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And the World Wept

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Summary: Just what could have happened should just the right person come along while Xander was made to be 'Fray Adjacent'? (Not too happy a fic...)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredSemetFR1814,1710166,99816 Oct 1116 Oct 11Yes
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or settings used in this fic. Those belong to their respective owners (Marvel and I believe Joss Whedon or some production company or other). This is only for fun and no profit is being made.

AN: And this little story/one-shot is what happens when you mix a late night of surfing the Marvel Wiki for ideas because you don't feel up to working on your other stories, caffeine/nicotine withdrawal, and a little to much free time. This is not really like my other fics as this is more than a wee bit darker by comparison. This is not a happy fic and while I ^generally^ try to steer from angst and bashing as best I can it kind of couldn't be helped with this one sorry. There are no funnies to be had here and now you can't say I didn't warn you.

AN: Also I apologize now if my characterization is a bit off. Until I discovered her via the wiki I had never heard of the main non-Xander character before but regardless something about said character sparked this small idea. And while yes I did the appropriate character research (at least in my opinion) as well as read a good chunk of the material with her prominently in it I also sent out a couple requests for their thoughts to a couple of the fanfic authors out there whose Marvel crossover work I enjoy but I never got a response so I did the best I could without it.

AN: As always I don't promise perfection but I like to think that I do try. So far as my patience allows anyway...

Xander could barely keep himself from getting on his knees and outright worshiping the absolutely stunning vision of beauty before him. And for the life of him he still couldn’t believe that ^she^ wanted him. He couldn’t believe that the woman standing nearly naked before him, a woman that was supposedly as old as the human race itself, a woman could easily have her pick of any man or woman on the planet, and she wanted ^him^.

Xander also knew the dark haired woman that was approaching him, and doing very interesting things to him at the same time, wouldn’t leave him. Not like his so called ^friends^ had left him. And so as Willow and Buffy had put him off to the side in their lives so had he done to them. ^They^ had no purpose for him. ^They^ considered him useless, even though he had saved their lives just as many times as they had his (even though they never seemed to notice). To ^them^ he was to be considered nothing more than dead weight, something to be cut away and disposed of the moment they no longer saw him as amusing… Just like Selene’d been telling him for the past several months ever since she had been privy to some of their group outings. Hell knowing his luck his two now ex-friends had yet to even realize that he’d left Sunnydale the moment Selene had offered to take him with her.

And now there he was in an old mansion on the other side of the country that Selene said was an old meeting place for her and some of her former compatriots, lying on a very large bed watching the woman that not only come to capitalize on most of his waking hours but also his dreams as well coming closer and closer.

Selene couldn’t help the genuine smile that graced her lips as she looked down upon young man before her. The once innocent, even virtuous, young man that she had (after several months of effort) been able to turn to her way of thinking, the young man that practically ^guaranteed^ her return to power. With Alexander by her side she would be near on unstoppable, and he was all hers. She was the only person on the planet that held any of his loyalty (all of his loyalty in fact) now and that was just the way she liked it.

‘And to think,’ Selene thought to herself with a sort of sardonic amusement as she crawled onto the bed the two of them would be sharing for a while, ‘it had been almost ridiculously easy to get Alex to turn away from his ^friends^ and come with me. I barely had to do anything; those little bitches may as well have done all the work for me trying to push him away as they did.’ Indeed it had been made almost too easy for her when his two now former friends Buffy and Willow had decided to start sidelining one of their most stalwart and solid supporters so as to ‘keep him safe’ and other such sorry excuses… Fools, if only they’d known just ^what^ it was that Alexander was. What it was he represented…

Up until that point she had only known the young man below her for a scant few weeks and at that time she hadn’t been making to terribly much in the way of progress as she tried to tie him to her. He was too loyal, too sure of his friends. And as such they had been his entire world.

That was until the Sisterhood of J’he had come to the Hellmouth and those little girls and that dusty burn out of a glorified librarian had trusted Alex’s ex Cordelia more than him to watch their collective backsides. At first he hadn’t really noticed this (or had willed himself not to see it) but she had subtly managed to turn his eyes on to this little fact.

…And then there it was; an opening, a crack in his shiny armor, the opportunity that she’d been waiting for. So she’d taken it and used it to slowly turn his eyes away from those who were ignoring him ‘For his own good’ and towards her instead.

By that time Alexander had already been so close to the precipice of his hopelessness that in the end all she had to do was give him a little nudge… And of course she’d been there to catch him right as he was about to hit the hard rocky bottom of his despair. After that he’d spent more and more time with her instead of with the other ‘Scoobies’, even going so far as to reject them time and again in favor of her company over theirs. And the more of his time she took up the more his ‘friends’ grew to resent her even though they had kept right on not so subtly implying that they didn’t want him around anyway.

