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Bad Wolf Buffy

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Summary: Set during Primeval, what if Buffy had accidently been infused by the power of the TARDIS when facing Adam? Buffy/10

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: The DoctorbellaraseFR1312,4470181,60021 Oct 1121 Oct 11No
Bad Wolf Buffy
I do not own either Dr Who or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I do not have a beta reader so I apologize in advance for any errors! Feel free to point them out. This starts during the battle with Adam during the episode Primeval and is a crossover with Dr Who, 10th Doctor, right after the end of season 2.


Gold painted a stunning canvas against the contour’s of Buffy’s’ face, her eyes glittering brightly as the ungodly power flooded her body. The battle against the Initiative and its homegrown monster was coming to a head and the situation was dire.

“You can’t last much longer,’ the man-made abomination known as Adam stated matter-of –factly, his voice completely devoid of emotion. He was part human, part machine and all monster; the result of a misguided attempt at creating the perfect super soldier by a secret branch of the United States military. Backfired didn’t even begin to describe what had come out about from the secret experiment and the death toll was high.

“We can. We are forever,” Buffy announced eerily, as a chant in a language as old as time passed over her lips. Her golden eyes glittered even brighter.

The creature known as Adam used his newly upgraded machine gun arm to put an end to this curious threat. He looked puzzled when the rounds did not hit their intended target, instead hitting what appeared to be a rippling invisible barrier floating in front of the girl.

“Interesting.” A tiny hint of human emotion passed over his face – fear. “Very interesting.” Moving onto the next phase in his arsenal, he tapped into his grenade launcher and launched a missile at the Slayer who stood before him.

Adam looked puzzled when with a single flick of her hand, the Slayer managed to turn his grenade into a trio of doves that flew away. Another circular movement with her hand and his gun retracted unbidden into his arm. He moved forward to attack her, secure in his superior strength against a tiny human. He soon discovered that his immense physical strength was no match for whatever the slayer had been inused with and his blows were ineffective. He was, in short, losing. Something that was a foreign concept for him.

“But how can you…” he begins to ask before being interrupted.

“You can never hope to grasp the source of our power,” Buffy says before unleashing a flurry of attacks, driving him against the nearby wall. With one fluid motion, Buffy punched through his chest and grabbed the uranium core that fueled him. “But yours is right here,” she tells him as she pulled it from his body, watching emotionlessly as Adam takes his last stolen breath and falls to the ground.

The threat now over, the slayer cannot control the power flowing through her and can do nothing but allow it to take over as she retreats into her mind, the ancient tongue slipping out without conscious thought. Completely consumed by the borrowed power.

This was how the Scoobies found her after the threat was past. A glorious golden warrior chanting in an unknown language, not responsive to any verbal or physical stimuli. Knowing that the Initiative base was about to be run over by persons of a military nature, they did the only thing they could do – they fled with their unresponsive slayer , hoping that whatever had been done to her could be undone.


Many years and many millions of miles away, in a spaceship cloaked as a phone box, a man known as the Doctor was pulling out his hair and pacing the lengths of his console room.

“What are you doing, you silly girl?’ he murmured to his ship, checking and rechecking the readings he was getting. The TARDIS was fighting him, she seemed determined to head in a specific direction. The sense of urgency he felt from her increased and the Doctor sighed. His ship was very much a woman – when she got her head around something, nothing was going to interfere.

With a dramatic sigh, he conceded. “Go ahead then. Let’s be on our way,” he told her, smiling slightly when a happy hum thumped through him. He was curious to see what had his girl in such a tizzy, needing the distraction. It hadn’t been long since he’d been separated from his Rose and the pain he felt was not easing. God, he missed her. This feeling of just blindly fumbling through the universe that had persisted since he’d last said his goodbyes to her was beginning to wear thin.

He just missed her.


“Giles, what are we going to do?” Willow asked nervously, wringing her hands. The drain from performing the ritual was profound and while they had technically won the battle, there were no feelings of celebration.

