Beta By: Starway Man



Having already printed World War Z in hardback, and proving the naysayers who said that its release was too soon after VA Day wrong, here we are with the paperback version. While you will find all the content from the original within, I wanted to add something special to this version.

Through the hard work of myself, my publisher, and the United Nations Post-War Commission, I have finally been able to add the accounts of those people who run or work for the much vaunted International Watchers Council. Please note that these interviews were carried out when the Commission report was originally being put together. At that time, however, those within the Council specifically requested that the interviews not be published along with the rest of the book.

The fact that they were fighting against this sort of thing long before the war broke out has given many influential people pause. I have found that many within the public seem indifferent to the matter, eager to just try and get back to some semblance of normal life. There is a vocal minority, however, who feel that the Council was at least partially to blame for the Solanum outbreak.

It is of course well known how the higher echelons of the Council have turned down practically all interview opportunities since the end of the war, due to this reason. The fact that I was able to convince so many surviving members of the Council to allow publication of the interviews, lets the public at large finally see the impact that the group had on the war.

It also puts into perspective just how many lives these people saved, and how many terrible sacrifices they made to help ensure it happened. And while I was confident with what was published originally, after I was done writing and editing the paperback version, I feel that this is the definitive story of World War Z.

As an author, one must aim to have nothing but the facts in his books, and that is what I have attempted to do here. There is a certain level of theory and conjecture where I felt it helped emphasize the salient points, but mostly this book deals with the proof and evidence at hand. The scientists who studied Solanum, ever since the outbreaks were known simply as 'African rabies', have stated repeatedly that this is a virus, and not in any way linked to the supernatural; thus, it is so reported in World War Z.

Now that I can finally come down off of my soapbox, I just want to finally add that I hope the interview accounts will be met with an open mind. Some people's opinions will never be changed, but I can only hope that these new additions to World War Z will open some eyes.

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