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Trek to the Hellmouth

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayer Trek". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. But not all the Borg tech on board was removed...

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Chapter 8

Trek to the Hellmouth. Redux Edition
by Antonio Cabañas
Chapter Eight

Star Trek in all its incarnations and all related characters are property of Paramount Pictures. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters were created and are owned by Joss Whedon. Star Trek, and Star Trek: The Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry. I created Tony Castro and the USS Corsair, other adventures of her can be found in my site (address in my profile)
Buffy to season 4, Angel to season 1, although due to the nature of the story there is some spoilers to later seasons. Star Trek to Star Trek: First Contact, and to Deep Space Nine season 5.
Last Revision:
Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. But not all the Borg tech on board was removed...


The sewers

Ana tied Toni tightly, and hid her in an abandoned alcove. Something bothered her, so she stepped back and looked to the other woman. Now she saw it. It was almost creepy to realize how the years had softened the physical differences between them. Some resemblance was to be expected due to her being created from Toni's DNA, but they were now practically twins.

'Not the weirdest thing that I have seen, but creepy as Hell' she thought. 'And I speak with first-hand knowledge'

She sighed, thinking back to the years that she had been in Hell, years of fighting almost non-stop until she found a portal back, even if it was a few years before she fell. But the years seemed to not have been easy on Toni either. When she had removed her clothes, she had seen that she had her own scars, and she could say that some of them had been caused from demons, looking at a nasty looking scar in her right arm.

She then went to examine the objects that Toni had. A tricorder, smaller and sleeker than the ones that she was used to, with some kind of multicolored touch interface, something that was probably a type-2 phaser, and an stylized Starfleet insignia. And every single one of them looked pretty much like the equipment from the future Starfleet ship that they had found here, now that she think about it. What the hell had happened after she had fallen into that dimensional crack?

She was going to leave, but hesitated. In the past she would have left her there, as she had been taught, nothing mattered except the mission. But now... after what she saw first hand what they did to people in Hell. No. She couldn't leave her like that, easy prey for any passing vampire or demon. She produced a vicious-looking knife, that she had got from one of the demons she had killed in Hell, and left it in her hands.

Borg Hive

The former laboratory had already been almost completely transformed into the site of the new Borg Hive.

"We have enough drones already for what we discussed earlier." Said Adam to the Queen. Of course they weren't physically talking, they were exchanging thoughts through the Hive Communication Matrix.

"I agree. The energy that the primitives denominate magic is similar to the energies of Particle 010." answered the Queen "We need to understand it, to be able to use it."

"Yes, and it'll be a delicious vengeance to see the face of the Slayer when she has to confront them." Said Adam, smirking.

"Vengeance is irrelevant." Said the Queen, nodding "But it's a welcome extra." And then she did an mirk of her own "And I'll show Locutus and Data what they have missed just before assimilating them"

Initiative Complex

Adam wasn't where she had left it.

'Figures. As if the Universe was going to give me a reprieve.' Thought Buffy

Captain Picard entered the small room and looked at the signs of fight in the room, and noticed that Buffy was looking at a certain point in the floor. A point where the fallen debris and pulverized concrete had left an empty space, which looked roughly human-shaped.

"I gather that this is where 'Adam' was." Said Picard

"Good thinking, captain Obvious." Answered Buffy, sarcastically.

Picard rolled up her eyes, not rising to the bait, and asked something that had been bothering him since they noticed that they were heading to the same place.

"Would you be able to track him through the sewers? Data says that our tricorders will lose effectively very quickly as we get closer to the Hellmouth."

"Maybe," said Buffy, grimacing , "but he knows what I can do and I suppose that the 'Queen' knows about yours."

"You can say that." He said, and grimacing in turn, remembering Locutus. But he thought that he could turn that against them. The Borg knew him, but that meant also that he knew the Borg. "But I know the Borg as well as they know me. If I were them, I would have left patrols on certain points to delay us and get an early warning. Also, I would have tried to assimilate as many people as possible while keeping a low profile, before going out in force. " Then he realized something. "Damn. How much did Adam knew about you and your people?"
"He had access to the Initiative files, so I think that pretty much everything. Why?..." then she realized what Picard had just thought "Oh, shit! Do you think that those cyber-zombies could try to attack them?"

"Yes. I only hope that we aren't too late." He said as he pressed a commbadge that he produced from a pocket in the jacket. "Picard to Enterprise"

Riker's answer was static filled, but still understandable, although barely.

"Riker here, captain. Some news?"

"No, but we think that the Borg could attack the allies and family of the Slayer. Ms. Summers?"

"Xander's parents are in Vegas, and Willow's are... out, I don't know where. So you only have to go to..." she gave her address, and Willow's and Xander's "Willow lives with her girlfriend, Tara."

"Did you hear, Number one?"

"Yes, sir... One moment..." Picard heard Will talking to Deanna in the background "Captain, Admiral Castro beamed down to find you. Apparently she thinks that there can be another hostile in the zone." Said Rike "An Augment, physically identical to the Admiral."

"What is an Augment?" interjected Buffy "Some kind of demon?"

"A genetically engineered human, with abilities nor unlike yours, miss Summers." Supplied Data

"Captain, Admiral Castro is here." Said Irina as she entered the room.


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