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The Hub: The Series

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Hub". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Now in Season 2. Vampire mafiosos, werewolf bikers and collaborating humans make up this twisted AU of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Ensemble.

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2x01 'Take the Money and Run' Part One

The Kazui Conglomerate owns BtVS.

The Hub
Season 2, Episode 1
‘Take The Money and Run’

Part One

Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy and Angel characters. .

Note: Season 2 begins about eight months following ‘The End of Innocence’, the final episode of season 1, starting in April 2000.
As with season one, this is a massive ensemble and not every character will appear in every episode. I’m not neglecting anyone or running out of ideas from too many characters, everyone has very specific storylines and they will reach completion. 75% of the Season 2 arc is mapped out, including the first five of eight episodes for this season, in their entirety. Hope you continue to enjoy.

[Start Episode]

April 22nd, 2000
Boston – Waites’ Corner Diner

“So what do we have?” Homicide Det. William ‘Spike’ Pratt questioned the uniformed officer standing outside the cordoned off entrance to the diner, as he and his partner Jimmy Halloran walk up.

“Single male victim, two shooters, both male and no collateral.” The officer, who’s uniform tag reads S. Hope, replies as he lifts up the yellow police tape to allow entrance for himself and the two detectives. “The vic took two shots to the chest and one in the head. Two of the bullets are from shooter number 1 and one is from the second shooter. The second shooter also shot into the bench seat to the vic’s right, I’m guessing a misfire.”

“Anybody get a good look at the shooters?” Jimmy inquires as the three make their way over to where the body resides, slumped over a table next to the window, and it’s very clear the man is dead with the blood that pools around his prone form on the table.

“Place was pretty empty, the waitress had gone out back for a smoke. There’s an elderly couple outside, but they were around the corner and didn’t get a good look at either shooter. They did however say that the bigger of the two men was covered with tattoos, but not anything specific, according to them it all happened in the span of about half a minute.”

“Sounds like an hired hit.” Jimmy intones grimly, and his frown deepens at the look on William’s face as he observes the victim. He sees the flash of recognition in the eyes of his vampire partner and motions for officer Hope to go guard the door.

Waiting until the uniformed cop is outside, Jimmy speaks up. “Please for fuck’s sake, tell me that this isn’t going to be another Harmony Kendall situation.”

“Nothing so momentous, I promise you that.” William replies, crouching down and checking under the table, finding nothing but dust and dirt that had been tracked in from previous occupants of the booth table. “What’s on your mind Jim?”

“Do you know this guy?” Jimmy questions, his voice a bit harsh.

“Not personally no. But I recognize him from a picture at the precinct, Feds want to question him about some body they found on the docks.” The vampire detective replies with a shrug of his shoulders. “This guy’s connected, Mafia associate out of Providence.”

“So it is a gangland hit then.” Jimmy deduces, and his partner gives a slow nod.

“Looking that way.”

Suddenly the attention of both men is drawn to the entrance as the door is thrown open roughly, and two men and a woman clad in FBI jackets enter. Both detectives nod respectfully to Corbin Fries and Adam Knox, who they recognized from the Purity case last year. The woman is blonde, young and unfamiliar to both detectives.

“Agent Knox, Agent Fries, good to see you again.” William greets, subtly throwing his partner a look to say they’d talk later. “And who’s this little firecracker?” he adds, with a nod of his head to the blonde, his tone just a bit flirty as he gives the woman in question a casual once over before reminding himself of the hell his moonchild girlfriend would rain do on him if she thought he was cheating on her, and focuses his attention on the other two agents.

“Save it Pratt. This is our crime scene now, you won’t be needed.” Fries snarls low, and William gives him a nod of faux-respect. It’s clear that the relationship between the FBI and the Boston Police Department has soured considerably since the Purity debacle as well.

“You heard the good man Jimmy-boy, let’s blow this shit-heap.” William says, his voice dry as he makes his way around the trio of agents, and Jimmy follows a moment later, leaving the FBI to secure their own scene.

The agents watch as the two detectives exit, and the door closes behind them. Then the blonde woman turns to the senior agents.

“What was that about?” She asks, with a look of confusion crossing her pixie-ish face.

