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Walking the Line

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Seeing Is Believing". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A different way of looking certain scenes from Fast & Furious (2009). A series of connected drabbles. Second story in the "Seeing Is Believing" series.

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Movies > Fast and the Furious, TheCorruptedSmileFR133517062,42516 Oct 1113 Nov 11Yes

Drabble Three

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise, I probably do own everything you don’t recognise and I’m not getting any money from these drabbles.

Universal Studios owns the rights to “Fast & Furious” (the 2009 film).

Fandom: Fast & Furious (2009).

Pairing: Brian/Dom.

Rating: FR13.

Spoilers: Definitely.

Summary: A different way of looking certain scenes from Fast & Furious (2009). A series of connected drabbles.


Story: Walking the Line

Drabble Three:

We’re sitting in separate seats. The table between us only emphasises the emotional and physical distance.

Our eyes lock and for one long minute, the world greys out around us. We’re the only two beings in the room. And then the sound comes back on.

“You two know each other?” (3)

‘You could say that,’ I think.

I can practically hear Brian say: that’s our secret.

“He used to date my sister,” I say. (4)

He doesn’t say anything, but then again, he doesn’t have to. He always was better at showing than at telling.

Dom slowly smirks. ‘Good times, good times.’

End of “Drabble Three”.

A/N: Reviews are welcomed; flames are not.

(3) and (4) Line from The Fast and The Furious. I can’t take credit for it.

Cryefourme gave me three words: “dirty little secret”. I decided to use a quote from the film and the prompt, centring a drabble around it. Pretty sure that she didn’t mean for me to use those words separately, though. Prompt: secret.

The End

You have reached the end of "Walking the Line". This story is complete.

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