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The Hub: The Series

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Hub". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Now in Season 2. Vampire mafiosos, werewolf bikers and collaborating humans make up this twisted AU of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Ensemble.

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1x05 'The End of Innocence'

The Hub
Season 1, Episode 5
“The End of Innocence” (Season Finale)

Start of Episode

Xander’s eyes slowly blink open, finding himself hanging upside down, but relative unharmed, as he discovers with a quick check that he still had retention in the use of his full body. A glance to the side reveals that Erica hasn’t fared as well, blood dripping into her blonde hair that was hanging beneath her, originating from a nasty gash on her forehead from where she’d smacked it on the passenger window with the force of the impact, her head shattering the glass and cutting her up real bad.

A look to the backseat shows that Serena is no longer in the car and Xander lets out a curse as he hears someone yelling ‘Hey!’ and then the sound of tires screeching against the street. Xander watches as the van that had hit them speeds off from the scene of the accident, Serena most likely unconscious and inside the van, at the mercy of whoever it was, although he knew it had to have been Purity.

“Hang on!” Xander hears the voice yell again, and then the sound of footsteps pounding up to the overturned Nissan, and is immensely relieved when met with the sight of Bodie Stone crouching down to the broken driver’s side window.

“Shit, Xan right?” the drug dealing panther asks, recognizing him as well. “You run with Foley.”

Xander nods, spitting out the blood that was pooling in his mouth as the taste of copper becomes increasingly bitter. “Get me outta here.”

Bodie nods quickly, using his heightened strength to pull open the door, and then help Xander ease himself out of the car.

“You got a car nearby?” Xander demands as soon as he’s standing upright, and Bodie nods. “I’ll give you a few hundred for a quick ride to the hospital, for both me and her.”

Bodie nods and jogs off to get his Ford Taurus that’s parked around the corner, as Xander quickly runs around to the passenger side of the car, quickly pulling the door open and unfastening Erica’s seatbelt and easing her semi-conscious form from the ruined vehicle. He quickly maneuvers her body into a cradle hold in front of him, with her head resting on his shoulder and chest.

“Erica? Come on lass, you gotta stay awake.” Xander lightly slapped the bloodied blonde’s cheek, rousing her as her eyes start to droop, and she coughs up a little blood.

“Wha’ happ’ed… hurts…” Erica mumbled through the haze of pain she’s currently experiencing.

“Shhh.. don’t talk. Save your energy to stay awake.” Xander tells her, and moves out of the way as Bodie’s truck comes roaring up. He quickly places Erica onto the seat after Bodie pushed the passenger door open, slipping in next to her, then helping her to lay across his lap, fairly certain that being upright in a bouncy truck, wouldn’t be very good for the blonde’s broken ribs.

No sooner does he have the door closed, does Bodie slam on the gas and peels off toward the hospital.

“Was that Purity?” Bodie asks as he turns the corner. “The other car I mean.”

Xander fixed him with a look, then nods. “They’ve been targeting the Lehanes.”

“Fuck.” Bodie curses, “Who’s the one that took off for the alley before I got there?”

Xander’s gaze shoots back up from where he’d been looking down at Veruca, to look at Bodie with wide eyes. “Serena got away?”

“Seemed so, she crawled out, I guess and booked it up the alley.” Bodie replies. “I’d have suggested driving round to pick her up, but those alleys are a labyrinth, and if the smell is any indication, this one don’t have that much time.”

Xander looks back down at the now unconscious Erica, giving her a slight shake that she doesn’t respond to. “Erica? ERICA?!”

“Chill man, she ain’t gone yet.” Bodie says, glancing down. “She ain’t gonna make it to the hospital in time though. You have to bite her.”

“What?” Xander exclaims with incredulity.

“Our healing abilities will keep her alive long enough for the docs to save her, trust me.” Bodie answers, keeping his eyes on the road as he speaks roughly. “Or she’ll be dead within the next ten minutes, make a goddamn choice.”

Xander paused for a moment, and then decided that he’d rather have the blonde hate him for the next few hundred years rather than her not being there at all. He quickly takes hold of Erica’s left wrist, bringing it to his mouth and sinking his teeth into her flesh as they elongate, the moonchild pushing the toxin that would spark the change into the woman’s bloodstream.

A few moments later he pulls away, and pulls out his cell phone, starting to dial James’ number to tell him what happened, when the adrenaline wears off and he succumbs into unconsciousness due to his own injuries.

“Fuck.” Bodie curses upon seeing this and puts on more speed.

Serena ran as fast as she could go, given the extent of the injuries she’d gotten from Xander’s Nissan flipping over multiple times, down the narrow alleyway she’d just ducked into. A grin comes over her face as she catches sight of the convinence store just around the corner from the WilkinsCorp building just beyond the mouth of the alleyway, and puts on an extra burst of speed, running out of the enclosure just as the van that had slammed into them screeches to a halt a few feet from her.

Serena immediately stops and moves to flee the other way, but the backdoor flies open and she’s grabbed by the two men that jump out at her. She struggles as best she can, but is disoriented and weak from the first attack, easily falling to the cloth soaked in chloroform that is pressed against her face.

Riley Finn tosses the unconscious form of the youngest Lehane in the back of the van before he and Holtz jump back in as well, and their driver Parker Abrams speeds off with haste. None of them notice Serena’s cell phone laying on floor of the van, having fallen from her coat as she’s tossed inside.

The Clinic

“Yo!” Bodie yelled as he ran into the waiting room, drawing the attention of Cordelia and Fred as their conversation was interrupted. “I got a couple people that were in a car accident in my truck, and they’re both in a bad way.”

The two vampire doctors explode into action, quickly following Bodie out to where his truck is parked, half on the curb. They quickly pull Xander and Erica from the cab, and ease the two onto the gurneys as a couple others come out with the transportable ‘beds’.

“Holy shit, it’s Xander.” Cordelia exclaims, recognizing her former lover through the blood that covers his face, and she turns to Bodie. “What the hell happened?”

Bodie gives a shrug. “Some van barreled into his Nissan, he said he thought it was Purity before he passed out.”

“This one has a fresh bite.” Fred comments low as she looks over Erica, only Bodie and Cordy can hear.

“That was him, she’d have died en route otherwise.” Bodie says and both doctors give a nod.

“Serena!” Xander suddenly mumbles in slumber, and Bodie blanches.

“Ah shit, and one of the Lehanes was with them too, but she got out and took off for the alley before I could get to the wreckage, after that I was too preoccupied with getting these to here to call Foley and give him the heads up.”

