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Trek to the Hellmouth

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayer Trek". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. But not all the Borg tech on board was removed...

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationAntonioCCFR151014,53101916,31419 Oct 112 Feb 13No

Chapter 2

Trek to the Hellmouth. Redux Edition
by Antonio Cabañas
Chapter Two

Star Trek in all its incarnations and all related characters are property of Paramount Pictures. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters were created and are owned by Joss Whedon. Star Trek, and Star Trek: The Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry. I created Tony Castro and the USS Corsair, other adventures of her can be found in my site (address in my profile)
Buffy to season 4, Angel to season 1, although due to the nature of the story there is some spoilers to later seasons. Star Trek to Star Trek: First Contact, and to Deep Space Nine season 5.
Last Revision:
Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. But not all the Borg tech on board was removed...

Initiative Complex, Sunnydale CA. Spring 2000 

Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer, temporarily possessed by the primal force that her friends had invoked extracted the power core of the cyborg Adam and transported it far away into space. Now it floated near Sun, so it would explode harmlessly several days later, once the security system had failed by the intense solar radiation. But the explosion cut the trajectory through time and space that the Borg systems aboard the Enterprise had calculated, forcing the ship to abandon the time warp in a far later period than originally intended. 

USS Enterprise. Borg-occupied cargo bay. Nearly a week later.

The Borg drone, controlling now a small army of robotic devices fashioned from the material available in the cargo bay, immediately started the contingency plan.

USS Enterprise. Corridor adjacent to Borg-occupied cargo bay

Irina Korova hadn't wasted a second after awakening from the odd trance-like state induced by the time warp. She had run to the turbolift, directing one of her subordinates to man the tactical station, and summoned the security team who had fared better in Paddy's... lieutenant Daniels' Borg takeover scenarios.

 'Don't make that slip again, Irishka. He is married and he positively dotes in his wife.' thought Irina while turning a corner. And there they were, in front of the door to the cargo bay.

"I hope that you all have brought your toolkits, people. We have a number seven in progress." Said Irina, mentioning a specific scenario that dealt with Borg drones hooked to the main computer, rendering their phasers' rotating frequencies useless as the Borg would know them before even starting to fire. The mention elicited groans from several of them, obviously remembering that particular scenario. But apart of that, they reacted like the well-trained people that they were, substituting the isolinear chip of their phaser rifles with others that had a series of random phaser frequencies in their memory.

When they had finished, Irina used the manual release of the door and threw a stun grenade inside. After the explosion, the security people entered, guns blazing and destroying quickly everything Borg there without even missing a shot. Odd, that they were not putting more of a fight, thought Irina, until she saw, through a hole in the bulkhead, a shuttlepod taking off, its hull partially covered by Borg tech, in shuttle bay 3.

 "Get off, get off! Imminent decompression!" she shouted to the team who scrambled out of the cargo bay as fast as they could. She was the last to get off the room, and closed the doors behind her as the shuttlepod broke the force field that kept the air inside.

 As soon as she did that, she called the bridge through her commbadge.

"Korova to bridge. I'm sorry to inform that the Borg have taken control of a shuttlepod and are trying to escape the ship..."

USS Enterprise. Bridge.

"I will need approximately two minutes to purge the Borg program of our system before we can maneuver or target it." Said Data to Picard unasked question after Korova had finished her report.

"How much time until the shuttlepod reaches Earth?" asked Picard

"Nearly four minutes at their current speed." Answered Data

"Go ahead, Mr. Data" he paused and looked to the ensign who had substituted Korova at Tactical. "Mr..."

"Lopez, Sir. Gregorio López." Said the young man.

"Mr. Lopez, lock the phasers on that shuttlepod. When you recover control of the ship weaponry, destroy that craft." said Picard

"Aye, sir." answered the ensign.

Picard then turned to the android, wanting to ask something that had been rounding his head since their arrival.

"Data, when are we?"

"Around the year 2000, sir. I'll need a few seconds to ascertain the date." Promptly answered the android, which had already started with his tasks. In a couple seconds he said a date, early in the Northern Hemisphere Summer.

'Hmmm... I don’t like the shape that this crap is taking." thought Admiral Castro.

As he had predicted Data needed two minutes to finally purge the Borg program from the Enterprise computers.

"Program purged. Mr. Lopez should regain control of phasers at any moment." announced Data. And almost immediately lances of reddish energy shot from the upper side of the saucer.

"Target destroyed, captain." Announced López.

Picard relief was cut short when Data checked the sensors. "Captain, a big piece of the debris of the shuttlepod is falling to Earth. Given its current distance to Earth we would risk detection by the primitive detection systems of this era if we tried to destroy it with the phasers or the quantum torpedoes."