“That agent Kemper, is a very long story.” Knox tells her. “One best told when we don’t have work to do.”

The trio of FBI agents fall into silence as they begin examining the area.

Three Days Earlier…
Gio’s – Black Rose Hotel and Casino

The interior of the new restaurant that had been built following the debacle with Purity last year, is dark and full of shadows. Everything is still as it awaits the grand opening in a few days time.

A door opens in the corner of the premises, casting a dim light into the room and Liam O’Connor walks in. He flips the lights and then takes the hand of a blindfolded Elizabeth Summers, leading her to the center of the room before he stops and dropping her hand, he backs up a couple steps.

“Can I look now?” Elizabeth questions with faux-impatience, her voice light. Liam grins at her, despite his lover not being able to see it.

“Go ‘head lass.” Liam replies, taking a step back, and watches as she raises her hands to the blindfold, and pulls it off.

Elizabeth blinks a couple times quickly to adjust her eyes to the sudden brightness and then glances around the interior. “This is Gio’s.” She notes, confusion marring her features.

“Well technically, but only in memory.” The Hub Tribe godfather replies, giving her a wry smile. “I was hoping you’d agree to run the place.”

“Really?” Elizabeth squeals, the confusion falling away from her face, replaced with a happy look. Her eyes flashing bright red for a moment in her excitement. “I’d love to!”

“Good, cause the place is yours.” Liam tells her and she squeals out low, then grabs him in a hug, squeezing tight.

“Have I told you how much I love you lately?” Elizabeth asks him, pulling back a little to look at Liam.

“Never hurts to hear it.” Liam admits, smiling down at her smaller form, as she clings to him, and her smile widens and shows her dimples off. “I love you too.” He adds, dropping his head to lay a kiss on her forehead, and they fall into silence.

The silence lasts for a few minutes before the attention of the two vampires is drawn to the door as it opens and a slim blonde woman enters. From where she stands, Elizabeth can tell the other woman is a bit taller than her, roughly the same height as her sister Erica. A sniff of the air tells her the other woman is also a vampire.

“Ah, right on time.” Liam says as the door closes behind the blonde, who remains standing in the spot, as if awaiting orders. “Miss Frost?”

The other blonde nods and begins to walk over as Elizabeth throws Liam a confused look.

“Elizabeth Summers, meet Annabelle Frost. She’ll be heading up security of the place.” Liam explains, and Elizabeth gives him an exasperated look.

“Liam, it’s a restaurant. Why would I need security?” Elizabeth questions, her tone turning suspicious, then her eyes widen suddenly. “We don’t have another Purity situation, do we? Getting shot once was enough for me.”

“Nothing so nefarious, I promise.” Liam assures his lover, bringing a hand to rest on her left shoulder in an attempt to calm her. “But I do have other enemies, and I want to make sure that you’re safe.”

Elizabeth gives him a thoughtful look, but nods consentingly after a moment. Liam holds her gaze for a long moment, then finally turns to face Annabelle.

“Miss Frost. I trust your flight went well?” Liam questions the other blonde vampire, who gives a short nod.

“As well as it could with a couple crying babies back in coach class.” She replies with a shrug. “Mr. MacDonald sends his regards, and wished to pass the same on to Mr. Foley and Ms. Lehane.”

Liam gives a nod, and is about to reply, but is cut off by the shrill ring of his cell phone. He pulls it out, and holds it up to his face so he can see the call screen, and frowns as he looks back up at the pair of blonde vampires.

“Sorry ladies, I need to take this call.” Liam apologizes and gives Elizabeth a quick kiss, before making his way towards the door. Elizabeth watches his abrupt departure and then turns to face Annabelle, who’s not moved since she chose her spot.

“So… you like Italian?” the ‘younger’ of the two blondes asks, sounding more than a bit awkward as she feels the other out.

“It’ll do.” Annabelle replies dryly, matching Elizabeth’s gaze with her own searching look and all the while wishing she’d been allowed to stay in Vegas..

Tainted Ink (New Location) – Second Floor Social Club

James pushes open the door to the second floor back room, giving a nod to Allen Doyle, Xander Harris and Jesse McNally, who are sitting around the table, counting money and wrapping bands from the casino around the stacks.