“Heads up for what?” Faith asked as she and James emerge from the hospital with Jesse behind them, still having been there from when Shane Fitzpatrick had been brought in the night before. Her eyes widen as she recognizes Xander laid out on the gurney and she turns to face Bodie. “Where’s my sister?!”

Not getting an answer, she pulls out her cell phone and dials Serena’s number, listening to it ring and then go to voicemail before letting out a string of curses.

“WHERE THE FUCK IS SERENA!?!?” she screams at Bodie, who backs up a step, almost defensively as he feels Faith’s anger flare as the woman’s wolf comes to the forefront.

“I don’t know.” He tells her, giving a thankful look to James as he comes up to console the older sister, who leans into him for comfort. “But I’ll help you find her.”

Liam was furious with himself as he got off the phone with James, who’d just informed him of Xander and Erica turning up at the hospital.

“God damn it!” He yells, startling Dawn out of her slumber on the couch.

“What happened?” his favored childe inquires, rubbing at her eyes to get the sleep out of them, her tone belaying her worry.

“Purity took another shot, caused an accident that has Xander Harris and Erica Summers in the hospital, and Serena Lehane is missing.” Liam tells Dawn as he pinches the bridge of his nose with his fingers, feeling a migrane building up.

“That lounge singer you got me to hire?” Dawn returns, her tone betraying her perplexion. “How’d she get involved in this shit?”

“I’m not sure, but she’s gonna be involved on a permanent basis for here on out, Harris infected her to save her life.”

“Better that than having to tell your squeeze that her sister was killed because of our bullshit.” The brunette replies, trying to put things into perspective before her boss got all broody.

“I suppose, except that it’s going to make things harder since I’m not going to be seeing her anymore.” Liam replies. “Purity is far too big a threat, and I won’t risk her life.”

Dawn nods sympathetically, having made similar choices with several of her past loves, and not envying the situation that Liam currently found himself in. “It’s the right move, much as it sucks.” She says softly, herself sad that things had ended up this way, she rather liked the blonde girl that her boss was enamored of.

The Clinic

Elizabeth all but ran into the lobby of the clinic that they’d said Erica had been taken to, almost knocking over Cordelia in her hurry.

“Whoa, easy!” Cordelia chastises, her vampire abilities keeping her and the blonde from crashing to the floor.

“Sorry.” Elizabeth apologizes, pulling herself upright. “My sister was in an accident, I was told that she was brought here.”

“What’s the name?” Cordy inquires, leading her over to the nurses station.

“Erica Summers, she’s blonde like me, and a few inches taller.” Elizabeth replies in a rush.

“Yeah, she’s here. She actually just got out of surgery and is resting, in stable condition.” Cordelia assures the near-hysterical blonde woman, who immediately sags in relief.

“Oh thank god.” She exclaims, the terror for her sister’s safety fading. “Can I see her?”

“She’s still under the observation period for the next hour or so, but then yes, we’ll allow her to have visitors.” Cordelia replies, omitting the fact that Erica had shifted to wolf form from the infection shortly as the surgery was coming to a close, and had not yet shifted back to human, or that Xander and Fred were in the room for when the woman’s sister regained human form, to explain things to her, if needed.

“Okay, I’ll wait.” Elizabeth nods, moving over to the row of chairs lining the wall and taking a seat.

Cordelia watches her for a couple moments, then goes into the back area of the clinic, and into the room where Xander and Fred are keeping an eye on the light brown wolf that is laid out on the ‘bed’, its chest slowly rising and falling.

“Any change yet?” she asks her fellow doctor and the moonchild, both shaking their heads.

“Not yet, no. I don’t think it’ll take much longer, though. Least I hope, but-” Xander stops talking as wolf-Erica suddenly convulses, the shaking lasting a couple seconds before she stretches her form out, slowly changing back into human form.

“What happened, and why was I just a wolf?” Erica asks, although she’s already guessed the answer to her own question.

“Some crazy fucks hit my Nissan with a van, I had to infect you to keep you from bleeding to death.” Xander replies, his voice recalcitrant.

Erica is silent for a few moments as she processes how close she’d come to death, and happy to be alive, she pushed all the anger stemming from the loss of her humanity to the back of her mind, giving Xander a curt nod. “Thank you.”

Xander gave a slight bow of the head, still feeling bad for having to be the one to bite her.

“Hey, I’ll be fine.” Erica tells him, surprising herself with how well she was taking the situation, maybe it was something to do with her newly acquired moonchild abilities. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“Your sister is here, I told her to wait an hour, since you hadn’t shifted back yet.” Cordy reports and Erica nods again.

“Code of secrecy and all that?” Erica guesses.

“Pretty much.” The brunette doctor agrees.

Boston – Outside Aura’s apartment.

“Well her car’s still here.” Niki commented from the passenger seat as Nina pulled her car to a stop on the curb next to the apartment building where Aura lives, the driver remaining behind as Niki and Vi get out of the car and walk up and into the building.

They quickly ascend the staircase to the second floor and start making their way down the corridor, stopping after just a few feet as Vi halts Niki from progressing further.

“Those bastards that shot up the tattoo shop were here, at least one of the last two.” The redhead whispers, pulling her gun out and indicating for Niki to do the same. The blonde pulls her Beretta out and gives a nod before the pair proceed to the door.

Vi slowly reaches out, turning the knob and pushing open the door, not missing the fact that it’s not locked.

“Aura?” she calls into the apartment hopefully, taking a tentative step in and keeping her gun at the ready. A few more steps in and she can see the mess left by the struggle Aura had with her abductors, and turns to face Niki. “She ain’t here, looks like she’s been taken too.”

Niki nods grimly and leads the way out, Vi following a moment after. The two come out of the building, crossing the street and walking up the sidewalk to where Nina’s car is parked. Vi takes the passenger seat as Niki gets in the back.

“No sign?” Nina asks, starting the car up, and pulling away from the curb.

“There was a struggle.” Vi replies sullenly. “I think Purity took her.”

“Shit!” Nina cursed, then the horn honked as she punched the steering wheel angrily, drawing annoyed looks from several passerbys as she drove on.

The elevator opened with a ding, and the two moonchild street cops step off, having been sent to see if Serena had come back to the psychiatrist’ office after she’d disappeared from the accident site.

“You really think she’d come back here?” Pike asks his partner, who shrugs.

“It’s the closest place to where that shit went down, she might have.” JT replies, pushing open the door to the outer waiting room, finding the door to the main room open and the sound of someone vacuuming inside. The two share a look before proceeding, finding a older man cleaning the carpet of the room, who looks over at them as they come in, quickly powering the vacuum down.

