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Summary: Drabbles, one-shot random pairings, and situations with Astrid. Because the poor girl doesn't get enough love in fic.

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Title: Communication
Author: smolder
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Fringe belongs to J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Stargate belongs to Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner.
A/N: These drabbles aren't connected and won't always be in chronological order.
A/N 2: Reviews are Good. This has been a subtle hint from the author - Please return to your regularly scheduled reading.

“It’s really quite fascinating – the way the intersecting language seems to perfectly mirror their movement through the southern…..and I’m boring you aren’t I?” Daniel ducked his head a bit flushing. He had even been gesturing with his fork. Damn, he wanted this date to go well.

“No, no,” Astrid shook her head, smiling widely. “I’m not bored, far from it.” She laid a hand gently on his arm and gave him a smaller, softer, teasing smile. “I love having a chance to geek out on linguistics.”

Daniel glanced at the hand still on his arm and back up at the beautiful woman beside him. “That’s good,” he said, “geeking out on linguistics I can definitely do.”

Astrid gave a giggle and Daniel smiled delightedly. His interest had been piqued when he heard her ordering from the owner of the coffee shop in the man’s native Danish language – speaking completely fluently. When she turned away from the counter and saw him staring at her she had raised an eyebrow and he had quickly looked away. Only glancing back at her out of the corner of his eye as he finished his beverage.

That would have been the end of it, but they both happened to be leaving at the same time and he opened the door for her. She thanked him in English – so, at least two languages his brain had registered happily.

Yet again, his curiosity got the best of him and before she had turned to make her way down the street he yelled out asking for her name. She seemed taken aback at first by his awkwardness, but oddly seemed endeared by it as well.

Astrid. In Colorado Springs for vacation.

They had lunch the next day. And he was enchanted.

Smart, gorgeous, able to speak five languages fluently (and read many more), a slightly sarcastic sense of humor and she had this indefinable warmth about her that made Daniel think he could tell her all the crazy things that had happened in his life and she would understand. And she seemed interested in him as well if he was reading the signs right – at least she had agreed to dinner.

He was actually starting to be afraid she was a plant by NID. The perfect woman for him sent to woo him away from the mountain and SG-1.

Except she well respected when he said what he did for the government was classified - simply nodded and gave a tired understanding smile.

And she was the one going away anyway. Just at the end of the week - back to her very own classified work with the FBI in Boston.

And-and he didn’t want her to go. He really liked Astrid. It was hard to find someone that you could connect to, even harder when you had to lie or talk around so much of what you did – things that had affected you deeply.

But he thought he might be able to with Astrid. He felt a connection with her that he thought if things were better – if he had a normal job and they lived in the same place – they could build on and create something good. Something real.

“What’s wrong?” she asked and he realized he had drifted off into his thoughts for quite a while.

Daniel tried to smile, but it felt false and he didn’t want to lie to her where it was unnecessary so he said, “Us. It’s just – I’ll miss you.”

Astrid bit her lip and looked like she understood at least a little of what he meant. A moment later though something hardened behind her eyes and she nodded determinedly before leaning around the diners’ little wrap around booth towards him. Her lips on his were a surprise.

A very pleasant surprise.

She pulled away until she could look him straight on. “I’ll miss you too,” she whispered. “But for right now let’s concentrate on making some memories that we can both think happily about after I go back to Boston. For those long hours at work between emergencies,” her soft brown eyes twinkled at him playfully.

He couldn't do anything but stare. Damn. She was perfect for him.

Resolutely though, he pulled out his wallet, paid for their dinner, stood up, and reached out a hand to her. She grabbed both of their coats before getting up and intertwining their fingers. And he had to smile sheepishly as they left at forgetting his, but if all he was getting was a few days with Astrid, he wanted them to spend as much time as possible.

Talking, reading, perhaps….something more. He glanced over at her as they got in his car and she wasted no time in taking his look as invitation to kiss him again.

Definitely something more.
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