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Just A Letter

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Summary: With all of the potential Slayers activated, Professor Albus Dumbledore writes a letter to a potential ally...

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterSelenaGFR18410,2510147,99721 Oct 1126 Jan 12No


Disclamer: I own nothing here – those characters and other references from the Harry Potter world are still the property of JK Rowling, and those from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are still the property of Joss Whedon.


“Buffy!” Dawn Summers yelled, entering the large hallway – her bags slumping to the ground. She grinned as she looked around, wondering how things worked out the way that they had. They all had certainly come along way since Sunnydale had fallen.

“Dawnie!” Buffy smiled, running towards her little sister. Her arms wrapped tightly around her – so many things had changed between them. Although Dawn was still the ‘little Scooby,’ she was also an integral part of the group and Buffy had realized that after Sunnydale.

“Okay...I…need….air…” Dawn breathed, squeezing her sister one more time before pulling out of the embrace. It really had been a long time – a year in total. It was surprising to see her sister let her go but they both knew that she needed it.

“Sorry…just…I’ve missed you,” Buffy grinned happily, basking in her sisters’ presence. It had definitely been too long since she had seen her last.

“Hey lil’D!” Faith broke in, running around the corner. She had made progress with the two sisters – they were friends. When Sunnydale fell, there was a place for her to be within their group of friends; she wasn’t an outsider anymore. Girls looked up to her, people relied on her now – she had responsibility.

“Faith, how are ‘ya?” she grinned, embracing the elder brunette. There was a trust between them now. Faith had grown a lot since she had last seen her – her eyes weren’t as haunted anymore and her posture was more relaxed.

“Five by five D,” Faith laughed, patting the girl on the back. She pulled back and picked up the girls bags. “I’ll go put these in your room!”

“So! Tell me all the goss! Where did you go? What have you seen? How’s Duncan? Let me see the sword!” Dawn was pulled from the entrance way as her sister continued to babble away. It was always amusing when her sister was in this mood.

Dear Mr. Rupert Giles,

I don’t believe we have had the fortune of meeting but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I know that the organization previously called ‘The Watchers Council’ had little relations with the wizarding world and I know that that was mostly due to the fact that many wizards only believe that it is a myth and that others think that the previous ways were barbaric.

However, I am under the understanding that that is not the view of ‘The International Watchers Council.’ I know of the schools on every continent that you have formed and the care for which you have inducted your teachers.

I would like to extend a hand of friendship and relations between our ‘people.’ I must confess that there is an ulterior motive – we are in the middle of a war. I do not believe that it has extended into your realm just yet, but I believe that it will. I would like to explain more in person and would highly enjoy a conversation with you and whom ever you would like to bring along.
Please, if you would like to consider my offer – read this address carefully and then please, burn this letter.

12 Grimmauld Place, London.

I will wait to hear from you,

Albus Dumbledor

Giles removed his glasses and rubbed his temples. He knew of this wizarding world, each Watcher was told and shown this world. Their type of magic was different to wiccan magic – their power subject to a wand. However, it was just as powerful and if not more. These people would be a great ally in their war against evil especially since the balance was shifted into the favour of ‘good.’

However, he was not sure if he wanted to be involved in this war. He knew that if Buffy knew, she would not walk away, she was just that kind of person. Neither would Xander or Willow – they believed in too many second chances. Dawn on the other hand, her new experiences had changed her. He did not know all of what had happened because he hadn’t had the chance to talk to her yet, but he had seen it in the way she moved. She moved just like a slayer. Her experiences away had taught her the areas of grey that were acceptable and that she couldn’t save everyone. She couldn’t find the good in everyone – unlike her sister. She was the one he would talk to. She would be able to decipher if they were to be a part of this war. He trusted her opinion.

“I’m sorry, you want me to what?” she asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow at the man.

“I would like you to come with me Dawn,” he repeated, cleaning his glasses. He knew it was an ask – it would be a secret from her sister for now and he knew of their pact. Although Dawn was only 17, she was to be included in all talks between the group and not excluded anymore – she was as much as part of this war as any of them were now.

“To some strange place that you never felt to mention before? Without telling Buffy?” she questioned, looking towards the elder man as if he were insane. Although the two sisters had come to terms with their situation, Buffy was still extremely protective. She had only been allowed to leave for the year because of the situation that had occurred.

“We will be telling the others, but I do not want them to accompany me Dawn. I would like for you to join me.”

“Why would you want me?”

“You have the abilities that are necessary for a journey such as this and to be honest, I trust your opinion on this matter than the others,” he shrugged, speaking honestly. The others were righteous and would not walk away from a battle where they knew that people would get hurt however, Dawn understood and calculated the risks that would be involved.

“I…let’s tell the others first and then we’ll see. I only just got back Giles…I’d like to spend some time with my sister,” Dawn sighed, eyeing the man cautiously. She knew of the tentative relationship that was just beginning to repair itself between her sister and this man. There were many betrayals and misunderstandings that not even Willow or Xander knew of but, she couldn’t help but view the man in the same light as the others. He was the father that neither of them had had and she would always love him. But with love didn’t always come trust and she was still unsure of the man.

He stared at the group before, smiling proudly. They had all grown into extraordinary people – powerful people.

“There is a group of people that are wizards? With the wands and the broomsticks…? Why have we not heard of this? I mean…wizards…with wands!” Xander beamed, grinning like a little kid. After all these years, he had still not lost his sense of humour.

“Why haven’t I heard of this?” Willow questioned, looking towards the elder of the group. She had never heard of this form of magic to be real.