“Can I help you?” the older man inquires politely, both Pike and JT flashing their badges.

“Looking for the doc, she leave early?” Pike asks as the two return their id’s into their pockets.

The man gives a shrug, not knowing. “I got a call from the building management twenty minutes ago, said the doctor that had rented out this space had come down and absolved her lease, then took off.”

“Son of a bitch.” JT curses under his breath, that only Pike hears. He gives a nod and leads the other cop out to the waiting room as the old man begins working again.

“What are you thinking?” Pike asks as they stop just before the door to the exit.

“I think we might have found our rat.” JT replies darkly, and Pike’s eyes widen for a moment as certain things fall into place, but then his own expression darkens.

“For the attacks on the Lehanes maybe, but who’s the one that tied the weapon used on Blim and Gates together for the feds?”

JT doesn’t have an answer, he just stalks out and Pike follows. “We should check Scarlet Rain.”

“Yeah.” JT agrees, stopping suddenly as his cell phone rings, the cop quickly pulling it out and answering. “Sullivan.” He intones

“All units, we have several reports of an apparent suicide down on the west side of the wharfs, please respond.” The police radio in William’s unmarked car sounds off as he and Jimmy are driving down Maplewood street.

“We’re two minutes out.” Jimmy notes and William gives a nod, grabbing the transmitter and holding it to his mouth.

“Pratt and Halloran from Homicide, we’re en route.” The vampire detective says, a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that they weren’t going to be finding no suicide.

“Roger that detective.” The dispatcher says back, and William turns down the alley to take a shortcut to the location, getting there a few seconds earlier than anticipated, and William pulls the car to a stop at the lot on the edge of the wharf.

The two detectives disembark from the car, slamming the doors shut before they quickly make their way down the hill next to the wharf, seeing the crowd that has gathered down below.

“Fuck.” William curses at the sight that greets them upon the end of their descent, the dead woman hanging from a rope tied to the railing of the pier. Jimmy stands next to him, his features grim as well, and turns to look at William.

“Another ‘bird’ you knew?” Jimmy asks, but William shakes his head.

“Not personally, no.” He denies. “But I do know who she is.”

He goes silent from there, his eyes locked on the blue tinged face of Aura Matthews, one of the employees of Faith’s tattoo shop. A few moments pass and then he turns to Jimmy.

“Go cut her down, I’ll catch her and we’ll wait for the coroner after.” He instructs, and Jimmy gives a brief nod before jogging back up the embankment and down the edge of the wharf above.

“Still nothing.” Faith announced anguished as she threw the cell phone to the floor of the car. “I don’t think she even has it turned on, probably forgot to after her appointment.”

“We’ll find her, I promise.” James tells her firmly, not wanting her to give up hope that Serena was still alive. Faith fixed him with a unreadable look for a few moments, then nods, turning to look out the window as James drives on.

A few minutes pass as the two sit in silence, the only noise being the muffled sounds of the city filtering in through the closed windows, and then James’ cell phone rings. He pulls it out and flips it open before holding it to his ear.

“Give me good news.” He says into the phone hopefully.

“Wish I could boss.” Niki’s voice sounds through the receiver. “Me and Vi went to check up on Aura since she hasn’t called. She wasn’t there and there were signs of a fight. Vi thinks Purity took her.”

The Clinic

Erica looked up from the bed as Elizabeth entered, her younger sister crossing the room quickly to throw her arms around the bed-ridden blonde, who winces slightly with the pressure being applied to her battered form in the hug, but then lifts her own arms to hug her sister back.

“Are you okay?” Elizabeth demands, her voice heavy with concern as the two break apart a few moments later, and Erica nods.

“Had better days, but I’ll survive.” The older Summers’ sister replies, lowering herself back so her head rests on the pillows. “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right.”

“Yeah.” Elizabeth agrees, her tone lightening considerably. “I was terrified you were gonna leave me.”

“Not gonna happen for a long, long time sis.” Erica promises, the other girl having no clue just how true Erica’s words would be.

Providence, Rhode Island

“This the place?” Jack O’Toole asks Darius as he pulls the car to a stop out in front of the butcher shop that their drug connection had requested to meet at. The Raven Heart Alpha gives a brief nod before getting out of the car, Jack mirroring him on the other side and coming around. The two men are about to enter when Darius’ cell rings and he pulls it out, giving Jack a nod to continue on inside. “I’ll be in shortly.”

Jack nods, the turns and pulls the door open and disappearing inside. Darius holds the phone up to his ear as he answers the call.

“Foley? What going on?” Darius asks.

“Purity’s speeding up whatever plans they have.” The Blood Clover clan alpha tells him grimly. “Aura Matthews is dead, and Serena’s missing. She was with Xander and this other girl that Liam knows too I guess, when they rammed Xan’s Nissan. You need to watch your back, they’re not hiding anymore.”

“Thanks for the heads up man, I’m in Providence right now, with Jack for business. Soon as I get done here, we’ll come join you and help you find Serena.” Darius says.

“Alright, stay safe. See you soon.” James replies before the line clicks off and Darius shoves the phone back in his pocket.

He crosses the rest of the distance to the door, opening it and stepping in. Seconds after the door closes, the windows of the first two floors explode out into the street, flames shooting out. For a few moments the sound of fire alarms going off is heard, but then the inferno melts them to nothing.

“Will?” the vampire detective looks up from the covered body of Aura Matthews at the base of the pier, Wesley and Tara working to load the dead moonchild into a body bag for transport to the morgue.

“What’s up Jim.” He asks, looking over at his partner.

“I was gonna wait to tell you, but given the way things have been the past couple week, I decided you should be the first to know.” Jimmy says, hesitating for a moment, then continues. “After this shit blows over, I’m gonna be leaving Boston. I can’t live in this world of yours, it’s too chaotic.”

“I understand.” William replies, somewhat saddened by the news, but years of practice allowed him to conceal his feelings. “It’ll be a shame to lose you as a partner, but I can’t say I blame you. Just make sure you keep your silence of certain things.”

“Three years of working together and that’s the best you got?”

“What do you want me to say Jim?” William replies defensively. “You want out, I don’t have that option. Nothing else to be done with it, so yeah that’s the best I got. Have a good life my friend.”

William is silent as he walks past Jimmy and back up the hill, the human homicide detective watching him go for a couple moments before his gaze falls on the body bag holding Aura as Wes and Tara zip it up.


Oz checked his watch for the fifth time in the past fifteen minutes, a worried look on his face as his gaze moves to the cell phone on the bar in front of him.

“Problems?” Doyle asks from the other side of the bar.

