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Trek to the Hellmouth

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayer Trek". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. But not all the Borg tech on board was removed...

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Chapter 9

Trek to the Hellmouth. Redux Edition
by Antonio Cabañas
Chapter Nine

Star Trek in all its incarnations and all related characters are property of Paramount Pictures. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters were created and are owned by Joss Whedon. Star Trek, and Star Trek: The Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry. I created Tony Castro and the USS Corsair, other adventures of her can be found in my site (address in my profile)
Buffy to season 4, Angel to season 1, although due to the nature of the story there is some spoilers to later seasons. Star Trek to Star Trek: First Contact, and to Deep Space Nine season 5.
Last Revision:
Nearly a month after the events of Star Trek: First Contact, the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, is fully repaired, and it's ready to come back into service. But not all the Borg tech on board was removed...


Initiative Complex

"Captain, Admiral Castro is here." Said Irina as she entered the room.

'It never rains...' thought Picard, but he stopped himself and told the security officer "Come with her and watch her discreetly for things that don’t fit." seeing the expression in Irina’s face, he added. "We have just received news that an Augment physically identical to the Admiral could be loose in this area."
"As if we hadn’t enough problems…" said Irina, before going back muttering in Russian

"What did she say?" said Buffy "It sounded like..."

"Cursing every geneticist that have ever lived." Said Picard "Russian is a language rich in profanities."

A few moments later, Irina was back with Admiral Castro, or that was what it seemed. Buffy sniffed for a moment and narrowed her eyes.

"Captain, good to see you again." Said the woman "What do we have here?"

Picard prided himself in being able to read the reactions of most people. And just now this woman was trying to hide that she hadn't seen him in her life.

"From what Miss Summers..." he said pointing to Buffy. "...said, the Borg seemed to have made an alliance with a local... creature."

The reaction of the woman seeing Buffy Summers was interesting. She bit her lower lip and frowned, as if she didn't expected her to be here. Both Irina and Picard noticed the reaction. The Russian ensign stepped back, discreetly readying her weapon, while Picard narrowed her eyes, thinking 'Physically identical, indeed.'

"Yes, its name is Adam, a Frankenstein monster made of human, demon and robot parts." Said Buffy, looking intently to the woman "May ask you a question, 'Admiral'?"

The woman smiled weakly and said, in a passable imitation of Admiral's Castro tone.

"Of course, Buffy. What do you want to know?"

"Why do you smell of sulfur? It's weak, but appreciable." said Buffy, crossing her arms "And it's obvious that you didn't recognize Pickhard here, or any of the crew. So, who the hell are you?"

The woman didn't answered; instead she tried to grab Irina, who escaped, leaving her jacket in the hands of the woman. This movement distracted her enough to let Buffy hit her in the face. The woman fell back, bleeding from the lip.

"Slayer..." said the woman in a tone full of hate. "We were created to be better than your ilk."

"Let's see, then." Said Buffy smirking, trying to hit the other woman with a high kick, which was swiftly dodged by the augment, who answered by trying to hit Buffy in the gut. This set the tone of the fight, with both women very evenly matched, each well capable of evading, blocking or parrying, very movement of the other one. To them it looked like hours, but less than a minute had passed when Buffy made a mistake.

She left her guard open a fraction of second more than necessary. It was an small mistake, but it was enough for the augment to knock her down and in a movement almost too far to be seen, pick her and hold a serrated knife against her neck while looking at the others there.

"Not a movement or the Slayer dies, and don't even think on trying to stun me. I'll..." she started to say, her smirk turning into a scream as a serrated knife was suddenly stuck in her right forearm, identical to the one that she had been holding. Buffy used the sudden commotion to elbow the augment and push her against the concrete walls, making her hit her head on the wall in the process, leaving the augment momentarily stunned. This moment of distraction was what Data had been waiting for, immobilizing the woman quite skillfully, while the knife on her forearm fell out.

"Thanks God for all the time that I passed training Slayers" said Antonia Castro as she stepped into the light, and neared the struggling woman. "Damn, it looks bad." She commented looking at the wound. She tore a strip of her shirt and bandaged the wound, while the woman struggled to free herself. "Don't fight, Data is strong enough to hold you 'til the heat death of teh Universe."

"You..." said the woman, fixing a baleful glare on the seemingly identical woman.

"Yes, me." She said, crouching before Ana, who looked at Toni's right arm, her eyes practically goggling. Toni smirked and put her hand in her temple.

"Sleep." She commanded in a strange tone and Ana fell asleep almost immediately. She produced a rope from a pocket and tied her arms and leg, in a way that would made difficult to free herself. Toni sighed and got up, brushing her clothes.

"What a goddamned mess." She said, and sighed again. She then turned to Picard "Jean-Luc, on top of the Borg, we have a fucking temporal paradox in course."

Picard arched an eyebrow and asked:

"How so?"

"I knew that I had seen her die, but with the help of Deanna, I remembered the specifics, although much of the context it's still missing." She thought for a moment and then added, "It would be better if we discuss this privately."

Picard nodded and they walked to another room, while the others stood there, although Buffy tried to sneak out, before being stopped by Captain Castro.

"It would be better if you stayed back, Buffy. You’ll be needed if she got out from the ropes." She said without even glancing back.

"OK." She said in a defeated tone "But I want to know something, how did you get her to sleep. It didn't look like anything that I have ever seen.

"It was a Jedi mind trick" commented Toni 'And the good thing is that it's not a lie'

"Suuuure..." said Buffy, rolling up her eyes, as Picard and Toni entered into an abandoned office.

Inside the office, Toni leaned on the wall, and closed her eyes, starting to explain.

"It happened when I was the helmswoman of the Enterprise-A. You know that we have had intermittent contacts with the galaxy in the other side of the Lykandia Anomaly for more than a Century, in different time periods there."

"Yes, I reviewed the files after our battle with the Imperial ship."

"There were a couple of incidents that were classified at the time." Said Tony "Hell, even I was surprised past year when I saw the Enterprise-A and the Excelsior appearing from that wormhole in their Galaxy."

"I imagine that the Department of Temporal Investigations..."

"Yeah, the DTI was as charming as always. Although given the multiple instances of time travel in that incident I was not surprised that they went in with all cannons blazing." Said Toni "But that’s another story. My memory is still fuzzy about the details, but in the aftermath of that particular incident, the Enterprise-A and the Excelsior ended in the early 21st Century, and we had to help Buffy and her gang in another incident with the Borg."

"How is that...?" asked Picard.

"I honestly don’t know, Jean-Luc. My memories, and I gather the memories of everybody present on he incident were blocked, as apparently there were people from the future involved, and not only the Borg." Said Toni "From what I have started to remember, things were going to Hell, literally, and in the middle of that she died..." she closed her eyes and corrected herself "She sacrificed herself to save me, after betraying us."


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