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Back Alley Meetings

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Summary: Steve Jinks didn't think before chasing down the suspect, only to have him disappear in a pile of dust. Written for the 2011 August Fic-a-Day.

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Television > Warehouse 13kerrykhatFR71299031,10513 Oct 1113 Oct 11Yes
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and all related characters; SyFy owns "Warehouse 13" and all related characters; I own nothing.

Spoilers: Season 3 of Warehouse 13

Note: More belated postings from the August Fic-a-Day. Not related to my other Warehouse 13 series. Set before the start of Season 3 of Warehouse 13.


“Get down!”

Steve Jinks had just enough time to turn around before he was tackled to the ground. The ATF was raiding an arms warehouse, and he’d spied a suspect running off as the agents closed in. He’d raced after him only to be caught off guard when the man turned around and lunged for him, his face disfigured and eyes glinting yellow.

“What was that?” he demanded, looking at his rescuer, a brunette a few years younger than him.

“You’re welcome I just saved you,” she snarked as his suspect flew into a wall from the brunette’s companion kick: a petite blonde who looked like a strong gust could blow over.

The blonde ducked a wild swing before popping back up and impaling the suspect with a wooden stake.

“No!” he shouted out... as the figure crumbled to dust right before his eyes. Steve stared at the spot before looking up.

“What the hell was that?” he demanded..

“Gangs on PCP,” the blonde one answered with a shrug. “It’s becoming a-”

“You’re lying,” Steve interrupted before she could finish. “That wasn’t a guy on PCP.”

“Trick of the light,” the other girl suggested. “It just looked li-”

“You’re lying too.”

“It was-” the blonde started again before stopping with a sigh. “You’d catch that one too, wouldn’t you?” Steve nodded.

“It’s not that we don’t want to tell you, it’s more of we can’t,” the brunette offered. “This is kinda our job, and the less it’s out there the better.”

“Get going then,” he said, seeing the truth in her eyes. They exchanged another look before the blonde shrugged and they walked off together.

Steve watched them for a moment before jogging to return to the warehouse. He’d think about what he had seen after the job was done.

The End

You have reached the end of "Back Alley Meetings". This story is complete.

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