“I don’t know, maybe.” Oz replies, taking a cigarette from the pack Doyle offers out, lighting it up. “Veruca should have checked in fifteen minutes ago, she’s never been late.”

“You think something happened?” the bar owner asks, lighting up a cigarette for himself.

“I’m hoping not, but the luck we’ve had the past couple days, it’s making me think all sorts of bad shit.” Oz replies.

“Should James know about this?” Doyle questions and Oz fixes him with an unreadable look.

“I’ll give her ten more minutes.” Oz decides aloud, taking a drag off the cigarette. “Then I’ll call.”

Verizon Building

“Where’s James?” Dawn asks as Faith walks up to where she’s standing at the edge of the building, holding the door open.

“Oz called, said something was up with Veruca. He went to go meet with Liam about something important, said he’d be back to pick me up in an hour.” Faith replies.

“Won’t take more than forty minutes to get a lock on Serena’s cell, given that it’s turned on.” Dawn tells her as Faith comes up and steps through the open door. Dawn lets it close behind them as the two supernatural women make their way down the corridor and then a staircase to the basement.

Dawn leads the way into a room of cubicle offices devoid of any life due to the fact it was the weekend, quickly crossing the expanse and dropping into a leather chair in one of the more secluded offices. She presses the button on the computer tower to boot it up, and then grabs a pad of paper and a sharpie, sliding them across the desk towards Faith as she drops into a chair next to the desk.

“Write down Serena’s number on there.” The Consigliore of the Hub tribe instructs, and the moonchild quickly jots down the digits on the paper.

Dawn quickly starts up the tracing program on the computer, plugging Serena’s cell number into the search query, and then clicking on the button to start the satellite scan.

“Okay, if she’s still within the limits of the suburbs, we’ll be able to pick up her signal and track it to wherever the cell phone is, hopefully they’ll be one and the same.” Dawn informs her. “It’s gonna take a few minutes though.”

Faith nods and shifts her gaze from Dawn to the computer screen, watching it intently as the minutes tick by.

Location Unknown

Serena let out a groan as she came to, feeling a wave of nausea hit her a couple seconds before she empties the contents of her stomach onto the floor of the cell she found herself in. She gasps a couple times to catch her breath, and then slowly pulls herself to her feet, using her right arm to brace herself against the wall as she wobbles with the movement.

A few minutes pass as she pulls herself together, gathering enough of her strength to stumble over to the barred wall. She presses her face into one of the gaps between bars and tries to see if anyone’s around, but finds no one in her peripheral, the concrete wall continuing a foot an a half past the bars, and obscuring her from even seeing whatever lies beyond the wall.

“Whoever you are, you better let me the fuck out of here!” Serena yells, hoping that someone is close enough to hear, and she hears the muffled yell of someone in the distance telling her to ‘shut the hell up freak’ and glowers at the opposite wall.

“Who’s that?” she hears a female voice say a moment later, and tilts her head as she recognizes the speaker.

“Veruca?” the youngest Lehane inquires. “It’s Serena.. Lehane. Faith’s sister. What happened?”

“Fuckin hell.” Veruca curses as Serena identifies herself. “I got played damn good, Walsh knew I wasn’t who I was claiming to be the whole time. Bitch had one of her lackeys taser me.”

“They got me with chloroform.” Serena reveals, and Veruca nods despite knowing the other moonchild cannot see her.

“Yeah, that’s how Aura said they took her down too.”

“Aura was here?”

“Was being the operative word, yeah.” Veruca replies. “They took her out of here about six or seven hours ago.”

“My sister and friends will find us, I’m sure of it.” Serena says, already sure that Aura is dead in her mind, but keeping those thoughts to herself.

Black Rose Casino

James finally got through to Liam on the cell phone as he entered the casino, heading speedily towards where Liam’s social club resided, disguised as a VIP lounge.

“What is it?” Liam’s voice questions from the other end.

“I’m on my way to your club, don’t want to talk in public about this.” James says, hanging up the phone and returning it to his pocket as he pushed through the crowds, and into the Fireside Lounge before going up the stairs.

He gives a nod to Rondell, who knocks on the door as he approaches and Gunn opens it from the other side, beckoning James in and closing it behind him.

“We might have more problems.” The moonchild announces darkly, looking at Liam as he sits behind his desk. “Veruca never checked in with Oz, and she was supposed to finally meet Walsh this morning. I’m thinking she got found out.”

Liam looks grim and gives a nod, turning to Gunn. “Call Holland, tell him to activate the contingency plan.

Gunn nods and grabs the phone off it’s cradle on the desk, dialing up Holland’s office at W&H, and listening to it ring for a couple moments then hears the click of the other end being picked up.

“Boss says to activate the conintegncy.” Gunn says quickly into the phone.

“Ten minutes, and I’ll call you back with the location.” Holland replies, hanging up the phone.

“He’s gonna call back.” Gunn informs the two, who both nod and fall into silence as they wait.

Verizon Building

“We got a lock.” Dawn announced as the monitor beeped and a small window popped up in the middle of the screen, with the information on the location that Serena’s cell phone signal has been tri-angulated to, the address of a farm about twenty minutes outside of the city.

“Excellent.” Faith grinned savagely, pulling her cell phone out and calling James to give him the good news.

“Faith?” her lover’s voice comes over the receiver.

“We found out where Serena is, or at least her cell phone.” Faith reports with hopeful relief in her voice. “It’s this farm in-”

“Sudbury.” James interrupts, and Faith gapes.

“How did you?” she asks in bewilderment.

“Veruca didn’t check in as planned, we think she’s been compromised, and that’s where she is too.” James replies on the other end. “I’m on my way to pick both you and Dawn up, Liam’s calling a meeting to discuss certain things. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Okay, meet you outside then.” Faith says, hanging up the phone and turning to Dawn. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Just a moment.” Dawn replies, pulling a compact disk out of her jacket and inserting it into the drive, then quickly uploads the virus on the disk to the network server, erasing the log of Serena’s cell being tracked, ensuring the workers of the company wouldn’t be able to do it themselves. When this is finished, she pulls the disk back out and then nods to Faith. “Kay, all done.”

The Clinic

“Holy shit!” Xander exclaimed as he turned at the sound of the outer doors sliding open, and is met with the sight of Darius stumbling in, his face and clothes splattered with blood.

“The majority of my clan are gone.” The Raven Heart alpha announcing, half collapsing against the wall as Xander moves toward him. “James was right, Purity is upping their game. O’Toole’s dead, took three bullets for me.”

“Easy man.” Xander helps Darius into one of the chairs, then turns towards where the nurse station is, further up the corridor. “Cordy!” he yells out to his former lover, then turns back to Darius as the doctor makes her way over.

