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Your father was a Jackal! A Jackal!

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Summary: Xander's road trip has opened up a whole web of problems for him

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-Centered
CrazyDanFR18716,5392314159,18020 Oct 1124 Mar 14No


Standard disclaimer: BTVS was created by Joss Whedon. X-men and Spider-man were created by Stan Lee and pals. This is a piece of fanfiction that is not written for any form of monetary gain, only amusement.


Xander Harris sighed as he parked his clunker of an 'American Classic'. This summer had been crazy, but he'd managed to make it all the way to the Big Apple. Barely. Now he was hoping for the hospitality of family so he crash somewhere while he replenished his funds. He knew that he had a second cousin around here that had been nice enough to him at the Harris family reunions. Now he just had to spin this the right way.

“I'll only be here a week or two. Tops.” Xander muttered as he ran the lines through in his head. “Yeah right. Maybe if I strip again.” He said with a shudder. Those ladies had been.... grabby. Really grabby.

Xander reached into his glove box and pulled out his not so little black book. It was part family tree, part journal. Something he'd been keeping since before Buffy had come to town. He opened the back page and stared at the list of family members. A few had been nice enough to let him stay the night as he traveled across the country. Some had not.

The ones who weren't friendly had little red X's added next to their names. If he ever had wealth in the future, those guys were out of his will. Scratch that, he'd give them a dollar.

Definitely a dollar.

He stared at the name that took the highest priority at the moment.

Dr. Miles Warren.

It seemed that the typical Harris luck skipped a generation for at least one of his family members. This second cousin was older than his Dad by a couple of years and was a university professor to boot. He was some kind of science big wig.

Maybe he could finagle the family connection so he could get a job as a janitor or something.

Xander took a deep breath and closed his journal. He gathered his courage and approached the brownstone his second cousin lived in. He rang the bell and waited. There was no answer.

“Well crap.” Xander muttered. No one was home. “Ouch.” He said as he felt a sharp pain in the side of his neck. He collapsed on the front porch.

A figure dressed in a wolf-like costume stepped out of the shadows near the brownstone. He cocked his head to one side as he stared at the unconscious teen on the porch.

“Oops.” The Jackal said before laughing slightly. “I guess I've got Spiders on the brain.” He turned the teen over and got a look at his face. “Oh dear. I'd better get him inside.”

The Jackal grabbed the book on the ground before hauling the teen over his shoulder and heading inside the brownstone.

He tossed his cousin onto the sofa as he headed towards his secret chamber so he could change out of his costume. Once he was out of costume he headed into the kitchen and brewed himself a pot of tea. It was a habit he'd picked up from the High Evolutionary back after he'd gotten his doctorate. He looked at the journal and glanced through a couple of pages. It seemed like a standard teen journal at first.

That was before he found an entire entry composed in very basic Latin. He flipped a couple of pages and found another entry in rough Olde English.

From the last family reunion he knew Xander was a nervous kid without many prospects. He wasn't exactly a budding linguist.

His curiosity piqued, Miles started reading the journal from the beginning. It eventually proved to an interesting read. A very interesting read.

Once he got to the entry about the swim team, Miles made a mental note to extract a blood sample before the teen woke up.

The kid's blood might prove to be.... useful.

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