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Pieces of Gold

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Summary: Near-Drabbles for the Pirates of the Carribean Challenge.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple PairingsLucindaFR1561,187043,29822 Dec 0325 Dec 03Yes

Will Turner's Nightmare

author: Lucinda
rating: pg13?
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to the charcters or concepts from Pirates of the Carribean.
distribution: please ask first.
note: a drabble.

He was dreaming again. Dreaming of something that he knew he wouldn’t remember when he awoke. Once again a small boy, Will crouched on a wooden deck that heaved and tossed beneath him, smelled the smoke and salt and something rotting.

The ship was burning.

He looked up, seeing a man that had once visited with his father, a huge man with brown skin and long tiny braids, his teeth filed to sharp points. Elsewhere, a monkey was tugging at the golden ring that adorned the hand of the ship’s captain, that worthy’s head having been split down the middle.

“Where is the coin?” A deep voice bellowed, angry, demanding. “We must have it!”

“The coin should be with the child.” The dark man spoke, his voice accented with a language he’d never learned the name of.

“Find it! Find the brat, find the coin! I’ve had enough o’ this.” The large man reached down, lifting the monkey to his shoulder.

Gasping for breath, Will Turner sat up in his bed, sweat beading over his face. One hand went to his throat, reaching for the coin that his father had given him. Where was the coin? He’d lost it when he’d come here, those years ago.

end PotC - Will Turner drabble.
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