“No need, I’m fine.” Darius shakes his head. “I’m just a bit disoriented from almost getting blown to pieces.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Cordelia replies, shoving Xander to the side as she begins an examination of the wounded moonchild, flashing a light in his eyes a couple times. “Looks like you might have a mild concussion.”

“I’ll be good in an hour.” Darius brushes her off, pulling himself to his feet. “Call James and tell him I’m in for anything he has planned against those fuckers.”

Xander nods, pulling his cell phone out and walking deeper into the clinic as he dialed James’ number. Darius follows after him, reluctantly allowing Cordelia to assist him along.

Boston - Streets

“What’s up?” Pike asks as he holds the phone up to his ear, easing his car to a stop at the corner.

“James has called a meeting, just wanted to make sure you knew.” JT says from the other end.

“Yeah I heard, I’m on my way there now.” Pike replies, turning the corner onto the street that the casino was on, slowing down as someone starts crossing the road, allowing them to pass. “I’m maybe eight minutes away, so I’ll-”

Pike is cut off as the passenger window explodes inward as a bullet shatters it, barely missing Pike’s head. “SHIT!” he yells dropping the phone as he fumbles for his gun.

He lets out a string of curses as the pedestrian also starts firing on his car, peppering the windshield with holes. Pike takes advantage of a lapse in the gunfire to pop up and empty half the clip into the passenger side shooter, dropping the man to the ground.

He kicks open the driver’s side door and crouches down, slipping a fresh clip into his gun as the pedestrian does the same, both firing at each other once more. Pike manages to drop the second one as well, but is hit several times in the process.

The last thing he hears before passing out is the sound of distant sirens and JT’s frantic yells from the cell phone on the floor of the car.

Sudbury – Corwin Farm

Veruca stood from the old cot against the wall of her cell, as she heard the door to the basement open and someone coming down the stairs. She lets out a sigh of relief a moment later as Graham came into view, stepping into the space outside the bars of her prison.

“Thank Christ.” She exclaims, moving over to the bars. “You gotta get me and her out of here.” She tells the undercover agent, who gives a brief nod as he pulls out the keys that he’d pilfered from the guard that currently lay unconscious in the office above. He sticks one of the keys in the lock, beginning to turn it, when a gunshot rings out and he collapses against the bars.

Veruca lets out a scream as she’s hit with a splatter of blood from where the bullet fired by Riley had pierced right through Graham, and watches in horror as the undercover slumps to the floor in a heap.

“Fuckin traitor.” She hears Riley spit out, and somewhere in the distance Serena screams as Riley finishes opening Veruca’s cell, and tasers the blonde again.

Veruca’s weakened state prevents her from putting up much of a fight as Riley grabs and half drags/half carries her from the room, and up the stairs.

“VERUCA!!” Serena yells from her own cell as she hears the door slam close behind them, tears pooling in her eyes.

Graham, however, is not dead yet as Riley thought. The undercover slowly drags himself around to the front of Serena’s cell, looking up at the girl and beckoning her to get closer as he pulls himself up to the bars.

Serena complies after a moment of thought, putting the side of her face as near as she can get to Graham’s, listening as he whispers something to her, which causes her eyes to widen. She turns to look at him, but the life is gone from his eyes and she realizes that the man is dead.


Doyle unlocked the door, pulling it open to allow entrance to Ethan Rayne and Kasey Fitzpatrick at the sound of the coded knock.

“That’s everyone.” Giles comments from his seat at one of the tables near the bar. Liam, Dawn, Willow, Gunn and Cassie also seated around it. The bar itself is lined with the leaders of the moonchildren in the city, with James, Faith, Oz, Vi, Bodie, and Tall Man all gathered, each looking ready to kill.

“Good.” Liam remarks from his seat, as Ethan, Doyle and Kasey came up to the group. “So here’s the plan…”

Sudbury – Corwin Farm

Vincent Teller’s head shot to the side at the sound of a thump from just beyond where Riley’s van was parked, his curiosity urging him to investigate. He walks up to the front of the car, about to turn around to see behind it when Bodie and Tall Man grab him from where they’d been hiding in the bushes, any cry he might have made silenced by the hand clamped over his mouth as he’s pulled down out of sight from the windows.

“Die motherfucker.” Bodie spits on the cultist as Tall Man holds him down, the panther pulling his knife out and savagely cutting Teller’s throat. The two panthers quickly leave their victim behind, slowly creeping around the side of the house in time to see Gunn and Rondell dragging a couple more of the cultists into the rows of corn that surrounded the large house.

“Exterior is secure.” Bodie says into the walkie talkie as he holds it up to his mouth.

Thomas Holtz moved over to the microwave as it dinged, opening and pulling out the reheated plate of pasta. He moves over to the kitchen table and sits down with his back to the sliding glass door to the balcony. If he hadn’t been half deaf, he might have been alerted to the fact that Oz was just outside the room, slowly working to slide open the door.

Holtz lifts a forkful of the fettuccine to his mouth, chewing it a few times before Oz managed to creep up behind him, and with a quick movement, has a wire around his throat with the moonchild holding it tight.

The struggle is short and brutal with Holtz clutching vainly at the wire digging into the flesh of his throat, and then slowly slumping against Oz, eyes wide and bloodshot. Oz gives the dead man a brief glance of disinterest, then pushes him forward so his face falls into the pile of pasta on the plate in front of him.

Dawn held up her hand, stopping Ethan and Kasey from proceeding for a moment as the three came up to the entryway of the living room. She takes a quick look around the corner, counting five of the cultists, including Percy, sitting around the room, watching the television in the corner.

She motions for the other two to stay put and then speedily crosses to the other side of the opening into the room. She holds up five fingers to emphasize the number within, then starts counting down from three.

At Dawn’s nod, Kasey and Ethan join her, emptying each of the clips on their silenced guns into the cultists, dropping each of them quite efficiently.

“What was that?” Maggie asked suddenly, her gaze moving from Veruca, who’s bound to an examination table with leather restraints, the doctor holding a needle that is currently drawing blood from the crook of the blonde moonchild’s arm. The former soldier shrugs unhelpfully, and she rolls her eyes. “Well go find out!” She orders impatiently, and Riley obeys.

He exits the room and begins to make his way to the staircase, but is grabbed as he passes by an open door, getting yanked inside by James. The two struggle in the shadows of the room for a few moments before James gets the upper hand and gets the former soldier into a tight strangle hold.

Riley attempts to bull his way forward and get free by slamming James into the wall, but Faith joins him from the shadows, quickly plunging her knife into Riley’s back and pulling it out to repeat a couple times.