Her friend was in almost a vegetative state, the only sounds she was making was the murmered chanting of an unknown language. Her eyes were non-blinking and so brilliantly golden, it was almost painful to stare at her for any amount of time.

Giles pushed his glasses further on his nose and sighed heavily. “Quite honestly, I am not sure what we can do,” the Watcher admitted. “The spell was a Sumerian enjoining spell – however Buffy does not appear to be speaking Sumerian. I am unable to identify what she is, in fact, speaking.” His face was grim.

“Just great. We made her possessed with some sort unknown demon thing. Cos that’s just what friends do, right?” Xander complained bitterly. Buffy was starting to freak him out and not just a little.

“Well, whatever you guys did to her, it worked,” Anya added helpfully. “Right?”

“Well, yes. Glowy Buffy made monster go bye bye but kind of missing the point here, An,”

Anya shrugged, throwing herself on the couch with the bowl of crackers she had just helped herself to from Giles’ kitchen.

“What about a different unbinding spell?” Willow suggested, reaching for straws. They had already performed several unbinding spells in the hopes of removing whatever entity they had introduced into Buffy. Nothing had worked and Buffy’s golden eyes were unblinking as she stood in the corner where they had put her. Willow wasn’t sure how much longer Buffy’s body could withstand the power that was coursing through her.

“There has to be something you can do!” Riley bit out, feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility for what had occurred. Never mind that he had turned his back on his military obligations – the fact remained if not for his unit, people would not have died and Buffy wouldn’t be channeling some unknown demon. He was a man of action and this standing around looking at books was difficult for him.

Giles whipped his glasses off and made a desperate attempt to polish the lenses. “Without knowing exactly what we summoned, I’m not quite certain what can be done,” he admitted. “We will just have to keep searching.” He didn’t voice his pessimistic thoughts. Whatever energy his Slayer was infused with, it was powerful and he didn’t want to think of what would occur when Buffy was no longer able to sustain it.

She would die.

And another Slayer would be called.

Another hour brought them no closer to an answer.

“This is hopeless,” Xander grumbled. “I don’t even know what we are supposed to be looking for.” He tossed aside the ancient book he’s been attempting to thumb through. "It's all going just a bit willy nilly in my head."

“Just keep looking,” Giles chided, not wanting to admit to the same thoughts. It was looking hopeless. “If we could just find out what…”

Whatever Giles had been about to say was interrupted by a loud whirring sound coming from the corner of the living room. All eyes whipped towards the noise, eyes widening mutally as something began materializing. It didn’t take long for a blue phone box to solidify in the corner of the room.

“Ok, just when you thought you’ve seen everything,” Xander announced, breaking the silence. “But then a phone booth shows up in your living room, G-man. Is this a British thing?”

“Oh, do be quiet,” Giles replied, his mind whirling with the implications. His arm went to the crossbow by his side, cradling its weight in his hands.

The door to the phone box flew open and Giles whipped the crossbow into ready position, expecting the worst.

He wasn’t expecting a man in a pin-striped suit and trainers to come bounding out the door.

“Well then, this is what the old bird was up to,” the man announced cryptically, ignoring the cross bow pointed his way. “I’m the Doctor.”

“What are you doing here?” Xander asked, not able to keep his mouth shut.

“Well, bit of a funny story, that. Was flying along, minding my own business when the TARDIS, that’s my ship by the way, decided to make an unauthorized detour. She was a bit out of sorts beforehand so hoping I can get her on her merry way after too long.” He looked around. “Where exactly am I?”

“Sunnydale,” Willow answered, eyes wide.

“That in the states, is it? Haven’t spent much time here,” the Doctor revealed, his breath hitched when his eyes stumbled on the glorious sight in the far corner. “Rose,” he whispered.

The Doctor gave himself a little mental shake. The blonde hair threw him for a moment, but now he had a very clear picture why his TARDIS had insisted they make this detour. He stepped slowly towards her, eyes wide.

“Hey! Back off!” Xander yelped, determined to protect his friend from mysterious phone box men. Riley flanked him, it wasn't the first time they'd had to fight together.

