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Pieces of Gold

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Summary: Near-Drabbles for the Pirates of the Carribean Challenge.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple PairingsLucindaFR1561,187043,30722 Dec 0325 Dec 03Yes


author: Lucinda
rating: pg13
disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to the characters or concepts from Pirates of the Carribean. I don't own the goblin of Gringott's, that concept belongs to J K Rowling.
distribution: please ask first.
note: almost a drabble. This one's a crossover.

“Can you break the spell? I mean, that’s what you do, break curses on gold, right?” He shifted uneasily, feeling nervous.

The goblin looked at him, beedy eyes gazing across a long nose, thin lips pulled from jagged yellow teeth in what might have been a smile or a sneer. “The curse on this coin… it is very powerful. It was also cast on more than one simple coin. If we had all of the coins, it could be done. But not for just one coin. How many did you say there were?”

“Eight hundred eighty two of them, all together. And some… we don’t have them all.” He could feel his hopes shattering.

“I’m afraid that Gringott’s can’t help you then.” The goblin made a small bobbing gesture as it returned the gleaming coin, before vanishing into the dark tunnel.

end Curse-Breakers
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