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Just A Letter

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Summary: With all of the potential Slayers activated, Professor Albus Dumbledore writes a letter to a potential ally...

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterSelenaGFR18410,2510148,00121 Oct 1126 Jan 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Will You Help...?

Disclamer: I own nothing here – those characters and other references from the Harry Potter world are still the property of JK Rowling, and those from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are still the property of Joss Whedon.

“We’re not making this decision for you,” Buffy started, staring at the room. She realized that this wasn’t all of the activated slayers but it was the best that they could do in the limited time – some were even on conference calls.

“What are you saying? That these…wizards are in need of our protection?” a young girl questioned, eyeing the elder slayer wearily. She knew that she agreed to be strong but she would not follow blindly.

“Not our protection – our help. They have their own means to protect themselves,” Faith answered, glancing around the room. She didn’t agree to be a leader for these people but she knew that they needed guidance; she had been down a dark road and she didn’t want others to follow that.

“Then why are we needed to help?” another snapped, gaining a few murmurs throughout the room.

“Simply because they asked. They reached out a hand of friendship and I believe that it would be beneficial in the end to give them our help. I’m not making this decision for you – it is a war that we have no ties to. If there were demons involved that is when we will be stepping in as that is our territory; however, wizards and witches fighting with wands is not,” Buffy stated, smiling gently towards the group. They were so young and so innocent, there were only a few that were there with them at Sunnydale. There were only a few that had seen the price of war.

“What are you and Faith doing?” Vi asked, stepping forward from the group. She trusted the women infront of her to lead them in the right direction – she would follow them blindly.

“We’re going to rendezvous with the head honcho tomorrow morning – we’ll be leaving then,” Faith smirked, winking towards the red-head. She already knew most of the decisions in the room; each slayer had a certain bloodlust for a kill and each slayer had a duty – it was to protect innocents. No matter what dimension, hell-hole or city; they protected innocents.

“And the rest of us?”

“It’s your decision to make. We are not asking for you to come with us right now – we are just asking if the time comes, will you be willing to help?” Buffy said, her eyes flicking around the room. She recognized the emotion of the faces of the majority of the girls; they were willing to help, they couldn’t turn their backs on innocent people.

“What are supposed to do when you guys are away?” a young girl asked, looking towards the older two. She knew the stories that the other girls told of these two – she dreamed the dreams at night.

“Train…do everything you usually do – if something comes up, we’ll give you guys a call,” Faith shrugged, casting a glance towards Buffy. She was surprised that Buffy trusted her opinion enough to follow it – but she knew that things had changed. She had grown up a lot since Sunnydale and she had formed relationships with people; she had attachments within their core group that were all her own.

“So the question is, will you help…?”

“So, how many are coming?” Ginny queried, looking towards her mom. They were all sitting at the table discussing the days events.

“Four of them – the three that were here a couple of days ago and the other Head Slayer,” Molly answered, glancing around the table. She was glad to see that all her children were safe but she knew that troubling times were ahead – she didn’t want to lose anyone.

“What are they actually doing here? Voldemort hasn’t actually done anything yet,” Harry questioned, ignoring the gasps of breath at the mans name. He didn’t fear the man anymore – he was only anticipating their duel.

“You still have three more years of Hogwarts Harry…these people are here to do the field work – to help in anyway that they can,” Sirius smiled, ruffling the younger boys hair. He admired the boys courage but he didn’t want him to lose his childhood. The last war was devastating and he did not want Harry to go through any of the pain that he had had to go through.

“How can they help? They can’t infiltrate V-Vol-Voldemorts inner-circle, he doesn’t trust that easily of outsiders,” Hermione stated, eyeing the adults in the room. She was surprised that they were divulging this much information to them but she guessed that they had to – the guests would be living with them.

“There are other ways to get information,” a voice interrupted, making the group turn around. Their eyes widened as they all scanned the group – the two brunettes, a blonde and a graying man. They recognized three and surmised that the blonde must be the other slayer.

“I didn’t know you had arrived,” Remus smiled, ushering the young ones to move down to make room for the guests. He was intrigued to learn more about the slayers – they were supposed to be mythical.

“Yes, sorry but we didn’t want to draw attention to us just standing outside ringing the bell,” Giles returned, nodding towards the man. He recognized the eagerness in his eyes and couldn’t help but to return the smile – they were all eager to learn about each other.

“Oh, muggles don’t notice,” Arthur brushed off, nudging George to stop staring at the guests. He was trying to retain his excitement at meeting muggles and learning everything about their world.

“Muggles?” the blonde questioned, tilting her head in confusion. She took a seat next to the boy with a funny shaped scar – smiling as she sat.