So what was their response towards the jealousy they couldn’t even admit to themselves? Why like all teenagers it was to lash out of course, preferably at her. But by then it had been too late for this to even remotely work because Alexander had already become protective of her (And like so many before her he’d gone and donned a set of blinders when it came to her. Just like he had for all of his friends before Selene had made her bid to remove them.) and so the chasm between him and his now former friends only grew wider with each passing day.

Until the day the two of them had left Sunnydale behind them in the dust. The day Buffy had apparently lost all patience with her ‘Xander-shaped friend’, snapped, and essentially told him to ‘just get out of her life’. So he did. In fact he had gone straight from where he and his friends had been hanging out for the night… Straight to where she was waiting for him with open arms…

Flashback (A couple days ago):

As she heard the knock on her front door (she had taken the house she was currently living in after taking its former occupants as a nice late night meal) she knew instinctively that it was Alex. No one else would have been able to disturb her at this time of night without severe repercussions. No one would dare except Alex, and that was only because he had permission. Opening the door she made her eyes harden as she took in his disheveled appearance and while he wasn’t crying or any such rot she could see the signs of hurt and sadness etched clearly upon his features. But even more than that was a sort of tired resignation, as if he’d been expecting whatever it was that had happened to him that night for a while now.

“Alex what is it?” Selene asked while making sure that there was an appropriate tone of concern in her tone. She never called him Xander. Xander was a child’s name and while he would still admittedly be useful to her as a child he would be infinitely more useful as a man, hence Alex or Alexander instead of Xander. That and it also helped differentiate her from those she was trying to take him away from.

“Selene. Look I’m sorry I know it’s late but…” Alex started pleadingly only to be stopped as Selene raised her hand to halt his words.

“It’s alright Alex. Now tell me what happened.” Selene said as she made sure to keep her features in check. At first it had been difficult to make herself look like she actually cared about Alexander as a person instead of just another tool to be used at her discretion but now several months later it had become far easier after so much practice.

“You were right.” Alex said after a moment as he lowered his head in thought and even as he said the words that she’d longed to hear for those many months she could tell they were strained. As if it hurt him to admit what was right in front of his face all this time. Oh, if he only knew where her true intensions laid. “You’ve always been right. This whole time you were never anything but right.”

“Of course I was Alexander, I have no reason to lie to you after all.” This of course was a lie in and of itself but as Selene said this she could tell that the young man in front of her believed her every word. And the only thing she could think at that precise moment was,


“I know and I’m sorry that it took me this long to realize it but… No never mind it’s too late now anyway. I, I should go, it’s late and…” Xander said only to be interrupted again with,

“Nonsense Alex. Come in and sit down, tell me everything.” Selene said with a small smile as she stepped aside and motioned for him to enter.

Later that night she had finally reached the point that could make or break her plan for the young man sitting next to her. She just hoped that he took what she was about to say well. She really didn’t want to have to kill him, he was far too valuable a resource after all to just waste because of something so fleeting as mere morals. So she told him about her powers, about her agelessness, and about how she psychically fed off of others to live. And so there she sat looking the much younger man straight in the eyes and mentally crossing her fingers while plastering the most ‘earnest’ look she could on her features.

“So… So you ^eat^ people?” Alex asked with more than a bit of fear and betrayal flashing through his eyes.

“Yes but that’s why I initially took so much interest in you Alex.” Selene replied calmly.

“So you could what, eat me too!?” Alex yelled as he bolted to his feet and started making his way towards her door. Now that just wouldn’t do.

“Of course not Alexander!” Selene snapped back from where she had remained on the couch.

“Oh yeah? Why the hell should I believe you!?” Xander said as he continued to yell, his voice growing hysterical at the thought that she too, the only rock he saw that he had left to cling to in the storm that was his life, was also leaving him. Crumbling out from under him like a boulder in a raging river.

“Because you’re special!” Selene replied as she laced her voice with liberal amount of only mostly faked anxiety. Over the time she’d known him she had become knowledgeable of which buttons to push in order to get her way where this particular young man was concerned. And now it was time to push these buttons and ^finally^ start consolidating her hold on him.

“Wait, what do you mean special?” Alex asked after a few drawn out seconds as her words registered in his mind, thankfully overriding the panic that was taking root in his brain as his foot stopped practically mid-step.

“I mean with you around I won’t have to feed on anyone ever again.” Selene intoned calmly even as she made a sheen of hope enter her eyes. And to think, she was actually being honest with this last sentence. She really wouldn’t have to feed off any other living being while Alex was with her. And just like with all other types of food in the world each person’s life force had a different ‘flavor’ if you will, and Alexander’s (by what she’d been able to skive off of him without his notice) was by far the best she’d had ever had. In fact while she had heard of Alex’s kind throughout the ages she’d never encountered one herself.