Picard sighed inwardly, he had feared this outcome since the beginning. "Where will it land?" he asked.

"In Southern California, the general area of a small city called Sunnydale, sir." Informed Data.

'Sunnydale! Oh, crap!' thought Admiral Castro ‘I knew that I didn’t like this’

"I want to know where that thing is going to crash the moment that it does it." said Picard, while thinking. 'Sunnydale? That names sounds familiar... oh, the Sunnydale crater, south of Los Angeles'

"That is going to be a matter of some difficulty, captain." Said Data "Apparently there is some kind of low level subspace field in the area around Sunnydale. That field is interfering with our sensors."

"Simply, try to locate the impact crater visually. The optical sensors won't be hampered by the anomaly, and you or the computer can process images more quickly than any human. Ah, another thing, I have seen before that kind of subspace field, and it not only interfere with our sensors, also play havok with phasers. But old-style phase pistols are more resilient to their effects." Said Admiral Castro to the android and then turned to the captain. "Captain Picard, we need to talk in private."

Outskirts of Sunnydale. Near the campus.

Amanda Howell had taken a shortcut through the university-owned land to try to arrive home before the time set by her parents. She was walking at a brisk pace, looking all around, she had heard many horror stories about what happened at Sunnydale at night, when she saw the meteorite fall to Earth. She looked her watch. She had time to snoop around a bit, so she walked toward the small crater that the fall had caused.

As she was getting near to the crater she heard some scrapping noises coming from it. She paused for a moment, remembering the stories, but said to herself that nothing could have survived the impact. So she looked into the crater, only to see a gigantic insect-like shape jump at her. Last thing that she felt before losing consciousness was a sharp pain in her neck.

1630 Revello Drive. Sunnydale

Buffy had a very hard week. Many of the demons and vampires that the Initiative had captured were set free in the final battle. And the last days she and the Scoobies had worked non-stop fighting them. So it was no surprise that she fell asleep in the couch watching TV. And dreamed...

She was running on the streets of Sunnydale. The air was thick, hot and humid, filled with a miasma that smelled of ozone and oil, the buildings partially covered by an outgrowth that seemed both organic and metallic at the same time. People were the worst, even though she only knew for the glimpses that she had got, of people who looked like had escaped of a bad sci-fi movie. They were clad in black bodysuits with what looked machinery sticking from the most unexpected places, some with their eyes or arms replaced by mechanical or electronic devices of unknown purpose.

She ran and ran through this nightmarish scenario until she collided with somebody who appeared suddenly before her. She fell to the ground and looked up. She couldn't see who was in the foggy atmosphere. The figure extended an arm to her, on what she supposed was an offer to help her to get up, but then he said with the voice of Adam.

"Resistance is futile."

From the arm two wires were shot, and the pain on her neck as the last thing she felt before...

...before awakening with a scream.

Joyce, her mother, was almost immediately beside her with a concerned expression in her face. Even if she didn't show, her life as the Slayer was taking a toll in her.

"Only a bad dream, mom." said Buffy, and the she made a show of looking at the clock. "Look at the hour, I have to go to patrol."

She jumped out of the sofa, intending to go to the room and change clothes, but Joyce stopped her in her tracks with four words.

"Buffy, wait a moment" said Joyce.

Buffy turned to her mother, dreading the question that was going to follow.

"Are you sure that it was only a dream? You seemed very agitated."

She cursed silently, because the truth was that she wasn't very sure of the answer.

"Pretty sure, mom. It was too horrifying to be a prophetic dream, anyway." She said trying to convince herself as well as her mother, who was no fooled. But what could she do?

"Just promise me that you'll be careful, Buffy."

Initiative complex

Adam was lying in the floor, sprawled where he fell after the Slayer had extracted his power unit. Everything was turned off, although his body was not yet decaying due to the processes involved in his creation. So he didn't feel the metallic insectoid legs that crawled over his body and injected something in the cavity where the power unit had been and he didn't hear a soft and cold female voice saying:

"At last... much better than Locutus or Data. A bit primitive, perhaps, but nothing that a few nanoprobes cannot improve."

Sunnydale High School ruins.

The Hellmouth had opened a little since the starship appeared near the Sun, and somebody had managed to claw her way out. She, a tall black-haired woman with brown eyes and pretty fit, was wearing the tattered remains of what one day had been clothes, clumsily repaired here and there with all kind of rags, and a makeshift sword, in a equally makeshift scabbard, was tied to her back. When she was finally out, she lied there over her belly, saying:

"I did it... I escaped... from Hell."


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