“What’s the count?” The alpha of the Blood Clover clan inquires, pulling a chair out and taking a seat at the table, across from Doyle.

“Just over three hundred K.” the owner of Purgatory reports, looking up from where he’s marking down the accumulation of the clan’s cocaine and marijuana dealings in South Boston.

“Good, good.” James comments with a grin. “Means we get the three spot at the poker game tomorrow night. We’re thirty past what Bodie’s got this month, and Darius called it in a week ago.”

It had become a monthly game, between James, Darius Craven and Benjamin ‘Bodie’ Stone, since their cooperation to take down Purity, that at the end of every month a poker game be held. The odds depended on who sold the most product in the thirty or thirty one previous days, and in order would go as follows. The highest seller got three spots at the table, the second would get two, and the third a single competitor. It was Bodie’s turn to host, and James had a pinch on the lead.

“Alright, get a full two hundred to the Briggs for the bank. Seven for each of you and Oz, ten for me and the rest is set aside for Nathan, Tuck and Lar when they get out in a couple weeks.” James instructs, garnering nods from the others at the table.

“You’re pretty sure that they’re gonna get out.” Xander notes, in between drags from a hand rolled cigarette.

“Nathan worked a deal with two of those FBI agents from that Purity bullshit last year, and framed one of those goddamn Nazis for the hit on Blim from two years ago.” James replies with a shrug.

“You’re not worried about blowback, if that gets out?” Doyle voices his concern.

“From the Aryans?” James scoffs. “Burton owes Liam too much money to even think about trying to coming after me, and that's if he even knew I ordered the frame-up. It would give King O’Connor more’n enough reason to have a bullet put in that piece of shit’s head. Sides, even if he does, I’ll know about within thirty seconds.”

“You got someone watching him then?” comes from Jesse, as he finishes wrapping a stack and tosses it into the paper bag in the middle of the table. “That’s another ten.”

James and Doyle both nod and the latter marks something down on the pad of paper, as James stands from the table while the other two continue to count out the remaining money. The Blood Clover Alpha moves over to a desk in a corner and sits in the leather backed swivel-chair, letting a smug smile form on his face for a moment as he lounges, and then he grabs the phone, pulling it across the desk as he pulls out the phone book from the top drawer.

“I’m calling up Stefano’s for a pastrami sub, you guys want anything?” He asks the trio at the table, and then begins making the combined order over the phone as the pizza place picks up on the other end. “Yeah I need two large pastramis, a large roast beef… Hey Jesse, go downstairs n’ see what the girls want.”

Boston – Waites Corner Diner

Chucky Marciano, late of Providence Rhode Island, watched from his corner booth as the door to the diner opened and his two partners, Colin Forte and Billy Pirelli, entered and made their way over to his table. He raises his cup of coffee in greeting as Pirelli sits, and Forte follows suit.

“Where’s Eddie?” Marciano questions, surprised that their fourth man isn’t present.

“He said he’s in for whatever yah got planned, but had other business to tend to.” Colin says, holding his arm up and motioning for the waitress. “I think his arms supplier was giving him issues.”

“Are you shitting me?” Marciano exclaims, toning his voice down midway as several of the other patrons and wait staff look over at his outburst. “We need stuff for tomorrow night.”

“Yah have a target then?” Pirelli asks, keeping his own voice low. Marciano nods, and a smirk appears on his face.

“Poker game between a few local drug kingpins, down at the docks.” Marciano says with a grin. “At least a hundred grand on the table, and I’ve already paid off the security for the game.”

“How do yah know that they ain’t told the pins what yah got planned.” Pirelli continues, and out of the corner of his eye, he sees Forte nodding his agreement in suspicion of the plan’s success rate.

“Cause they’ve been working for me for about six months.” Marciano answers, his tone smug. “I got them set up working in the Russian corner of the harbor. Twice in the past eight months, Bodie Stone’s hired out a few guys from the docks to work the game for a grand apiece. He’s hosting again this month, and my guys have been offered the detail. We can get in and out in less than two minutes, no resistance from the players.”

