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The Bunny Cemetery

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Summary: Where Plot Bunnies come to die. A collection of starter chapters that are unlikely to be continued. All are up for adoption.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherxandersgirlFR1577,5661198,40719 Oct 1114 Jun 13No

Birth Right

Birth Right

Hi again. this is a story that I've found on my hard drive I wrote it years ago and am unlikely to ever get back to. I hope some one likes it and maybe continue it.

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Layer... er I mean Slayer.

London, England


Charles Munn walked through the reasonably quite streets of London he never much liked walking at night, especially with out Flora at the moment he didn't know where the girl maybe, it was very worrying not to know. He reminded him self again that she was the slayer; she could handle herself with anything that she may come across. It was for his own safety that he worried for now. Sometimes he envied the people in the houses that he pasted now on his way back the inn where they were staying. most of them had no idea of the dangers that surrounds them, Charles know them all to well; after all he was a watcher, not any watcher but the watcher to the slayer. But sometimes he wished he wasn't, Flora was hard to train, and she was a little head strong, and even worse then all that she was undisciplined. Some day it'll get her killed, and properly me as well, he thought miserably. If only he knew had soon it would be, he may have been able to change the events that followed. He on his guard when he turned into the alleyway that lead to the inn, he had his hand on a cross that he always carried in his trouser pocket. He didn't expect anything to be there, but it was better to be safe. To his mild surprise there was someone their. But judging by the clothes, he was a beggar. Without so much as another glance, he walked on past him. He hadn't got very far; when he felt two hands fall on his shoulders bring him roughly to a stand still. The hands were too strong to belong to a human. With this thought he took the cross out of his pocket and bought it round. It connected with something behind him, with a satiating yelp; from the thing that he was now certain was a vampire. The vampire let him go, Charles rushed forward several steps, before turning to face the vampire, he was determined to kill it. What he was faced with was not one vampire but five. The vampire that had held him now had a burn mark in the shape of a cross on the right side of his face. Charles swallowed hard, the vampires were grinning he was shore they could smell his fear.

"I warn you, I have training," he said his voice shaking. The vampire with the cross shaped burn on the side of his face, stopped grinning and cocked his head to the side,

"I'm sure ya have, watcher" he pronounced the word like a swear word. Charles was shocked that the vampire new that he was a watcher. "But it ain't you we're after, we're after the girl" he said "and your goner help us"

The watcher stood straighter,

"I certainly am not," he said with the cross out in front of him. The vampires faces all changed at once.

"Fraid ya don't have any choice in the matter" the vampire said, Charles looked at them all, and he realised that even with the cross he stood no chance against them. His only chance was to make it to the inn; once he got inside they couldn't get him. He turned and ran; the vampires took off after him. The inn was mere meters away when something heavy hit him on the head and knocked him to the ground, unconscious. The vampires gathered round the fallen watcher,

"She's got to come now we've got her watcher" one said that was different to the one that had spoken first. One of them picked the unconscious watcher up and they walked out of the alley laughing.

Just outside London, England


Flora Adise walked into the old barn, she was not certain that Charles was there. But she knew there were vampires here, the people of the village thought it was hunted, which was true, really, but with vampires not ghosts. She had only been the slayer for a year, so she was not proficient, just capable. She was arrogant; after all she was the slayer the chosen one. She would take on any amount of the vampires it took to rescue Charles. The barn was empty, this confused her slightly, it was daylight, where were all the vampires. Tired to a chair in the centre of the barn was Charles it looked as if he had been tortured there were wounds all over his face a neck. They were not bite marks she could she that they were made by knives. He was unconscious but alive. Flora knelt to untie him all the time thinking that it was to easy. That sometime would happen. Then it did. Someone grabbed her from behind, in the manner of someone trained till it became instinctive, she throw the vampire of her and pulled the stake that she always kept in her boot, out, and in one fluid motion. Turned and plunged the stake into the vampires heart, he exploded into dust. She continued on though and the staked the vampire that must have been standing right behind the first and didn't have the wit to move out of the way; when the other had died. Suddenly she felt a searing in her thigh, a crossbow bolt had imbedded its self in her leg. Ignoring the pain she pulled the bolt from her leg. But this had taken her concentration of the battle at hand. She felt strong hands gab she under her arms and drag her upwards, the grip was very strong and flora was losing blood; fast. A vampire was walking towards her; he was smiling,

"I'm disappointed, I thought the slayer would be tougher then this. But I suppose life is full disappointment." He arrived in front of her. Flora tried to kick at him with her uninjured leg. But her injured leg didn't carry her weight, and she gasped with the pain that followed. She recovered quickly and stood a straight as she could and glared the vampire in the eye,

"Get on a do want your going to do, so I didn't have to look at your ugly face" she said and spat him in the face. The vampire calmly wiped the spit of his face and then grinned,

"I like her spirit, this is definitely the one," he said still grinning his face changed and he lunged for her neck.