James gives a slight nod to Liam as he passes the door, having been hidden at the top of the staircase, making his way to where Walsh is.

The vampire kicks the door open and strides in purposefully, raising his gun and shooting the scalpel out of Walsh’s hand as she attempts to hold it to Veruca’s throat, the action taking a few of Walsh’s fingers with it, and she stumbles back, screaming out in pain. Liam fires again, catching the cult leader in the stomach and knocking her off her feet.

He quickly strides over to where Veruca is strapped down, keeping his gun trained on Walsh as he loosens the restraints until the moonchild is able to pull herself free.

“Give me your gun.” Veruca requests, not looking at Liam, her eyes fixed on the wounded doctor sprawled on the floor. She hops off the table as Liam holds it out, reloading the chamber in a fluid moment, the click the only sound in the room outside Walsh’s rasping attempts to breathe.

“This is for my sister, you bitch.” Veruca sneers, tightening her finger on the trigger and firing a bullet into Walsh’s throat, and as the doctor clutches at the hole in her neck, the next shot finds her forehead and she stops moving completely.

Both Veruca and Liam stare down at the dead woman for a few moments before the moonchild speaks. “It’s done. It’s finally over.”

“Not quite yet, it ain’t” Faith disagrees and she and James enter the room. “Where’s my sister?”

“Down in the basement.” Veruca reveals immediately, and Faith nods before hurrying out, James remaining as she runs to find the youngest Lehane.

“That’s Walsh?” the Irishman asks, glancing down at the bloody body on the floor, and both Liam and Veruca nod. “Good.”

“What now?” Veruca inquires, finally tearing her gaze away from Walsh’s body, and realizing just how far out of the loop she’d been with everyone else involved. Neither James nor Liam have an answer for her though, not at the moment.

A few moments of silence befall the room, and is ended with the shrill ring of James’ cell phone, which he quickly answers.

“Nathan?” he asks, then is silent for a moment. “It’s finished on our end, so if you think it’d help you, make the call.”

“SERENA!” Faith yelled as she, Vi and Cassie ran down into the basement via the entrance in the back.

“I’m in here!” Serena’s voice calls from her cell and Faith skids to a stop as she reaches the front of the cell. She quickly shoves the prone form of Graham across the floor, so that he’s out of the way of the cell door. “Thank god Faith, I thought I was gonna die down here when they took Veruca. Is she?”

“Veruca’s fine.” Faith replies, drawing her sister into a hug from opposite sides of the bars.

“Got a key, I hope.” Vi announces as she and Cassie go through Graham’s pockets, tossing the item in question to Faith, who catches it in the downward arc.

The female alpha of the Blood Clovers has the cell door open within a few seconds and then the two sisters share a proper, and quite desperate hug as Vi and Cassie watch for a moment, then turn to walk out, knowing that the Lehanes would follow when they were ready to.

The Clinic

“How is he?” JT asked Cordelia as she emerged from the back room, Xander, Jesse, Niki, and Nina standing as well, the five having been anxiously waiting for news on Pike’s surgery.

“We removed all four bullets successfully, and Pike’s in stable condition. He’s resting in the ICU, but both me and Fred are pretty sure he’s going to be okay.”

Her announcement is met with delighted hollers and relieved sighs from the assembled Blood Clovers, overjoyed that their clansman would be alright.

“That being said, we did lose him briefly on the table, and I can’t say for sure if this will have any lasting effects or not.” Cordy adds, keeping her voice controlled, and kicking herself for having to dampen the mood.

“Well this is going to put a serious dent in my success rate.” Stein remarked drolly as he stood on the edge of the farmhouse that had only an hour before been confirmed as the Purity Headquarters. Now it was nothing more than burned out husk of a building, and numerous bodies had been pulled out of the wreckage.

“Has there been any word from Miller?” Fries asks from where he stood a few feet from Stein, puffing on a cigar as he leaned against his car.

“No.” Stein replies with a sorrow in his voice. “I believe we’re gonna find him among them.” He says, indictating the near dozen sheet-covered bodies laid out around the perimeter of the building.

“You’re not gonna believe this.” Knox tells them as he walks up, stowing his phone back into his pocket. “I just got a call from Warden Salo over at Shirley. Apparently an inmate has information on the murder of Forrest Gates.”

“Lehane?” Fries questions with incredulity, but Knox nods an affirmative.

“He and two others are offering up evidence, in exchange for sped up parole hearings.” Knox reports.

“Make the deal.” Stein instructs, his voice bland. “I want someone to charge in all this.”

Precinct 17

“Jono, do you have the report on Aura-” Wesley stopped short in his questioning as he saw that his fellow crime lab technician was absent from his office. Shrugging his shoulders, he enters the enclosed office, flipping through the papers and files on Levinsen’s desk, eyes catching on a folded up post-it that is half hidden under the computer monitor.

He grabs it up, unfolding it quickly and holding it in front of him for a moment. He lets out a muttered string of curses a moment later, and stalks out of the office, shutting the door behind him.

The Clinic

Xander looked up as the group of Liam, James, Faith, Serena, Oz, Veruca, Dawn and Kasey came up to the entrance and through the doors to the clinic. The others had departed as soon as they’d heard that the Purity issue had become a worry of the past.

“All good?” Xander questioned as the eight walked toward him.

“Bout as well as can be expected.” Faith replied quickly, before pulling Serena along with her, further into the clinic and seeking one of the doctors to check the youngest Lehane over. Oz and Veruca each gave a nod before following after, the latter leaning against the former for support, still feeling a little bit woozy from the drugs that Walsh had pumped into her.

Kasey also wandered off, heading the room that her comatose brother was laid up in, leaving James, Liam and Dawn standing with Xander.

“You can go home if you want, get some sleep.” James tells Xander, who shakes his head.

“Nah. It’s my fault that Erica is one of us, I’m not leaving til she’s out of here.” Xander replies.

“Fair enough, but get some sleep at least. You look like shit.” James informs his friend and sub-ordinate.

“Pot, meet kettle.” Xander snarks, then throws his hands up defensively as James throws him a faux-glare. “Fine, I’m going, I’m going.” He acquiesces before moving off to do so.

Parker let the brunette woman in the doctor’s garb slump to the floor, having grabbed her from behind and pistol whipped the back of her head to knock her out. A glance at her name tag tells him her last name is Burkle before he steps over her. He grabs the white coat off the back of the chair in the office, quickly shrugging it on before opening the door and stepping out, closing it behind him with the doorknob lock secured from the other side to delay anyone finding the unconscious doctor before he’d completed his intended task.