“How can you be sure of that?” Forte speaks up as the waitress comes over for their orders. “Just a coffee, extra everything.”

“Same, and a ham sandwich.” Pirelli adds, and the waitress nods before returning behind the counter. “So?” the Italian presses, the earlier question unanswered.

“Cause they have a code of no one carrying heat during the games.” Marciano tells his partners, his smirk widening. “So we got free run in and out, even if we just use pea-shooters.”

The other two men nod agreement with the plan, and each grabs their coffee as their orders arrive.

Precinct 17 – Boston

“Pratt, Halloran! My office!” Robin Wood’s angry yell echoes through the office block that made up the homicide division of the precinct. Jimmy shakes his head as he finishes poring himself a cup of coffee before making his way towards Wood’s office.

He stops at the door as he sees that his former partner William Pratt is already seated in one of the chairs opposite the major’s desk.

“Get in here and close the door behind you.” Wood orders and Jimmy quickly complies. Despite all the happenings of the past nine months, Wood was one of the few people that Jimmy still held trust in. He’d give the man his due respect.

Closing the door, he takes a seat in the empty seat next to William, doing his best to ignore the other man. Wood takes the opportunity to catch the attention of both, slamming his fist down on the desk, and creating a booming echo through out the closed office.

“Enough of this!” The Major roars, more than fed up of the continually worsening tension between the two men, who’d once been close friends, damn if not the most cohesive duo in his department. “I’ve sat around the past eight months watching your three year partnership crumble to shit, and hoped that you both could sort it out. Clearly I was wrong, but it ends here. Last thing that we need right now is this melodramatic bullshit.”

“What’s the deal Wood?” William ‘Spike’ Pratt questions the normally reserved former New Yorker. Truth was he’d reached out several times in the months since he and Jimmy decided to take a break from being partners, and been given the cold shoulder on each occasion.

“I just got off the phone with a friend who works surveillance for the FBI out of DC.” Wood reveals, scratching his short beard with an annoyed look on his face. “Paul Stein has been raising hell down at the central offices, and is now on his way back to Boston. He’s obsessed with the Purity case, and whoever killed them. Already he suspects leaks in the department, from what happened with Levinson and Gates last year.”

“Liam already gave me the heads up, he ain’t happy about this thing.” William replies with a grim nod.

“I wouldn’t expect him to be.” Wood shrugs, then fixes both with a stony look. “On the other hand, the two are you are going to, or at least appear to be. We get through this shit, all of us still having a job at the end, and I’ll put in for a pay raise at the end of the year, maybe even swing a promotion to alternate shift supervisors, then you two won’t have to deal with each other if it is truly necessary.”

“Fine by me.” Jimmy agrees readily, and Robin’s face darkens a bit.

“Meaning no more fucking tension, least not in the offices, and you’re partnered up again for until Stein gives up his little witch-hunt. Clear?”

“As glass, Major.” William says, and then the phone rings.

“Good. Now get out, I have to take this call.” Wood orders and the two detectives quickly comply, with William drawing short at the door as Wood speaks once more. “Oh and tell your friends down in the crime lab and the district to be mindful as well.”

“Will do, boss.” William says and leaves the room. He looks around to see if Jimmy had waited, but the other man is already halfway to his desk. The vampire detective shrugs and ambles toward the coffee counter. He hoped that Jimmy would get over what happened to his cousins and soon, given that the two women in question seemed more than happy with their new lot in life.

Shirley Corrections

Nathan gave the warden a brief nod as they passed each other, the older man giving the eldest of the Lehanes a look of disdain, and continued on the way Nathan had just come. He chuckles low to himself and allows correctional officer Brady to lead him the rest of the way to the interrogation rooms, where he was to meet with his lawyer.

He stops as they reach the door, and gives a nod to Brady as he pulls the door open. Seeing that Mercer is already waiting inside, he wastes no time crossing the threshold, and takes up residence in the seat.

“Give me good news Lee.” Nathan requests, looking over as Brady pulls the door shut.

“Your parole hearing is set for ten days from tonight.” the Wolfram and Hart lawyer reports. “Same for Tucker Wells. Larry Blaisdell’s will be two days following. With your exemplar behavior the past months, I’m fairly confident in your release.”