When Flora woke the first thing she noticed was that there was no pain from her leg, when she checked she found the wound was completely healed, she knew as the slayer she healed fast but this is to fast. The second thing was that she and Charles were alone in the barn it was night so the vampires were probably out somewhere, they obviously thought she was dead or something. She did not know it then but she was dead, that is technically speaking, because she still had a soul. She was going to take full advantage of this and she was defiantly not going to wait round till they realised their mistake. She slowly made her way over to Charles and checked to see if he were a live, he was. She quickly untried him and picked up her unconscious watcher and made her way out off the barn, vowing to kill every last one of the vampires, that were there that day. Over the next few nights she would fulfil this vow. She did not know it then but she was no longer the slayer, another had been chosen. She had become what every slayer fears; a vampire! She did not belong with the living or the dead. She was neither human nor vampire. She was a vampire with a soul!

Sunnydale, U.S.A


The girl leaned against the wall, watching the traffic and people walk by. It was almost ten thirty, and there was a surprising amount of people on the street. The majority of them were on their way to nightclubs. She couldn't stand the places, they were too loud, and they never played real music. Most of the people on the street didn't see her leaning in the shadows. But she could see them, just as well as if it were daylight. If any of them did see her all they saw was an eighteen-year-old girl, maybe waiting for her boyfriend. The town she now stood in was a far cry from the little village just outside London; that she had grown up in, so many years previous. In fact it was on the other side of the Atlantic. The inhabitants of this place called it Sunnydale. She marvelled at the naivety of the humans that lived here; fancy living on a Hellmouth and not having the slightest idea that it existed. This was the place that she would find the slayer. She usually didn't like to make contact with the slayers, but this was important, some of the visions she has when she meets a slayer are unnerving. They remind her of what and who she used to be. But she was tried of being watched by the Watches Council, her plan would stop that she was certain of it. She did not know the name of this slayer, she didn't even know what she looked like, but would know when she found her; she always did.

A man and a woman came out of one of the pubs across the street, the women had, had far too much to drink, and she was holding on to him to keep herself upright. The girl could tell even from across the street that the man was not human; he was a vampire. She smiled to her self, sport she thought it's been so long since she had, had the chance to kill any vampires and she was not intending to let this one go, I'm going to enjoy this she thought. With that thought still fresh in her mind, she started to follow the vampire and his intended victim down the street. She thought nothing of the human that he was intending to kill, she only thought of killing the vampire, this was what she had been trained to do, so long ago when she was still alive. She increased her pace to catch the pair; she was so engrossed in the pursuit that she didn't notice that she was not only one interested in the pair. A shadow detached it self from the wall and also started to pursue the vampire, and also the other girl. The person that the shadow belonged to was also intent in killing the vampire, but she had the intention of saving the woman's life as well. This person was the slayer of the time; it was Buffy Summers. Buffy had just started her patrol when she had noticed the vampire with the woman, and then the other that had started to pursue them.

The vampire with the women had reached an alleyway and let out snarl, and push the half drunk woman into the alley, the stupid woman thought he was playing with her and laughed. But she stopped when the vampire followed her into the alley. The girl in front of Buffy increased her pace again so that she arrived just after the vampire had entered the alley. She stood there watching for a little, the vampire was bent over the woman.

"Hay, vampire, why don't you pick on some one, that can fight back?" she shouted at him. Immediately the vampire dropped the women on the ground she was unconscious, the girl could smell the blood and it drove her mad. The vampire in front of her hissed,

"Slayer" it said.

"Not quite, but close enough" she said to him. Buffy had come to the entrance of the alley, and was watching the proceedings. The girl reached inside of her coat and brought out her stake, this stake had killed more vampires then she could remember. She held it up in an attack position,

"Lets dance" she said.

The vampire charged, but she defended against all his punches, she was disappointed; this was too easy. He drew in close to her as if he meant to bit her, but she head butted him. He staggered back, shaking his head as if to clear it. He recovered and charged at her again, this time she had the stake ready.