“Your form of magic is a lot different to there’s. You use nature as a basis however; they use their own inner magic and channel it through a wand. You have never heard of this group of people because relations between the Watchers Council and the wizarding community were minimal. Mr. Travers saw no advantage to associating with this community and therefore only continue contact as a formality,” Giles stated, looking apologetically towards the girl. He knew that knowledge of that community may have helped the girl through her ‘dark’ stage but she had gotten through it with the help of masters of her chosen craft. He knew that Willow was powerful but he did not know if she had power within herself – he only knew that she could control the natural power around her.

“He wants our help?” Buffy asked, looking towards her mentor. She knew she could trust him to a certain point but that blindly follow into anything trust for him was gone. He had hidden too many things from her for her to blindly trust him.

“He would like a chance to explain the situation and leave the decision up to us,” he said, sighing sadly. He knew of Buffy’s hesitation to trusting him and he held no objection to it. He knew that he had done her wrong and he knew that it would take her a long time to completely trust him again but he would continue to try.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go,” Faith grinned, rubbing her hands together. She bounced on the balls of her feet in anticipation. She knew that it wasn’t really her decision to make but she knew her friends – they couldn’t say no to saving the world.

“I would like to take Dawn with me…just Daw-“

“Why?” Buffy interrupted, stepping slightly infront of her sister. She knew that Dawn could take care of herself in dangerous situations but she didn’t want her to leave again – especially into a world that she had never been into before.

“Because I believe that her opinion is the one that would benefit the situation most,” Giles breathed, awaiting the rushed voices that would soon follow. His eyes fell to the youngest of the group – her head was bowed as she let the others bombard him with their outrage.

“Excuse me?!”

“She can’t go alone!”

“No…no! Giles, you can’t ju-“

“Buffy,” a voice broke through, silencing the room. All eyes turned to the youngest of the group. “I would like to go.”

“You’re not going by yourself,” she stated firmly, crossing her arms and daring her sister to disagree. She knew that Dawn had been around the world and then-some, however, this was a completely new realm. None of her friends had been to this ‘world’ and not one of them knew what it was like.

“I’m 17 years old, I think I can manage a trip to London,” Dawn replied sarcastically, standing to her feet infront of her sister. There wasn’t must height difference between them but Dawn was still taller. Although her sister had the whole ‘I’m a Slayer’ thing going on, she still had the height.

“That’s right, you are 17 years old. You’re not 18 Dawn and therefore you cannot go alon-”

“I’m with Giles,” she interrupted, raising her eyebrow in defiance of her sister. She knew that Buffy wouldn’t outright disagree with her point – solely for the purpose that Buffy did not want the others to know how she felt towards Giles.

Buffy stared at her sister – various emotions racing through her eyes. She didn’t want Dawn off by herself with the one man that had betrayed her to many times to count but she didn’t want her friends to see the cracks in her persona. She wasn’t completely over what had happened in Sunnydale – the hurt that each of her friends had caused her.

“Fine,” she sighed, hanging her head. She couldn’t deny her sister the freedom that had been given to her at that age but she didn’t want to see her sister leave again either. The life that they lived was hard and brutal and there were only so many moments left until they were fighting their final battle together. She knew that. She was not stupid – she could only die so many times before she stopped coming back.

Dawn embraced her sister – feeling bad for putting that pressure on her. She knew of her troubles with her emotions; they had become closer after Sunnydale. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, pulling away slowly. She squeezed Buffys’ shoulders once, before turning to Giles. “So, when do we leave?”
“Well, it is about 30 minutes away from here. We shall leave tomorrow morning,” Giles smiled, nodding towards the sisters. He realized that they weren’t leaving for days upon end but it was a big moment to let Dawn do this by herself. They were all so protective of her that it was amazing that Buffy had relented – if only it was for a day.

“Are you sure you don’t want company?” Willow asked, looking hopefully towards the two. Dawn was still only young – although they had all been fighting for so long, they still viewed her as the innocent one. The one that needed to be protected and coddled.

“I’m sure that we will be fine, but we will be calling at the end of the day to let you guys know what the what is,” Dawn grinned, hugging the red-head. Willow had become a sort-of mentor towards her, considering that when the Slayers were called, her Key powers became activated as well.

“Can you bring back a flying broom or something?” Xander questioned, pulling the girl into a hug. He knew that they were being silly – it was only for a day. But the youngest of their group had only just gotten back from a year-long training session away from them and it was good to see her back.

“I don’t know if you can take those but I’ll try Xand,” Dawn laughed, squeezing the man. He had grown so much over the years – the loss of Anya had really taken its toll on him. Although the two had had their troubles, they were working their way to reconciliation before she was killed. It was a hard loss to bear.

“Yo D, I’m coming with,” Faith interrupted, stepping towards the younger brunette. She knew that it wasn’t her place to say anything but she couldn’t help feeling that she should go – it was her Slayer sense and no good came of ignoring that.

“I do-”

“That’s a good idea Faith,” Buffy nodded, grinning towards her sister. She knew that if she couldn’t be there, Faith would be the next best bet. They were on even terms from now on and she trusted the other Slayer with her life – she could look after her sister.

“You may come Faith,” Giles grinned, nodding his head in assent. He knew that it would ease Buffy to have a Slayer with them and the only one with as much experience as Buffy was Faith – the two original Slayers had come to a common understanding.

“Pack you bags lil’D. Off to the wizard we go,” Faith bounced, patting Dawn on the back and laughing her way out the door. She was excited; she had been cooped up in this place too long – it would be good to get out.
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