Nathan gives a nod to the lawyer, and accepts the pack of cigarettes that he pulls out and offers up.

“Mr. Foley thought you might have use for them.” Mercer says, giving a pointed look at the pack and Nathan looks down the bottom as he pulls out a cigarette, and sees a folded piece of paper down the bottom. Looking back up, the eldest of the surviving Lehane family gives a curt nod, flipping the pack shut and stowing it in his right sock.

“If you have anything that could further help your chances, now’s the time to capitalize on it.” Mercer suggests, and Nathan picks up his hidden meaning.

He puts the cigarette in his mouth a moment later, and sparks the tip with a match before tossing it to the corner.

“Tell Foley and O'Connor that Derricks is dirty, he got his nephew and a couple of his cousins jobs as hacks so they could sell drugs to inmates.” Nathan tells the lawyer, taking a drag off the cigarette and scratching at his stubble for a moment.

“Knowing his supplier would help.” Mercer replies, lighting his own cigarette.

“Shit.” Nathan curses, trying to recall the name of the Worcester kingpin that Derricks owed more than a few favors to, and finally his eyes alight as the name pops into his head. “Curtis Rawls.”

Mercer nods, having heard the name from a case his friend and co-worker Lilah Morgan had worked a year or so prior. “I’ve heard the name.”

“Yeah, he’s well known in here.” Nathan agrees, taking another drag off the cigarette, and a plan begins to form in his head. “I think I might have a solution.” He says finally, a glint appearing in his eye.

He pauses for a few moments, thinking things over in his head before nodding. “Get word to Foley. Tell him to call Brady’s cell at eight tomorrow morning, and I’ll give him the details then.”


“Serena-” the psychiatrist starts, but the youngest Lehane gives an angry shake of the head.

“I know exactly what you did, how you sold me out to Walsh’s group.” The moonchild sneers. “I just wanted to know if it was something personal, or was the money too much to pass up?”

“Serena I-”

“You know, when I came to you, it was because of immense guilt over the fact that I accidentally killed someone, it was eating me up. You were supposed to help me, and instead you tried to have me killed.”

“I- I didn’t know that they were going to do that.” India says frantically, trying to buy her way out of the situation.

“Well you damn sure knew they weren’t going to throw me a party, you bitch.” Serena curses at her, brandishing the gun, and India flinches before she speaks again. “No matter, I don’t think I’ll feel any guilt this time. Goodbye Dr. Cohen, you have my thanks for all you’ve done, but I shall not be requiring your services any longer.”

Without giving the older woman a chance to reply, Serena squeezes the trigger, the bullet that’s fired catching India in the chest and slamming her against the side of the car. The psychiatrist remains on her feet for a couple moments before slumping down the side of the vehicle, and falling to the concrete in a heap.

Serena strides forward, closing the distance to the gap between cars that the doctor has disappeared behind, emptying three more bullets into the woman as she tries to crawl away.

###End Flashback###

Serena Lehane jolts into a sitting position from where she’d been snoozing on the couch, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt for a couple seconds before she hears a knock on the door to her 'office' at Tainted Ink.

“It’s open!” She calls back and rises from the couch as the door opens and her older sister Faith strides in, carrying a brown paper bag in her arms. She goes over to Serena’s desk and puts the bag down before looking at the youngest Lehane with expectant eyes.

“James order out again?” Serena inquires, blinking the last of the sleep from her eyes as she pads across the room on bare feet.

Faith gives a curt nod, her expression remaining unchanged. “Are you having those nightmares again?” She asks with heavy concern in her voice, and looks slightly relieved at Serena’s shake of the head to indictate the negative.

“No, I’ve been fine since I paid Cohen a visit.” Serena answers with a shrug, but it doesn’t do much to assuage her sister’s concerned look.

“You know that one of the other’s could have taken care of that.” Faith starts but cuts herself off as Serena shakes her head again.

“It was something that I needed to do, or I’d have prolly never gotten over what happened with Purity, what they did to me, and Veruca… even Erica and Aura.” Serena replies blithely. “I mean I know yah weren’t overly fond of Aura, but still.”