He stepped out into the corridor and crosses the distance to where the nurse’s station is located, pausing at the corner and peeking around.

A savage grin comes over his face as he recognizes both Liam and James standing nearby, and the one who’s car he’d rammed hours earlier. He takes a step out and starts firing.

“SHIT!” Xander yelled as he dove forward to avoid being hit by the man who’d just come out from the west corridor, the bullet impacting into the wall as he slide out of sight behind the counter, quickly turning around and getting up. He pulls his gun out in a fluid motion

James, Liam and Dawn also dive for cover as Parker turns the gun in their direction, squeezing off five more wild shots. He goes to shoot more but the gun jams with a loud click, which Xander takes advantage of.

He strides out from around the corner, aiming his gun at the cultist, and moving up close. Parker has nearly wet himself by the time that Xander’s gun presses against the flesh of his forehead, the man clearly terrified but not backing down in the face of death.

“Do it, you unnatural fuck.” Parker sneers, and Xander responds by cold-clocking him with the butt of the gun across the face, knocking him out.

He goes to kick the fallen cultist in the face but is distracted by Erica’s scream.

“ELIZABETH!” the older Summers’ sister screams a moment after the two hear the shots, Erica seeing a red stain beginning to form on the front of her sister’s shirt, covering her chest.

Elizabeth opens her mouth to say something back, but then clutches at her chest and collapses to the floor. Erica throws herself out of the bed, quickly crawling over to her fallen sister and pulling her into her arms. “No, no, no, no, NOOOO!”

She vaguely hears the sounds of a scuffle outside the room, and then pounding footsteps as Liam and Dawn rush over to the entrance, Erica’s gaze rising from the form of her dying sister to Liam, who pales at the sight.

“Help me?” Erica pleads, her voice sounding lost. “You can save her, please don’t let her die.”

Liam shares a brief look with Dawn who nods and pulls the door closed as Liam enters, allowing the three occupants of the room some privacy for what’s about to happen.

Shirley State Correctional

“This better not be more of your bullshit.” Fries warns gruffly as Nathan enters the room and takes a seat at the table across from Knox.

“It isn’t.” Nathan promises. “Your boss agreed to my terms on this?”

He gives a slight smirk as Knox and Fries both reluctantly nod. “Okay then gentlemen, we can do business then. The Aryans did Gates, like they needed a reason with their race purity code. Not sure which one did the deed properly, but I know that Cutler has the weapon that was used.”

“Any idea where we could find this weapon?” Knox asks, and Nathan gives a shrug.

“They more or less have control of that cell block, could be as easy as just searching his cell.” Nathan answers with a shrug, leaning back in the chair as he glances between the two agents. “Cutler’s an arrogant son of a bitch, wouldn’t put it past him to hide his shit in near plain sight.”

“Do you wish to go into protective custody?” Knox asks a moment later.

“Fuck no.” Nathan replies with distaste. “I do that shit, and the Aryans are gonna know I ratted on their redneck asses, I’d be dead long before any chance at parole.”

“Suit yourself.” Knox says, waving for him to leave. “We get that weapon, you get your chance at early parole.”

Nathan nods crisply, and rises from the chair, moving around it and exiting the room.

“You do know he’s lying about at least seventy percent of that.” Fries comments, and Knox gives a slow nod.

“We aren’t going to be able to pin anything on him this round, he’s clearly already made his moves.” Knox says, closing the folder on the table in front of him. “We’ll give him what he wants, with good behavior, he’ll be out in eight or nine months and when he fucks up, we’ll nail his ass to the wall. Him and everyone else involved in this.”

Jimmy strode into the clinic, his eyes wide at the sight of a number of police officers milling around the area, then narrowing as he catches sight of Liam speaking with Robin Wood, making his way over to where his commander on the police force speaks with his cousin’s beau.

He draws the attention of both as he stalks over, the feeling of confused distress almost overwhelming as he still doesn’t know what happened with his cousins.

“Halloran.” Wood steps forward as he reaches them, allowing Liam to make his way into the back, intent on alerting the newest additions to the vampire and moonchild communities that their still human cousin had arrived.

“What happened here major?” Jimmy questions, glancing at one of the bullet holes that marred the white wall of the hospital ward. “I was just coming to check on my cousins, say goodbye before I took off.”

“Some nutjob decided to shoot at a couple of friends of some of the patients here, thankfully no one was seriously hurt.” Wood replies, then gives a nod at Liam sends the Summers sisters out.

“You’re leaving?” Erica asks, crossing her arms in front of her as Jimmy turns to face the two blondes.

“Yeah I…” Jimmy pauses as he takes in the subtle differences in both Erica and Elizabeth, the slight tinge of red in Elizabeth’s eyes, and the posturing of Erica that almost mirrors William’s redhead friend and self-proclaimed moonchild, that he’d met a number of weeks back, and a number of things click into place in his mind. “Jesus Christ.”

Erica and Elizabeth share a brief look, both knowing that Jimmy knows, and then turn back to face him.

“Jimmy.” Elizabeth starts, but Jimmy waves her off.

“I can’t.” He says shortly, then turns and all but runs from the clinic, leaving both the Summers’ sisters looking devastated, and Robin Wood looking troubled. Liam and Xander come out from the back, both having watched the scene and looking troubled.

Giles’ Office – Black Rose Casino

“Russell!” Giles greeted over the phone, as he lounged back in his leather chair. “Yes, you heard right, the threat of Purity is over.”

He goes silent for a few moments as Russell speaks for a few moments. “No actually, I called with good news for a change. Liam has decided to go ahead with the purchase of that plot on Nantucket.”

He goes silent for a few more moments, taking the opportunity to pull out and light up a cigar. “Excellent, we’ll get down there sometime in the next week to sign those papers, and I do believe that you won the pot as to how long it would take before Liam sired Elizabeth.”

Giles laughs at something Russell says back, taking a moment to compose himself before he speaks again. “No, I’d imagine he’d rather not appreciate that, but that reminds me. Given the event of Elizabeth’s siring, I’m going to be on the market for a new assistant and was planning on making an offer to your friend Eve…”

Veruca looked up at the sound of the door to her hospital room opening, expecting to see Oz walking in, and her eyes widen in surprise as she sees it’s Serena.

The youngest Lehane closes the door behind her and slowly walks over to the bed, an uncertain look on her face.

“What’s the matter.” Veruca questions, not reassured by Serena’s expression and she immediately lightens her visage.

