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Just A Letter

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Summary: With all of the potential Slayers activated, Professor Albus Dumbledore writes a letter to a potential ally...

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterSelenaGFR18410,2510147,99321 Oct 1126 Jan 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15


Disclamer: I own nothing here – those characters and other references from the Harry Potter world are still the property of JK Rowling, and those from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are still the property of Joss Whedon.


“So…who were they?!” they practically pounced on the boy, almost knocking him over.

“Have you heard of someone called the International Watchers Council?” he questioned, eyeing the large group of people. Hermione and Ron had obviously told the other ‘kids’ that he was allowed into the meeting.

“They protect and watch-over the supernatural being called ‘The Slayer’,” Hermione answered quickly, looking questioningly at the boy. The Slayer was perceived to be a myth among the wizarding world but with the adventures that she has been on – she believed that anything was possible now.

“Well the older brunette was the Slayer, her name was Faith and the older man was Rupert Giles – Head of the Watchers Council,” Harry intoned, looking back towards the doors. The three had just left the talk with the others in their group but he knew that he would be seeing them again; they had promised their help in the war that was to come.

“The Slayer was here?” Ginny asked, smiling towards the elder boy. It was hard to hide the crush that was there but she tried to resist the urge – Hermione was the only one that had picked up on it so far.

“Yes of course! Professor Dumbledore must be asking for their help in the war…that’s a brilliant alliance,” Hermione mumbled, logically connecting the dots together. She knew that the Professor was a brilliant man but she had never thought that he would seek outside help – from what she remembered the wizarding world hardly had any contact with the Watchers Council.

“Yeah they said that they’d help in whatever way they can,” he nodded, smiling towards his friend. She really was the smartest witch in their year – she connected things faster that he could.

“Who was the other girl?”

“Her name was Dawn…she’s an immortal?” Harry trailed off, seeing Hermione’s eyes spark in interest. He had never heard of a being called an ‘immortal’ but it was obvious that Hermione had – it must be in one of their text books.

“What’s an immortal?”

“Oh honestly Ronald, do you not read?” Hermione shushed, bouncing alittle on the tip of her toes. “Immortals are a very rare breed – they can only be killed by beheading, no other form of death effects them for very long. There is some sort of game or….or….oh! I can’t remember. I’ll have to look it up!”

“Yeah, she said that she could only be killed by beheading and that not many people knew of their existence…” Harry stated, laughing slightly as Hermione was berating herself for not remembering everything. Although the girl was smart – she was not a book, she did not have all the knowledge in the world.

“Are these people staying here?” Ron asked, looking towards his best-friend. He was curious as to what these people were like – he had never met anyone that wasn’t a wizard.

“I don’t know…they said that they had to go back to the others in their group and let them know the situation,” Harry shrugged, slumping onto the bed. It had been a long day – as soon as the guests left, Mrs Weasley had quickly told him to leave. He respected the woman that had treated him as one of her children but he couldn’t help but feel a slight resentment towards her; he was supposed to be some big part in the war, he deserved to know what was happening.

“So…we’re like what? Helping them?” Kennedy questioned, eyeing the trio. She knows that there are people within the core group that do not completely trust her and she knew that she was only there because of Willow – but she deserved a say. She was not a part of a blind army; she deserved to know the reasons.

“They’re in the middle of a war where innocence lives are at stake,” Buffy huffed, glaring at the younger girl. Although Kennedy was accepted by Willow, Buffy still held slight resentment towards the girl for Sunnydale. She had forgiven those closest to her but the other slayers had not thought to have apologized.

“But not human lives…these people have the means to protect themselves. Do we really need to be involved?” Xander reasoned, looking towards the group. He knew that his words were harsh but he was tired of fighting. He was tired of losing the people that were closest to him.

“They do have the means to protect themselves,” Dawn agreed, eyeing the older man. He had definitely grown weary as the years past and the death of Anya had really hit him hard – she could see his reasoning. “But can you really walk away from a community in need of help? From people that have actually asked for our help?”

“I can’t,” Faith shrugged, nodding towards the youngest of the group. She trusted Dawn more than she trusted anyone else in the room – the girl had guts and brains. “I know that I can’t speak for all the other slay-”

“You have a right to lead just as I do Faith,” Buffy interrupted, nodding towards the other girl. She knew that there was still some insecurities within Faith but she wasn’t just the Chosen One anymore – there were two of them and she trusted Faith. They were to make decisions together.

“You can’t just force us into battle!” Kennedy stated, staring at the two senior slayers. She would not be ordered into a war that she did not believe in.

“No one is forcing you Ken, you have the right to a choice,” Willow consoled, placing a hand on the girls arm. She could see the frustration and irritation surrounding the girl and she couldn’t blame her – no one liked to be ordered around.

“It is up to you whether you choose to fight or not. Me and Faith will talk to the other slayers tomorrow to see how they feel. I am not going to force you into battle,” Buffy nodded, making sure the girl understood. This was not a demonic war – it was witchcraft. Slayers did not have the advantage that they have against the demonic community and she knew that would endanger some of the slayers and she could not lead them to their death. Sunnydale had taught her more than she had let on.

“I’ll help in what way I can – however I don’t know how my magic would work in that community or if it would be affected at all,” Willow smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She knew that it was important to show that they trusted Dawns opinions – they had all seen that she had grown into a strong woman. She was no longer the child that they had to protect.

“Well, you know that I can’t let you guys go without me,” Xander grinned, slinging an arm around Buffy’s shoulder. He didn’t know if he wanted to be involved in another war but he wouldn’t let them fight alone – they had been together through a lot, one more fight couldn’t hurt.