“She didn’t deserve to die like that. I’d never have wished that on her, regardless of how I felt. She was clan before anything else.” Faith tells her, and the younger sister nods, grabbing the sandwich she’d scented out as her preferred choice from the bag.

“I wasn’t trying to say that you would.” Serena tells her as she unrolls the paper wrapped around her steak and cheese grinder. “Look, yah all have proven yourself for the Hub underground… You, Nathan, James, Cassie… it was well past time I stepped up and fixed my own problems instead of one of you doing it for me.” The younger Lehane argues, passion bleeding into her tone.

“Believe me Serena, I’m happy for you in that aspect, I just don’t want to see you lose yourself in our business. I’ve seen it happen to too many people I care about.” Faith tells her, sounding a bit worried. “Even James and Nathan changed when they got in deep, and I never wanted that for you.”

Serena stares at her sister in silence for a few moments, then steps forward to wrap her arms around Faith in a tight hug, which the Blood Clover alpha female returns eagerly.

“I won’t let it change me. I promise.” Serena whispers into Faith’s ear as the sisters hold the embrace.

Faith nods and finally pulls away. “I know, I just worry is all. There’s not enough of us Lehanes left to lose another one needlessly. Sometimes I think yah might be the strongest of us all.”

“Love you too Sis.” Serena stands on the tips of her feet to kiss her older sister on the forehead. “I ain’t going nowhere, and the danger’s gone. We destroyed Purity, remember?”

“That we did.” Faith agrees, allowing a small smile to form. “Now let’s eat, I’m starving.”

“Meh, yah always are.” Serena retorts with a grin, and dodges the pickle slice that is flicked at her. “Ew, gross.”

“Eat.” Faith orders after ending her chuckles. “You have an appointment in a half hour.”

The Docks - Boston

“Wait here.” Benjamin ‘Bodie’ Stone orders his cousin, Sam ‘Tall Man’ Newkirk as he gets out of the back of the SUV, and strides up to the converted office-can, similar in style to his own on the south end of the docks. He knocks twice, and takes a glance around the area as he waits for someone to open the door.

About fifteen seconds pass before he hears someone fumbling with the lock on the other side of the door and then it opens to admit him. He quickly strides in, eager to get out of the cold and gives a nod to Marcus Hamilton before following the taller man to the back room. The two enter and Hamilton closes the door as Bodie takes a seat opposite Agamemnon Whistler, who is currently distracted by a phone call. Hamilton remains standing by the door, and both men are silent as Whistler finishes his call.

“You tell that Shrewsbury shithead that he better have my fucking money by the end of the month or I’ll feed his entire fucking family to the wharf rats under the docks. You fuckin hear me Kearns?! Now go get it the fuck done!” Whistler suddenly shouts into the phone before slamming it down on the cradle with a look of disdain on his face.

“Bad time?” Bodie questions lightly from where he’s lounged out in the chair, having just lit a cigarette. He blows smoke towards the ceiling as Whistler composes himself.

“Just another douchebag who thinks he can cheat me.” Whistler gripes, as he takes his hat off for a moment to run his hand through his thinning hair, and then puts the hat back on. He turns his head finally, and looks at Bodie. “Santangelo said you had business to discuss?”

“Yeah.” Bodie agrees, taking another drag of the cigarette before getting down to business. “My supplier got pinched by the feds a week ago, he’s looking at life for a couple murders linked to his crew. Now I’ve found a new supplier, but he wants permission to set up a base of operations within the city, centered around the docks, and freedom to move cans from time to time.”

“Who’s the supplier?” Whistler inquires as he pulls his cigars out of his desk drawer. He tosses one to Hamilton, and offers one to Bodie, but the man shakes his head.

“Nah man, I’m good.” The moonchild panther tells him. “The supplier is based out of Baltimore, name of Demetri Yuginov.”

“I’m familiar with the man, we did business back in the early eighties out of New York. He’s honorable as long as he doesn’t suspect betrayal. If he does, well it’s a lot more trouble than we can afford. I don’t mind doing business with the man, but I must emphasize that we must tread very lightly in any dealings with him.” Whistler says thoughtfully, thinking of the days when he’d worked under Ethan Rayne in New York, he’d once seen Yuginov in action, questioning a man who’d attempted to steal from both Rayne and Demetri himself, getting the answers he needed after a bit of ‘persuasion’. Afterwards he’d watched the Russian mercilessly eviscerate the man before finally slashing his throat.