“Might be nothing, definitely not something to worry over if it is true.” Serena mumbles, trying how best to pass on the message that Graham had given her for Veruca’s ears. “Uh, so you know that Miller was the undercover and all, right. That guy that died in the basement?”

Veruca nods, not sure where the younger woman was going with this.

“Well when the other one dragged you off upstairs, he crawled over to my cell and told me something, made me swear to tell you.”

“What?” Veruca asks, feeling anxious all of a sudden.

“He said that Ava was still alive.” Serena says, and Veruca’s expression turns to one of pure shock as she digests the brunette’s words and the screen fades to black.

Season One ending montage:

Erica sings at the Fireside Lounge, doing a cover of ‘Way Down in the Hole’ which plays over the ending montage.

‘If you walk through the garden,
You better watch your back.’

Fries and Knox questioning Brian Cutler about Forrest Gates’ murder, and formally charging him. Nathan’s knife lays on the interrogation table inside a plastic bag.

‘Well I beg your pardon,
Walk the straight and narrow track’

Veruca and Erica being initiated into the Blood Clover clan by James, Faith, Xander and Oz in the woods. Dawn is present as a witness for the vampires.

‘If you walk with Jesus,
He’ll save your soul’

Vi and William are in William’s bedroom, making out. Vi then pulls the detective over on top of her, and they begin having sex. William’s cellphone rings, but both ignore it. The caller id reads ‘Jimmy’

‘Gotta keep the devil,
Down in the hole.

Pike stands before Robin Wood on a stage, receiving commendation for being wounded in the line of duty.
Wesley, Tara, and JT are also present, and Niki is seen with the kids in the front row of the crowd.

‘He got the fire and the fury,
At his command’

Penn and Jonathan pull up at an alley ‘crime scene’, with Jono leading the way down the alley and Penn pulling out his gun and shooting Jon in the back of the head for giving information to Walsh. He then calls Liam and says the rat is silenced. Jesse observes this from his car, nodding at Penn before driving off.

‘Well you don’t have to worry,
If you hold onto Jesus hand’

Darius and Nina driving in a car, heading for Providence to gather the remaining members of the Raven Heart clan.

We’ll all be safe from Satan,
as the thunder rolls’

Kasey sitting alone in the comatose Shane’s hospital room, staring down at a picture of Carrie. After a couple moments she sticks the picture in her pocket and walks over to the window, looking out over the city.

‘Gotta keep the devil,
Wayyy down in the hole’

Eve walks along the beach on Nantucket, passing a sign advertising the coming attraction of the BRC&H coming to Nantucket – 2000. She has a wistful look on her face as she surveys the area.

‘All the angels sing,
By Jesus, by his soul’

Bodie and Tall Man talk outside the crew’s social club, the two smoking cigarettes. Doyle comes up to them, passing over an envelope with cash for Bodie’s help with Purity. Bodie and Doyle shake hands.

‘When they shield you with their wings,
keep your cross to the lord’

Parker Abrams walks into the cell block where Nathan, Tucker, and Larry live, the three giving him menacing looks as he passes.

‘Don’t pay heed to temptation,
while my hands are so cold’

Willow stands atop the balcony over looking Scarlet Rain, as Serena comes in, garnering hugs from Cassie and Bethany.

‘Gotta keep the devil,
Wayyy down in the hole’

Paul Stein being debriefed in DC, explaining about Graham’s death.

‘Way down in the hole,
Way down in the hole,

Ethan Rayne takes a sip of his drink as he looks out the window of the plane as it clears the runway of the airport, and takes to the sky, bound for New York.

‘Way down in the hole,
Way down in the hole,

Gunn and Rondell are in Liam’s social club, shooting a game of pool and talking. Pictures of Harmony, Gio and others are seen hanging on the wall.

‘Way down in the hole,
Way down in the hole,

James proposes to Faith on the roof of Purgatory, the full moon shining overhead.

‘Way down in the hole,
Way down in the hole,

Elizabeth and Liam share a dance in the Fireside Lounge as Erica sings. Holland, Wilkins, Jenny and Giles can be seen in the background, talking over drinks.

‘Wayyy down in the hole,
Waaaayyyy down in the hole…’

Jimmy sits in his car on the side of the interstate on-ramp that leads out of Boston. His backseat is full of boxes and duffel bags. He looks deep in thought for a few moments before saying ‘fuck it’ and turns the car around to drive back to his apartment.

Fade to black.

Rochester, New York
Two Months Later

India Cohen had a carefree look in her eyes as she stepped out into the parking garage, making her way through the rows of cars, coming up to where she’d parked her Escalade that morning, stopping up short at the sight of the manila folder pinned to her windshield by the wiper. Her expression changes to one of concern as she takes the last few steps to the car and pulls the folder free before flipping it open on the hood.

Her eyes widen as she realizes that it’s Serena’s psych file, the one she’d given to the late Dr. Walsh before fleeing Boston, and she goes rigid at the sound of a click from behind her. Slowly turning around, she finds her former patient in question standing a couple yards away, pointing a gun at the psychiatrist as she steps out from her hiding spot behind two cars.

“Serena-” the psychiatrist starts, but the youngest Lehane gives an angry shake of the head.

“I know exactly what you did, how you sold me out to Walsh’s group.” The moonchild sneers. “I just wanted to know if it was something personal, or was the money too much to pass up?”

“Serena I-”

“You know, when I came to you, it was because of immense guilt over the fact that I accidentally killed someone, it was eating me up. You were supposed to help me, and instead you tried to have me killed.”

“I- I didn’t know that they were going to do that.” India says frantically, trying to buy her way out of the situation.

“Well you damn sure knew they weren’t going to throw me a party, you bitch.” Serena curses at her, brandishing the gun, and India flinches before she speaks again. “No matter, I don’t think I’ll feel any guilt this time. Goodbye Dr. Cohen, you have my thanks for all you’ve done, but I shall not be requiring your services any longer.”

Without giving the older woman a chance to reply, Serena squeezes the trigger, the bullet that’s fired catching India in the chest and slamming her against the side of the car. The psychiatrist remains on her feet for a couple moments before slumping down the side of the vehicle, and falling to the concrete in a heap.

Serena strides forward, closing the distance to the gap between cars that the doctor has disappeared behind, emptying three more bullets into the woman as she tries to crawls away.

She stares at the body for a few moments, a blank look on her face as she lets the silenced pistol fall from her gloved hand to the concrete with a clatter. She turns away and grabs her psych folder as Cassie starts up the car she’d been hiding in, pulling it around to where her best friend is standing, and the moonchild gets in before the blonde drives out, heading for the exit.

“Happy now bitch?” Cassie asks, a playful tone in her voice, and Serena nods.



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