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The Bunny Cemetery

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Summary: Where Plot Bunnies come to die. A collection of starter chapters that are unlikely to be continued. All are up for adoption.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherxandersgirlFR1577,5661198,37919 Oct 1114 Jun 13No



Hi, I'm back again with another plot bunny.

This is one that I would love for someone to take on as it has great potential.

Oh and I don't own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Resident Evil.

Dr Maggie Walsh stood, with her best scientists, watching the screen, a screen showing a thoroughly tied up and unconscious young man. The man was placed within a triple reenforced room with only a reenforced blast door as the only access. No one was in the room with the vampire the experiment was going to be performed by robotic arms. This was all due to how dangerous this experiment really was, if anything went wrong they could end up with another Racoon City.

During their studies of the so called vampires, they had found that vampire blood acted similarly to the T-virus when injected into a dead human, but unlike with the T-virus those infected kept they minds. This experiment was to see what would happen if someone was infected with both the T-virus and vampire blood at the same time. A very risky move, hence the reenforced room, they had no idea what could happen. They were hoping to have a subject that had all the hardiness and power of the T-virus but also have normal intelligence. It would be much easier to control a weapon that could be reasoned with.

The subject in the room was Xander Harris, the son of the town drunks and someone that was drifting from one dead-end job to another, essentially someone that would not be missed. Maggie turned to one of the doctors.

"Do it." The doctor hesitated for a second before pressing a button on the terminal in front of him. Inside the room the two robotic arms moved, the needles on the end of the arm pieced each of Xander's arms and slowly injected with two liquids, one red and one bright blue. For a moment nothing happened before suddenly Xanders back arched, his eyes shot open and he screamed.

Inside of Xander at that moment two immensely power forces were battling each other. What had been left behind of the Primal that had inhabited Xander two years ago, had been content to sit back and subtly influence the pup. As he was an alpha, he only needed a bit of help now and then to survive and protect his pack. But now something was attacking her pup, trying to change him and take him away from her, she couldn't let that happen, she'd die if she left him. So she went on the attack.

The Demon that was carried within the vampire blood was incensed, there was already something within it's new host, that was not acceptable, it was his host no ones else's and he would have it! The Demon went on the attack.

Calmly and with cold efficacy of a virus, the T-virus spread though out Xanders body invading and changing cells as it went. Taking no notice of the fight that was raging between the Primal and the Demon. It was only once the T-virus reached the brain that the Primal and the Demon realised that it was there and that it was a real threat to both them and their host. They stopped attacking each other in favour of attacking the virus. Unfortunately they were weakened by their fight with each other and they couldn't make any headway in defeating the virus. It soon became obvious that they could defeat the virus and the only way both the Primal and the Demon could survive would be to join forces against the T-virus, and that was just what happened.

When the Primal and the Demon merged with each other they also merged with Xanders soul. The resulting power was enough to stop the T-virus in it's tracks. However there wasn't enough power to destroy the virus and reverse the damage that had already happened. So the new entity that was housed in Xanders body did the only thing that it could to protect it's self. It absorbed the T-virus. This all happened in time it took Xander to scream, and when the virus was absorbed Xander fell back onto the bed and died.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Please leave a review.

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