“The man controls distribution of the best product on the East Coast, we could make a fortune to last decades in a span of five years.” Bodie points out, following his exhalation of smoke upward.

“Drugs are your game, Mr. Stone.” Whistler interjects, holding his hand up. “I prefer to keep to the smuggling side. However, given the recent string of bullshit that has come my way from less than professional sorts, an alliance with a man such as Yuginov would be… refreshing, to say the least.”

Whistler pauses for a moment, thinking things over in his head, the pros quickly outweighing the cons as he comes to a decision. “Very well. I’ll give my approval on this.”

Bodie grins wide and gives the capo-regime of the Hub Tribe a polite nod. “Good, good. Yah not gonna regret this Ags.”

Whistler grimaced at the nickname, and waved his hand. “I have business elsewhere, I’m sure you do as well, so if there’s nothing else I trust you can see yourself out.”

Bodie gave the vampire another polite nod as he rose from the chair and made for the door. He gives a quick nod to Hamilton as well, as the other vampire opens the door and he walks out. He makes his way over to the can’s exit, stepping out into the cold Boston air again.

Quickly crossing the distance to the SUV, he gets back in the backseat, next to his cousin again. “Head for Youngblood’s.” He orders the driver, Robert ‘Bobby’ Evans, who quickly complies, pulling away from Whistler’s office and heading for the main streets.

Wood looks up from the report he was going over at the sound of a sharp knocking coming from the other side of the metal door to his office.

“Enter!” He calls out and the door opens to reveal Sergeant Stokes on the other side.

“Agent Stein just came into the building, figured you'd want a heads up.” Stokes informs the Homicide Major, who gives a stiff nod from where he sits behind his desk.

“Send him in when he gets up here.” Wood orders calmly and Stokes gives him a respectful nod before turning to go, pulling the door shut behind him.

The major leans back into his leather-backed chair as he's left alone again, and he rubs one hand against his short beard for a moment, feeling a bit nervous but burying it deep down inside himself.

A couple minutes pass and then the door opens again, this time with no forewarning knock, and Paul Stein walks in, his stride swift and eyes unapologetic as he enters the office as if he owned it..

“Agent Stein, what can I do for you?” Wood inquires as he looks up, his voice clipped and professional.

Stein refrains from answering at first, opting to close the door and take up residence in one of the seats opposite the major. He pulls a folded up piece of paper out of his suit's inner left pocket, and tosses it on to the surface of the desk in front of Wood. It slides to a stop a couple inches from the edge and the major's eyes fall from Stein to rest upon the piece of paper. He reaches out and unfolds the paper, and looks over the contents. As he reads, his lips curl down slightly in a frown.

“Who sent you this?” The Major asks, his voice heavier than a couple moments earlier.

“Doesn't matter who sent it, if it's true then you're finished. If it isn't true, well you still might be finished.” Stein gives the head of Homicide a smirk as he answers.

“What do you want?” Wood asks, his eyes falling back down to the letter in front of him.

“Graham Miller was a close friend, and I fully intend to bring his killer or killers to justice. For that, I have a feeling I'm going to need the cooperation of your unit, or at the least have them reined in.” Stein replies, his own voice acidic. “There is a rat in your shop Major, I want pest control called, and his or her name.”

Stein rises from his seat and makes his way to the door, pausing as he reaches it and turning back. “This conversation doesn't leave this room unless I say otherwise, or you'll be looking for a new job. Good day, Major.”

With that he pulls the door open and departs, leaving Wood alone once more, and in much lower spirits than he'd been minutes earlier. The major watches him go for a couple moments before snatching the piece of paper left behind off his desk, folding it back up and stuffing it into his jacket.

To Be Continued... (Maybe)

Note: I have about 70% of 2x01 written, but due to overall lack of interest I have had no muse to get it finished and go through the rest of the mostly plotted out season 2 storyline. If this gets good feedback, it might inspire me to get the rest out.

The End?

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