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The Bunny Cemetery

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Summary: Where Plot Bunnies come to die. A collection of starter chapters that are unlikely to be continued. All are up for adoption.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherxandersgirlFR1577,5661198,37919 Oct 1114 Jun 13No

Protector Who

I don't own Dr Who, Touchwood or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The idea behind this is that Xander is a clone of the Doctor.

My knowledge of Dr Who is limited but my knowledge of Touchwood is even worse, hense this never being continued. If you want it please take it.

Protector Who

Jessica Lavelle ran down the corridor clutching the precious bundle to her chest. Her heart was pounding so hard she could hear it. The alarms were blaring but she took no heed to them as she was the reason for them in the first place. All she could think about was getting out of there, getting him to safety, that was the most important thing. Unit didn't deserve such a powerful weapon as this. Ducking into an alcove she pulled the bundle away from her chest and looked down at the sleeping infant, no more then a few hours old. He looked so innocent, to think that he had the potential for great good or evil she could barely comprehend it. The things Unit or any other organisation could use him for were both horrific and brilliant at the same time. God help them if his 'father' ever found out about what they had done. It was for all these reasons that she had taken him, saved him.

Seeing that the corridors were clear, she continued her flight to her salvation. She got to her destination and slipped inside the room. There it was the prototype personal transportation device. She put it on and securely strapped the infant to her chest, and reached for the tags on the chest straps. She pulled them down just as the door burst open and soldiers poured into the room, she disappeared from Unit London forever.

Jessica reappeared in an underground cave filled with computers and other electronics. She stumbled a bit and when she looked up she saw two men and a woman watching her with guns raised.

"Who are you and how the hell did you get in here?" the women said with a strong welsh accent.

Jessica looked at the man that could only be Captain Jack Harkness, she'd seen a photo of him briefly years before, but she was certain it was him. It was the only thing she'd been thinking about when she'd pulled the tabs. Her need to get to someone that could help her, help them. But she didn't have long, Unit would figure out where she'd gone before long.

"Captain Jack Harkness, Touchwood, Cardiff?" she asked, needing conformation. Harkness nodded, and she sighed in relief. "My name is Dr Jessica Lavelle, and we need your help."

"We?" the other man asked with a straight face and a steady gun. It was at that moment that the infant decided to make his presence know, by starting to fuss. The woman took notice at this.

"You have a baby?" she asked, Jessica nodded.

"Why did you bring a baby here?" Jack asked.

"Like I said we need your help, I couldn't let them keep him, god only knows what they would do to him."

"Who?" the other man asked,

"Unit." They looked at each and as one lowered their guns.

"And what does Unit what with a baby?" Jack asked.

"It's a long story." The woman approached her.

"I'm Gwen, Gwen Cooper and mister grumpy over there is Ianto Jones," Gwen said softy. Jessica noticed that Jack was trying to cover a grin at Gwen's comment. She held her hands out towards the baby Jessica was still clutching. "May I?" she said with a smile, Jessica smiled back and let Gwen take him, if she worked with Jack Harkness she was safe.

Gwen looked down at the now awake infant, an infant that looked back at her with more intelligence than should be possible for a new born, for that was what he had to be given his size.

"Aren't you a cute one," she cooed at him, the infant gurgled.

"What's his name?" Jack asked.

"He doesn't have one, the project was called 'Protector' though so Alexander would do, I guess." she said.

"Project?" Jack said, "You better start talking."

Gwen was tickling the newly named Alexander under the chin when she felt something that made her frown. She felt again to make sure, nope it was still there.

"Jessica, why does he have two heartbeats?" she asked. Jack whipped round to face her.


"Because, Alexander has two hearts," Jessica said. Jack turned back to her and she flinched at his intent look.

"He's his isn't he?" Jack asked his voice quiet but deadly. "He's the Doctor's son." Gwen gasped and Ianto looked shocked.

"No," Jessica said shaking her head. "He's not the Doctor's son."

"How can he not be the Doctor is the last of his kind, if he's not the his son what is he?" Jack asked. Jessica gulped this is where it could go very wrong.

"His clone," she said quietly but not too quiet to be heard.

"What? How is that possible?" Gwen asked.

"Anything with DNA can be cloned, so it is possible." Ianto said. They where all startled when Jack throw something across the cavern making a loud crash. Alexander whimpered and Gwen frowned down at the infant. He really was the quietest baby she'd ever heard of, but then if he really was the Doctor's clone that wasn't that surprising. Jack looked more furious than Gwen had ever seen him, and she might be imagining it but there could be a little fear there as well.

"Have you got any idea what you've done?" He demanded.

"Yes! Why do you think I had to get him away from Unit, they were going to use him as a weapon!" Jessica almost yelled back.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about Unit for much longer," Jack said quieter. "If he finds out about what they've done Unit would be as good as gone."

"Your not saying..." Gwen said. "The Doctor wouldn't... would he?"

"If there is one thing I learnt about him, it was that he doesn't like being messed with, and this is about as messed with as you can get. God help them if he does find out."

Hope you like it.

Please review.

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