“And why is that?” Alex asked with suspicion in his voice, but she could tell he was starting to relax ever so slightly.

“Tell me Alex have things ever really gone just plain strange around you? Well, more strange then they usually tend to go on a Hellmouth that is?” Selene asked. “Seemingly little random things that tend to build into bigger things?”

“Yeah…” Alex started after some thought.

“I think you mean ‘yes’ instead of ‘yeah’ Alexander.” Selene said automatically with a stern look replacing falsified hope on her face. Ever since she’d initially started to gain the younger man’s trust as the finer details of her plan started to fall into place she’d thought it best to start training him in proper etiquette. If her plans for the young man succeeded with him ending up by her side until she achieved her Godhood he would have to shed the look of a Californian teenager; such behavior just wouldn’t do considering some of the company he was going to be keeping from time to time in her presence.

“Sorry, yes.” Alex replied instantly, even though he was still trying to see what she was getting at. There was just something about her that demanded that he be respectful.

“Well that’s because you are something called a Child of Fate.” Selene said carefully. She of course knew how Alex felt about all things prophecy and the like but she was confident that she knew how he would react to such a title.

“Child of Fate? What the hell is that supposed to be?” Alex asked incredulously.

“Well it really just depends on who you talk to, and there are of course many different titles associated with you and those like you, but it all essentially just boils down to you having what some would see as having limitless life force. It’s as if you’re connected to the world more so than other people.”

“So that’s why you said you wouldn’t have to feed off of others right? Because I wouldn’t run out?” Alex asked as even more tension left his shoulders.

‘He believes me.’ Selene thought as she inwardly gave a smug smile. ‘Good.’

“Exactly… Your very existence brings change. Everything you ever do in your life will bring change, as will your very death. Some people would foolishly say that you’re a harbinger of Chaos but that isn’t true. You merely open more doors for yourself and those around you then others. Your footsteps on this Earth are louder than those around you.

“But before we really get any further into all that the only question that really needs to be asked is… Will you help me Alexander? Will you stay with me?” Selene asked with looks of both genuine want and hope (The first genuine looks he’d been given from her since he’d knocked on her door that evening, even though the hope in her eyes wasn’t for the same reasons he thought it was.) in her eyes as she gazed up at him.

End Flashback:

Over time Selene knew her Alex had come to very much care for her and if she was completely honest with herself Selene would have to say that she’d grown fond of the younger man herself. But that was the thing; she didn’t just want him to care for her she wanted him to love her. Though it should be stated that she didn’t want his love for the sake of the love itself, no she wanted his love so that he would eventually be completely incapable of seeing anyone but her. So that he would always look to her first and foremost above all others and in so doing be willing to do ^anything^ for her.

And she knew that she would have it, she would have his love and she would use it to make him so blind to anyone and everything else around him that eventually at her word he would just stand there obediently as she drained the life out of his once precious ‘Scoobies’. Maybe even to the point where she would be able to order, *ahem* ‘suggest’ he bring them to her, knowing full well what she was going to do, himself. But she knew such things would take time. Yes, patience would be required. And it’s not like she aged and through her magicks neither would Alexander.

That was actually where she’d screwed up the most during her first stab at godhood, she’d been too hasty with her plans and she’d paid for it by having to start all over again. She should have just waited for a more opportune time to strike, waited for those that knew her and would stand in her way to grow feeble with age… Oh well, now she knew better.

So as she looked down on her Alexander she knew it was time to finish settling the leash around his throat. Now was the time to make him permanently hers and no others.

“Alex?” Selene cooed as she bent down and put her lips to his ear as he lay beneath her.

“Hmm?” Alexander murmured, his arousal thick in his voice. He was by this point near on completely overrun with what her closeness was doing to him. She knew that he had wanted her through most of the time that they’d known each other. And now, finally, he would have her and no other until the stars themselves had burned out, because that was just how long she planned on being around.

“If we do this you must understand that there is no going back.” Selene said as she brought herself up to look him straight in the eye. “If you offer yourself to me then you are mine without reservation. Do you understand?”

Xander’s mind was in a fog as he heard her words, and while normally he would be nervous considering the words that were coming out of Selene’s mouth but at that precise moment he just didn’t care anymore. His old life had been left behind as soon as he and Selene had crossed the Sunnydale city limits for what he hoped would be the last time. His friends had abandoned him, left him alone in the dust as they moved forward with their own lives. They had scorned him as they tried to forget that he’d even existed.