“Non-magic folk,” Ron answered, leaning around Harry to see her. He was curious as to see what these two slayers could do – he had read all about them in their studies.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met…I’m Sirius,” he waved, winking towards the blonde. He noticed her glance towards Harry as soon as she stepped into the room; she noticed something about the boy and he was curious as to find out what.

“Oh, Buffy Summers – Dawn’s big sister,” she grinned, waving back towards the elder man. He was rather shaggy but it seemed to work on him. The group around them were familiar with each other just as the Scooby gang were – they had faced things that not many other people had faced.

“What did you mean by saying that there are other ways to gather information?” Hermione asked, glancing towards the older brunette that had interrupted her question. She raised an eyebrow as the girl just grinned widely, slinging an arm around her blonde counter part.

“Well…we usually beat the information out of demons,” Faith intoned, winking towards the curly haired girl. She didn’t want the group to fear her but she wouldn’t lie to them either – each group had faced their own type of demons.

“Beat?” Ron swallowed, eyeing the two girls. They were only petite, they couldn’t possibly hurt anyone.

“Slayers have a ‘hit first, ask questions later’ mentality,” Dawn shrugged, taking a piece of toast from the middle of the table. She saw no sense in hiding things from the young people in the room – they were going to see the devastation either way, they’d just be prepared for it or not.

“It does work rather well in certain occasions,” Giles muttered, polishing his already clean glasses. He was used to the antics of the younger generation but he still had old habits.


“Are the rooms clear?” Molly interrupted, looking towards the young people at the table. She refused to let them listen to anything that may take away their innocence – their groups were still very divided.

“They’ll have to share,” George said, glancing towards the group. They were interesting; completely at ease with each other. He knew that they had stories to tell – stories that were more gruesome than the war with Voldemort and he wanted to hear them.

“Do you…do you mind sharing with us?” Ginny asked, looking towards Dawn. She knew that the girl was younger than the other two woman and she wanted to get to know her – she wanted to figure out just what an ‘immortal’ was.

“Uh…sure, that should be sweet,” Dawn smiled, glancing towards the red-headed girl and Hermione. She could see that the two weren’t as close as the younger probably wished it to be – but war brought people together.

“You’ll be just down the hall from us, a couple doors down again is Giles’ room,” Hermione instructed, smiling at the group. She had seen the way that they included Harry into their conversation and she was interested to see the way that the Order will react to that – they had an age limit.

“Did you wanna take our bags up Dawnie? The kids can show you around,” Buffy suggested, glancing towards her younger sibling. She knew that Dawn would be reluctant to get close to any of these people but she needed to make attachments outside of the Scooby Gang – they weren’t always going to be around.

“Come on, I’ll help you,” Harry said, grabbing a few bags as he brushed by the brunette. He felt a tingle go up his arm as he made contact with her and jumped alittle – glancing curiously towards her.

“You too boys,” Molly nodded, rushing the kids out of the room. She shut the doors as they left, turning to the room that now only consisted of herself, her husband, Remus, Sirius, Faith, Buffy and Giles.

“Subtlety is not your strong suit is it?” Faith raised an eyebrow at the woman, glancing towards Buffy. She was curious as to why the blonde pushed Dawn out of the room but she knew that she must’ve had a reason to do so.

“I think we need to discuss a few thin-”

“Molly…don’t star-“

“They need to know Arthur!” she insisted, stomping her foot on the ground, glaring at her husband.

“Yeah, Dawn said you had a problem with letting the kids on what’s going on,” Buffy nodded, eyeing the woman perceptively. “I’ve been in your position. I kept Dawn from the truth for all of 2 years I think – it almost got her killed. I’m not telling you how to raise your children but I am giving you a piece of advice; the longer you try to keep them away, the more danger you’re putting them in.”

“How dar-”

“B’s right. This war is coming one way or another and those kids want to help. We led a group of girls to hell and we won – only because we were informed. All of us. It’s your decision whether you tell them or not but they’ll be involved in the end,” Faith shrugged, standing behind the shorter blonde. She gazed at the seething red-headed woman steadily; she wouldn’t back down from this.

“And Dawn?” Remus asked, looking towards the two young woman. He could see their confidence and he had no fear that these woman could take on a war – they were definitely determined.

“She is a part of the Council. Although she is only 16, she has been through a lot and she is more than qualified for the position that she is given. She will be a part of all meetings,” Giles stated, glancing at each member of the room. He understood their cautiousness but he had worked with many girls to young to be fighting – if they wanted to do it, you couldn’t stop them.

Sorry for the late chapter! Hopefully the story is flowing...I lost my inspiration for a moment. Next chapter: we finally hear about Dawn :)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Just A Letter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jan 12.

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