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Unknown Quotients

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Summary: All Dean wanted was to get his brother to help him find their Dad. He wasn't expecting Sam's housemates to be up with it.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesGwirryFR1333,713062,64819 Oct 1130 Nov 11No

Strange Powers

DISCLAIMER: I don't own. Anything.

Strange Powers 1/3

Sam explains how he met and why he trusts his little family. Part one of three explaining the childhoods of my Team Free Will

Dean and Sam were the only ones in the Impala today. Gabe and Cas were off tracking down the other angels on earth, Zira was back in Soho temporarily, Crowley was off running the crossroads, and AJ was picking up Sam’s college stuff, because distance education was fabulous. So Sam was explaining, quietly, nervously, but steadily, how he had met, and come to trust, his little family.


It was a small classroom, with only a few rows of desks, neatly lined up in pairs, but it was quite possibly the most terrifying thing that Sam Winchester had ever dealt with to date. Small schools were the worst, because everyone knew each other better. He took a moment to look at each of the teens seated in the desks, his freshman class. In the front row, filling the four desks, were four boys who could only be brothers. The one furthest from the aisle on the right had blond hair that stood up at weird angles, and eyes the colour of butterscotch that were full of mischief. The boy sitting next to him had big blue eyes and dark hair, and looked like he took everything deadly seriously. Next to them sit two boys, one of whom is obviously the teacher's pet, and the other of whom is the school's token bad boy. They were bickering quietly, but no one else was paying attention.

Behind the boys on the right was a girl and a boy, obviously friends, but looking like they came from different sides of the track. The girl had long dark hair and blue eyes, and a little sultry smirk. The boy looked like he belonged with Mr Serious sitting in the row in front of him. It was obvious the middle row was a compromise, because he wanted the front and she wanted the back, and the middle was a concession on both sides. She was chatting with another boy sitting across the aisle and back a row, and the two of them were laughing. Next to this boy sat another girl, with blond hair and a smirk, and in front of them, and exhausted looking boy with shaggy hair and a girl sitting so far forward in her seat that he was surprised she didn't fall off. Behind the boy and girl, in the back, on the right, sitting on her own, was another girl, looking haughty and a little stuck up. The only empty seat was to her left.
Sam took a deep breath, and made his way up the corridor towards the empty seat. As he reached the second row, the dark haired girl reached under the table behind her and deftly flicked her wrist so that the spare stool sat in between her and her friend.

"You don't want to sit next to Lilith. She's a bitch." the girl said, patting the seat that she had just pulled up.
The girl behind them frowned. The girl patting the seat smirked again.

"I'm AJ. This is Zira. And you're Sam, right?"

"Yes. Yes. Nice to meet you."

"You too."

"Most definitely." said the boy, smiling encouragingly, and shunting his own chair to the side to make room for Sam.
As he sat down, AJ had gone into a rant about the cancellation of Firefly. Sam had, without thinking, joined in.
After that, AJ, Zira and Sam had been completely inseparable. AJ and Zira picked a table in the library that became 'theirs', and slowly, over the next two years, as Sam waited for his Dad and Dean to come back, and pick him up, some of the others began to join their little group.

AJ's twin, Crowley (actually, his name was Fergus, but no-one ever used it), was the first to join them. He stayed for six months or so, and then left again, because he and Zira fought all the time. The next addition had been Gabriel, the boy with the butterscotch eyes, and his brother, Castiel. Gabe and Cas stayed around, because Gabe needed Zira's help with maths, and AJ needed Cas' help with English. Cas floated, coming and going from their group, often busy with the social justice initiatives he ran, but Gabe stuck with them. They became the ultimate 'cool' group of the high school. AJ was the ringleader, Zira was the brains, Gabriel was the mischief, and Sam had become their token Jock. His early claims at being uncoordinated melted in the face of AJ and Gabe's uncontrollable enthusiasm. AJ, Zira, Sammy and Gabe were a force to be reckoned with when it came to sport, even only if it was because AJ had a killer jump shot, Gabe could shoot the lights out from the three-point line, and Zira played basketball like he played chess - from the sideline, and in a very strategic manner.

They also sang, loudly, obnoxiously, and fairly well. AJ liked to sing Cute Is What We Aim For - especially I Put The 'Metro' in 'Metronome', while determinedly getting the lyrics wrong. She always, to Gabe's constant amusement, sang that she damned, as opposed to dented hearts. They were an odd little group, all laughter and jokes and smiles, but they worked well together. And now, they were approaching Prom, and everything was going to hell. AJ and Zira had decided to go together, and now Sam was desperately trying to figure out his options, as he sat on the side of the basketball court, watching AJ and Gabe play one-on-one. Becky and Chuck would be going together, and Lilith was Lilith, so they were out of the picture. He could ask Ruby, but that would be kind of weird. Madison might be ok, and he should probably ask Jess, because they’d been dating on and off since he arrived, but all his options felt wrong. AJ cleaned up a missed jumper, and she and Gabe came to snatch up a quick drink.

“Made your choice yet, Sammy boy?” Gabe asked, butterscotch eyes dancing.

“No.” Sam sighs helplessly, pinching the bridge of his nose. AJ starts humming Strange Powers as she heads over to where Zira is waiting, which is weird because she doesn’t listen to the Magneticfields, but she’s out of the way, and Gabe’s got a dangerous smile on his face.

Which is how Sam finds himself standing outside Gabe and Cas’ place on Prom night, waiting while Gabe loads his tux pockets with chocolate and Cas looks amused. AJ and Zira are waiting in the Limo outside, and Crowley is with them. They looked like they really wanted to talk about something while he wasn’t there, so he’d offered to go find Gabe and Cas and left them to it. He shut the door of the limo with a soft thump, and they all stared at him like they were expecting him to kill them all.

“Hey Sammy…” says AJ, “We need to tell you something.”

There is an awkward silence, and then Sam says, “Ok. Go ahead.”

“We’re not human anddon’tyoudareshootmeSamWinchester!” said Gabe, putting his hands in the air as he yelped out the
last section.

“If you’re not human, what are you?”

“Me, Cas and Zira –“

“Cas, Zira and I.” corrected Zira.

“Cas Zira and I, whatever, we’re angels. AJ and Crowley are renegade demons.”

“And you are just going to help me? Look after me? Why are you my friends?”

“Because we truly care for you, Sammy. We want to help you.” says Zira.

“And because we believe that we can save the world by saving you.” says Crowley.

“And cause you’ve got strange powers, cause of psycho demons that AJ and Crowley don’t like.” says Gabe with a grin,
making Sam roll his eyes and laugh.

“Ok. Let’s party. I’ll go off at you for not telling me later. But don’t think I’m going to just roll over, either. You guys are my friends, and I’m not just going to lie down and take it.”

All the others breathed out in unison.

“Ok.” Says AJ, and squeezes his hand. And then she says the words he could not.

“We love you too, Sammy.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unknown Quotients" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Nov 11.

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