“So what happens now? We wait? ‘Cause I’m not good with waiting,” Buffy asked, looking towards her Watcher. There was a gap between them now and it hurt her to see it – she didn’t blindly trust him now. He had betrayed her one to many times for her to follow him blindly but he was still her mentor. He was still the one she looked to when she couldn’t answer something.

“I guess we contact Professor Dumbledore,” Giles stated, smiling towards the small group. They had definitely come along way in the 8 years that they had been fighting. They had grown, they had lost people that they loved – but they had grown. They had learned that life wasn’t easy; it was difficult and it could be cruel but there were moments that needed to be cherished. They all had memories that would stay with them forever – they would bond them forever.

“Lucky that I was in the vicinity then,” a voice interrupted, Professor Dumbledore walking into view. He felt that it was time to let his presence known.

“You were listening?” Faith questioning, raising an eyebrow at the old man. She knew that he was quirky but he gave off such a gentle aura that it was hard to doubt the man.

“One of the girls let me in – I thought it would be best if you all could talk without my presence,” he answered, smiling towards the brunette. He knew that these people were dangerous but they had proven that they only protect those that need protecting – they did not judge you by your past, it was your actions in the now that defined you to these people.

“The girls’ just let you in? Without identification?” Buffy screeched, alarm bells going off in her head. The girls knew better than to let a stranger into the Council Headquarters – she would have to have a talk to them.

“I believe she saw no threat in an old man asking after the Heads of the Council, especially after I named you by name and stated my intentions,” Dumbledore stated, smiling towards the blonde. He knew what she was thinking and he didn’t want to get the girl in trouble.

“Right, well we’ll deal with that problem later,” Giles nodded, showing some concern towards the situation. It shouldn’t be that easy to get into the house but he supposed that the wards that were set around the house would’ve shown the mans intentions. He couldn’t fault the girl for doing what she had been trained to do.

“Obviously there is the question of what happens now?” Dumbledore questioned, looking around the room. The group of people before him were a family – they were a unit that worked well together. They had their own faults and grievances but they were a family.

“Yeah, we were wondering,” Willow smiled, glancing towards her friends. She knew that Kennedy was angry that she had agreed to help but she couldn’t leave people to fight for themselves when they had asked for their help.

“You are more than welcome to come to the school or stay at the Order of the Pheonix headquarters – you may want to learn more about the wizarding world,” Dumbledore invited, smiling towards the group. He knew that they were curious about his world.

“We can’t leave the House without a guardian,” Buffy stated, looking towards her friends. She knew that Dawn had already made up her mind about going, her sister was strong-willed and she wouldn’t let her go alone.

“I can look after the ho-”

“No offense Ken, but the girls don’t trust you enough,” Faith interrupted, staring the younger girl down. She was doing what was best for the other girls in the house – if they were left with Kennedy in charge they would come to hate the girl.

“I’ll stay,” Xander volunteered, raising a hand slightly. He knew that his efforts would be better from the headquarters. He could organize the girls that wanted to help when the time came.

“Me too…I mean with all that magic floating around, I think it might be better,” Willow shrugged, ducking her head slightly. She was still cautious about her magic especially since she had released all of the slayers. She could feel the power brimming underneath her skin and it scared her – she didn’t want to turn evil again.

“Are you sure Will?”

“Yeah, plus you know that if you need us Dawn can get us immediately,” she answered Buffy, smiling towards her old friend. They had mended their broken bridges but there was still a way to go. Everything wasn’t fine between them and maybe space was what they needed to gain that perspective.

“We still need to talk to the other girls,” Buffy said, nodding towards her best-friend. She knew that it was difficult between them – they were always cautious around each other now. She had forgiven both of her friends but there was still that loss of trust between all of them – they had to get it back.

“I’ll go gather them,” Kennedy grimly stated, quickly darting from the room. She was resentful that they didn’t leave her in charge of the other slayers – she was at the Hellmouth with them. She knew what to expect and how to train an army; she was a generals daughter after all.

“I will come back tomorrow and you can all decide where you would like to go,” Dumbledore smiled, waving a goodbye to the group. He would give them time to say their goodbyes.

“Thankyou,” Giles returned, nodding towards the old man.

“Guess we better go address the crew B,” Faith grinned, rubbing her hands together. She was eager for another fight and she knew that most of the slayers would agree with their reasoning. They were created to protect the innocent – that was the essence of their calling.

“We’ll talk later guys,” Buffy said, looking towards Xander and Willow. Those two were her best-friends and they always would be. It would be difficult to leave them behind because they had always been beside her but she knew that they all needed the distance.

“So Dawn…wanna let us in on your trip,” Xander smiled, wrapping an arm around the girls shoulder. He knew that things with Buffy would get better in time but at the moment, they weren’t as close as they used to be. They were still a family but they weren’t united.

“Yeah Dawnie, we haven’t really had a chance to talk,” Willow agreed, smiling at the girl that she thought of as a younger sister. She didn’t know how long the others would be in the wizarding world and she wanted to catch up with the youngest of the group.

“Let’s order some pizza,” she grinned, wrapping an arm around Willow aswell as Xander. She had missed these people. She had only been away for a year but there was barely any contact between them because of her training.

“And donuts!” Xander yelled, leading the girls out of the room.

“They will never change,” Giles mumbled, taking a seat at his desk. Things were about to change; they were splitting up. He trusted Willow and Xander to look after the Council while they were sorting out everything else.
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