Just like Selene had said they would. Oh, if only he’d listened to her earlier than he wouldn’t have to be feeling the pain in his chest that flared up every time he thought about his former compatriots. But Selene… Sure he’d only known her for a handful of months but she had always been there for him ever since their first meeting in a dark alleyway about a block from the Bronze. Now that he thought about it though, and now that he knew what she was and what she had to do to survive, he supposed that she’d been feeding. The screams of the one she drained being what had initially brought his attention to her.

Oh well, whoever it was probably wasn’t that great a person to begin with anyway. The one thing that Selene had taught him over those last months was that there were very rarely any truly ‘good’ people in the world, especially on the Hellmouth. So with that thought brought forth and subsequently disregarded with a mental shrug Xander focused his attention back to what the woman in question was saying to him. This extra attention though made him even more acutely aware of her proximity to him, her moist breath against his ear making his hormones spike even more erratically as the proverbial fog in his mind became even thicker.

“Alexander, can you do this? Can you become mine? Only mine?” Selene asked, her eyes now fixed upon his, drawing him even further in. At her last question Xander could only slightly nod, this being the only action he was currently capable of to show that he agreed to her terms, and he found it strange how oddly enough he felt a pang of guilt, of remorse, at this ever so slight movement of his head. Now where had that come from? It was like whatever was left of how he’d been not even a week before was trying to make its way back to the surface of his mind. As if this little inkling of the old Xander was trying to say ‘Don’t do this! If you do this you can’t go back! Please, for the love of God, don’t do this!’

“Good Alex. But can you really do it?” Selene asked seriously as she cupped his face with her hands. “Can you throw away Xander and only be ^my^ Alexander? Can you truly cast aside your old life and come into this new one with me? …Can you be my Knight?” At this last set of questions Alex seemed to pause for a moment as if in thought and for a second Selene thought that he was getting cold feet. But then his eyes hardened in resolve before they met hers again. And then he uttered a single word, the one word that she’d longed to hear ever since she’d met him all those months ago.

“Yes.” Xander, no Alexander, said firmly his mind made up once and for all. Yes, Selene was of course right again and what she was asking of him wasn’t all that unreasonable really. Xander had been weak, a boy that had clung to ungrateful friends so hard and so long that he had mistaken that weakness for strength and so never thought to improve upon himself. Therefore letting those around him stomp all over his freely given ‘kindness’. But that was not the case with Alexander.

No, Alexander could be strong. He could be everything that Xander was not, everything that his former self could only wish he could be but was too afraid to go out into the world and make it so. And Alexander… Well, Alexander belonged completely, and wholly, to Selene. Yes, only to Selene.

‘Yes!’ Selene thought ecstatically within the confines of her mind. ‘He is mine!’ with this last thought she sealed the fate of Xander (as she brought forth Alexander) with a kiss. Then the true taste of his essence, of his never ending stream of life force, fell upon her and she was in complete and utter rapture.

And so the White Knight was no more and in his place someone new arose. Someone who would, in time, become the second of a new god and of a new order as he helped to cast down the old. The Black Knight had been born, and his Queen couldn’t be happier.

In that instance as the very last dregs of what the now former Xander Harris was and what he could have been (the Guardian of Man, the Slayer’s White Knight, the Savior of the Yellow Crayon) was cast aside, thrown away screaming and pleading into the dark. As this happened, as the last remnants of who would have eventually been considered to be one of the best and most true warriors of the light (had Selene not interfered) was cast into the abyss, in shame, to be forgotten and to fade into nothing, the self-proclaimed Powers That Be stood dumbstruck at their own folly as they wondered just how this could have happened. Just ^how^ did everything go so very, very wrong?

But it was too late, this couldn’t be fixed because not even ^they^ had the power to turn back time or affect free will. This couldn’t simply be mended and they couldn’t just pretend that the mess their negligence and disregard had made had never happened. No, they now had to reap what they had sown for oh so long and the world beneath them would tremble and be the first to suffer from their foolishness. And in that moment, in that fleeting flash of time as so many good things that could have been disappeared so as to never be realized, the world itself wept.

AN: So? How did I do? Writing it was definitely a different experience. Anyway, please leave a review they make my day ^^! Also some of you might be wondering why I didn't throw this in with the rest of my ficlet collection and to tell you the truth I don't really know. Just something about this story that when I finished it said that it was a stand alone. Hmm... Maybe someday I'll add more to it but don't hold your breath. Here's to hoping I see you all again next time. Cheers! ~Semet

AN: Ok it's almost 2 in the a.m. and I'm gonna hit the sack, later...

AN: (5/8/12) Just a bit of editing near the end hear. What reading it through think about a follow up and I noticed a few things that I should probably take a few minutes to fix.

The End

You have reached the end of "And the World Wept". This story is complete.

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