"My name is Flora, remember it for the rest of your life, which is only going to be ten seconds" she said to the vampire as he charged. She stuck the stake straight into his heart; the vampire staggered back a step, his mouth making a slight oh and then exploded into dust. The stake clattered to the ground. Flora went over and picked up the stake, yet another for this stake. She glanced at the woman, she was breathing; she would live and not remember anything. She heard a sound at the end of the alley and turned to look, there she saw Buffy. She felt the familiar popping sensation, she saw this girl run, over the edge of a runway, and fall through a portal, closing it, they was no fear in her, only the knowledge that she had saved Dawn and the world. Then there was the popping again and she was back in the alley staring at the face of the slayer that she had come to see. But it was to soon; she hadn't got things worked out yet. She walked passed this slayer; the slayer demanded who she was, but Flora just smiled and walked out of the alley, turned to her left, and ran, ran from the slayer and the memory of how she would die. It was the noblest of deaths she had ever seen for a slayer. Even though she ran, she could not get away from the memory of this slayers death. The more she thought about it the more it made her want to cry, and cry she did as she ran.

When flora stopped running, she found her self close to the town's cemetery. She liked cemeteries you can always find a vampire to dust in cemeteries. She was on the wrong side to use the gate, but she had no intention to walk round to it. She took a step back and jumped, grabbed hold of the fence, with her feet facing towards the sky. Held there for a moment then let her self drop down into the cemetery. She landed facing the fence; she turned quickly ready for any attack. When none came she straighten, brushed the dirt of her trousers, and walked out into the main area of the cemetery. Her hands brushing the headstones of the graves as she walked past them. She always felt so alive among the graves of the dead. She heard a noise from behind her,

"Well, what have we here?" A mans voice came from behind her. She smiled, she recognised that voice, it had been so long since she had heard it. She turned still smiling. She saw a face she had never expected to see again. The instant she saw him she felt her human side melt away. William was smoking a cigarette, when he saw, who she was; he almost choked on to. Which is quite hard to do when you don't have to breath.

"William, so nice to see you as well" she said, loving the affect her appearance had, had on him, the last time they had met was just before the turn of this century. Spike recovered from the shock of seeing her again, and tried in vain to get his dignity back. This was also highly amusing for flora.

"Bloody hell! Flora you gave me a shock there" Spike said. Flora giggled at that. Flora felt her human side fall away; it always does when they met.

"I like it when a shock you, it's so funny the look on your face." she said placing a hand over his heart.

"You know I don't use that name any more" Spike said angrily. Flora looked up at him wide eyed. Whenever she met any of the four, her personality changed to a cross between Drusilla and Darla, which made for an interesting combination.

"Oh I know that," she said idly "but I've never liked the name, Spike. But I always liked William; it always reminds me of watchers. Watchers are fun to play with. Just like you" she said dreamily. Spike smiled then and remembered why he liked her, when she was in this kind of mood she reminded him of Dru. Flora looked seriously at him,

"Oh lucky, lucky, William, having a soul makes things a lot more complicated, you don't know how fortunate you are not to have one." She said.

"Maybe you and Angel should bloody well, get together and commiserate about it" spike said, pulling out a cigarette and lighting. Suddenly Flora was happy again.

"Do you think we should?" she cocked her head to one side "I never much liked Angelus, when he didn't have one" she danced away from him and sat on a gravestone. "Maybe I'll like him better with one." "I don't think his friends know about Charles, and me it could cause tensions it could by fun. Then again he could kill me, oh damn you William you've gone and confused me." She frowned slightly. This gave her the idea of going to L.A. Which she intended to be as soon as she was done here. She turned serious again,

"William the slayer in this town what's her name?" she asked sweetly spike was an again surprised at the sudden change of focus.

"Buffy" he grunted and a stream of smoke came out of his nose. Flora fancied that it made him look like a bull about to charge, she had seen a bull fight once, it had looked like fun, but she had never been able to try it for herself.

"Buffy," she cooed "I like that name, but I prefer the name of the other, what was it, Faith, that was it. Much a stronger name." Suddenly she looked around the cemetery, she looked spooked. "William, dear, I don't believe we're alone anymore" she got down from the gravestone. And without so much of a word of a goodbye she was gone. Leaving spike alone. He sighed throw the cigarette end down, and stamped on it; he then turned and started to walk back to his crypt.

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