“They don’t know what’s wrong with her, “ Anya added helpfully, keeping her seat on the couch and crunching another cracker between her teeth.

“I do,” the Doctor said quietly. “What sort of magic have you been mucking about with?” he asked, reaching Buffy’s side. He could feel the power shimmering in the air, the words she spoke were like a welcoming home.

“It was supposed to be a Sumerian enjoining spell,” Willow announced,. “But we don’t know what happened. The spell went wonky somehow.”

The Doctor snorted. “I’ll say. You managed to harness the time vortex.”

“The whata-huh?” Xander asked

“The time vortex. To put it in idiot terms, you lot managed to tap into the power of my ship.” The Doctor looked perplexed. “Not sure how that is possible, but that is what happened.”

“Do you know how to fix her?” Willow asked hopefully.

The Doctor nodded slowly, eyes thoughtful. “Surprised she has lasted this long, humans aren’t meant to support this much power.” His gaze traveled over her face, the glow so familiar. She was young, like Rose had been. Blonde.

He looked over at the older man of the group, recognizing him as in charge. “I’m going to need to touch her. Just stay back, yeah?”

Giles nodded, his gut churning. At this point, they had no choice but to trust this mysterious stranger. Questions could come later. Right now, his Slayer was the number one priority.

Giles watched as the Doctor stepped slowly until he was directly in front of Buffy, before taking a deep breath and raising his hands to cup the sides of her head. His eyes closed. The golden light jumped and twirled in the air before slowly leaving Buffy and entering this mysterious Doctor who just showed up in his living room. They all jumped as Buffy’s eyes snapped shut and she suddenly collapsed, only to be caught by the slightly glowing stranger.

“There now, I got you,” the Doctor murmured, quickly turning and placing her on the adjacent couch. He stumbled slightly as he straightened. “Whoa now, a bit of a rush.”

Willow rushed over to Buffy’s side, quickly checking for a pulse. “Is she ok?”

The Doctor blew out a gold tinged breath before nodding. “I think so. Well, she’s alive. Well, will have to wait until she wakes up to see if there is anything left in her head. As I said, humans aren’t meant to have that kind of power.”

He turned towards his TARDIS and walked towards its welcoming doors. “I need a bit of a rest,” he announced wearily before walking inside and shutting the door firmly behind him., knowing he left behind a group of humans with more questions that he cared to answer. The power of the time vortex was invading every cell in his body and he sighed at the thought of another regeneration. Last time, taking back the power had killed him. He stumbled into his bedroom on board the TARDIS and passed out in a very Time Lord unlikely fashion. Questions would have to wait.

Outside the blue doors, the looks of confusion were evident.

Xander looked around. “Ok, so now what?” he finally asked.

Giles pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. A bit of scotch was sounding very appealing at the moment.

“What is that thing?” Xander asked, pointing at the phone box. He walked slowly and warily towards it as if expecting it to jump up and attack him. Cautiously, he tried the door but wasn’t surprised when it refused to open. He turned back around to face the others. “Ok, anyone else seeing the weirdness in all of this? What if this is a bomb? What if it’s some mystical hellmouth thing? Should we be… I don’t know,… trying to figure this out?”

Anya gave him a dismissive wave. “He’s harmless.”

Looks of shock were sent her way. “Little bit of explainy, An, would be nice about now.”

“He’s a time traveler.”

“How do you know this?” Giles asked.

Anya gave him a withering look. “I think sometimes you people forget I’m over a thousand years old. I’ve run across him once or twice before. Well, not looking like that, he had a different face, but he’s shown up before. He usually comes into help then zips away in his phone box. “

“Who is he though?” Riley demanded.

“The Doctor.”

“Doctor who?” the redheaded witch questioned.


Giles sighed and made his way to his Slayer’s side. Regardless of the enigma that had just plopped into his living room, he was thankful the Doctor had removed the power that had been unnaturally fueling Buffy.

Now all they could do is wait.


AN - phew, got through my first chapter of my first ever crossover fic! Please leave a review and let me know what you think :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Bad Wolf Buffy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Oct 11.

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